Alligator Snapping Turtle Can Break Bamboo With One Bite! | Full Episode | Wildlife Of Tim Faulkner

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Alligator snapping turtle, Leonardo can break bamboo with one bite in this full episode of Wildlife Of Tim Faulkner!
Follow the exciting adventures of Tim Faulkner at the Australian Reptile Park.
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lucieclayton10 Kun oldin
Your enthusiasm is remarkable, and it gets everyone interested. I am in the UK and we do have some wildlife but nothing like you have. I cried buckets during your fires at the thought of those poor animals. When I was much younger I belonged to a group that did some things I suppose could be called illegal to prevent the cruelty that still goes on by Big Pharma
Wyted 2 kun oldin
This turtle is absolutely disgusting, sorry. Its eyes creep me out...
john cameron
john cameron 15 kun oldin
Leo needs a diff tank.
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 16 kun oldin
Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say in my life: more alligator snapping turtles please!
Astria Jeon
Astria Jeon 17 kun oldin
Humans are so selfish for wanting to eliminate Crocs from their own home, good thing there's still good people around (although few)
Book Wormmre
Book Wormmre 18 kun oldin
When the turtle 🐢 turned around
Book Wormmre
Book Wormmre 18 kun oldin
I can’t believe he said thanks a lot mate 🤣
lan nguyen
lan nguyen 19 kun oldin
Remove the crocs?!! Then what? Something devilish will spawn instead and ruin the river and the land, bringing infestation and diseases. Have things like that not occurred before?
fabriglas 21 kun oldin
Didn't know there was tree roos, after 7 years in Oz I thought I saw most of them!
Zoe Irwin
Zoe Irwin 21 kun oldin
I just love how they were talking about how fearsome and angry alligator snapping turtles are but it grabbed the food so calmly and gently it was so adorable
A. K.-O.
A. K.-O. 21 kun oldin
Don't remove the crocs. They need living space just like us and theres enough of us already.
MortZon 22 kun oldin
And i can break bamboo with one snap, come at me
OneCueT - Kristi
OneCueT - Kristi 23 kun oldin
You see snapping turtle here in Oklahoma all the time. Which for those abroad. It's the mid southern region of the United States. While they're not that big; even the smaller one. Can take off a human finger.
Mel Hawk
Mel Hawk 24 kun oldin
To think I almost bought a hatchling gator snapper, back in the day! The only thing that stopped me, was A. The size of the enclosure needed (and the brute of a filter) and, the beastie would have outlived me, many times over, most like. And no guarantee my kids/grandkids would either want to have him, or spoil the critter as bad as I would!
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 25 kun oldin
I wouldn’t put my animal in my top lol
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 25 kun oldin
I am so tired of hearing the word MATE
Shawn Raintree
Shawn Raintree 27 kun oldin
Sounds like Australia's government is getting a little too liberal for their own good just like the United States. Giving their opinion Into something that they don't know anything about but yet want to make the decisions about it . Pretty soon though screw up everything give them time.
Pet Alert With Dr. Alicia
Pet Alert With Dr. Alicia 29 kun oldin
That's a one serious turtle :) Greetings from Austria
Manok Ni San Pedro
Manok Ni San Pedro 29 kun oldin
Well, tens of thousand years ago we are the food of predators. But now, we are the predators. Not just predators, humans are greedy predators.
rachelbee 29 kun oldin
In the northeastern US I was warned as a child about snapping turtles in the local ponds but I dont think these behemoths were what we people were talking about!
Kelleren Oy oldin
I literally travelled to the Daintree River from the US with the express purpose of seeing a crocodile. Why on EARTH would they think removing the crocs would help tourism??
Cristia Olson
Cristia Olson Oy oldin
"Anything that goes in there ain't coming out...the turtle's not letting go." I once watched my uncle fight an alligator snapper for a beloved fishing lure. Took him about 15 minutes, but he got his lure back. The turtle wasn't too happy about loosing his "fish" to a human, and he slunk off to the far bank to glare at us for a while.
nickali BROWN
nickali BROWN Oy oldin
samasia skipperable
samasia skipperable Oy oldin
wiire time
wiire time Oy oldin
These dudes never heard of a wheel barrel
wiire time
wiire time Oy oldin
I always thought australia was all about preserving there natural beautiful landscape and it's native wildlife bit this is making me think there trying to change for the betterment of people were the ones that can adapt to survive most of these animals live in niche habitat that with little change can spell disaster
Maria Oy oldin
Does Leo want to be weighed? See his opened mouth? His breath could possibly kill his predator.
Jen Wicke
Jen Wicke Oy oldin
It’s crazy to want to eliminate crocs! I agree that people just need to be educated. ❤️🤙🏼🐊
Jane Mctear
Jane Mctear Oy oldin
Crocs and alligators have been around a lot longer than humans so they should be respected just like any other wild animal we have our home let them keep theirs ur going in to their home ov their going to protect it if ur not careful so leave em be
Molly the Ferret
Molly the Ferret Oy oldin
It's the putting the marsupial in the shirt for me. Too cute
Elite Statz
Elite Statz Oy oldin
That van looks like it’s from Mexico
Brenda Lambert
Brenda Lambert Oy oldin
I can not believe that some fool came up with a plan to remove an apex predator from an ecosystem. Why isn't it a law there that political and community planners must consult a wildlife conservationist before they implement a plan as foolish as this. Anywhere unspoiled nature is still present on our planet must be fiercely defended. That guy that raised awareness of this plan is a hero.
nix pix
nix pix Oy oldin
I love how Tim says that the few deadly attacks are "not always" the crocodile's fault. Um when was the last deadly encounter that happened because a croc went into a human's home and killed them? That's almost as good as blaming a shark for attacking a human. I'm pretty sure sharks don't come on land looking for food. Just a thought. Thanks Tim for your amazing work and for shedding light on the plight of these magnificent creatures. You are awesome!!
Ricoesha Wyatt
Ricoesha Wyatt Oy oldin
i would’ve died if he would’ve told me to get in the tank💀
Beth Bailey
Beth Bailey Oy oldin
Why do humans insist on getting rid of animals to begin with I wonder ? In my humble opinion, the world/earth is a far better place w/all of Gods creatures roaming around it freely. I cry when one of my fish die. Just saying :)
G S Oy oldin
So a few people (ignorant/self entitled/stupid as the most Fothermuckers ya ever met etc etc) wanna swim? Keep the crocs and let them jump in. Animals are not the problem. Hope they see sense on this matter.
Svetla L. Georgieva
Svetla L. Georgieva Oy oldin
Leo’s face just yells “*don’t mess with me bitchh*”
Jade Estro
Jade Estro Oy oldin
How can humans be so selfish as to completely remove a species from THIER HOMES its disgusting the humam race should be ashamed im ashamed to be the same species as these people
taysikanen Oy oldin
I absolutely adore reptiles. They are my favourite bondi customers.
Balinda League
Balinda League Oy oldin
Tim don't he need a bigger tank?
Julie Jones
Julie Jones Oy oldin
Totally agree with you re croc removal. My husband and I went to cairns and stayed in Daintree. We weren’t there for the swim in the river, we had the pool and also sections in the sea if we wanted to swim. The river is their home and belongs to them.
rapture ready warrior
rapture ready warrior Oy oldin
Can anyone answer why she has animals in her shirt
Heather Garnham
Heather Garnham Oy oldin
Warmth, makes them feel safe as they can hear the heartbeat, similar reasons as to why they live in pouches
Steff Foster
Steff Foster Oy oldin
Какие же все прелестные.
Paige D'Winter
Paige D'Winter Oy oldin
I've been watching this show and Wildlife Aid for a while now, and I love how folks in Australia and the UK name their pets (and in these cases the rescued wildlife) human names so often. It's hysterical. I get such a kick out of it. XD
RebLin51 Oy oldin
My mom had a pet alligator snapping turtle. My brothers brought it home as a small hatchling. He lived under our Ice box. Ice box, not refrigerator as no electricity at the farmhouse. He filled the drip pan when my middle brother Steve was holding me up and teaching me to walk. Steve kept walking me towards it and I would scream as the turtle would snap at my toes. Barely missing them. Mom took after him with a piece of kindling. He did it again and my oldest brother Ken stopped him by taking a piece of kindling and letting the turtle snap it clean in two. Mom then fed the turtle and it never snapped at mom. For years and years that turtle was the stuff of nightmares. We moved to town and the turtle was released back to the pond.
Wheelstar72 Oy oldin
Steve Irwin would b turning in his grave if he knew t government were trying to remove crocs from t waterways
Sonja G.
Sonja G. Oy oldin
Hope sometimes governments all over the world learn to listen to people who know what they are doing. In opposite to some 'experts' who are only interested in making money and who bever leaves their office.....crossing my fingers for you and the crocs.
Olivia Loh
Olivia Loh Oy oldin
Tim is so nice to be able to help this Reptiles and Animals
Riley Doolittle
Riley Doolittle Oy oldin
It’s makes me so mad when humans kill an animal for an attack, like a shark for instance. You are in its home, what else do you expect, wouldn’t you attack someone if they entered your home uninvited??
Britni Allen
Britni Allen Oy oldin
I can’t believe people think it would be better without crocodiles
Benjamin Aubert
Benjamin Aubert Oy oldin
“Bro how’d you lose your finger?” “I tried to weigh a turtle”
Hayden Sonny
Hayden Sonny 14 kun oldin
@Deandra Bakken Trying it out right now. Looks good so far :)
Benjamin Aubert
Benjamin Aubert 14 kun oldin
@Deandra Bakken and why exactly would you share this with us?
Deandra Bakken
Deandra Bakken 14 kun oldin
i dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself
Benjamin Aubert
Benjamin Aubert Oy oldin
@Yes No It was in quotes, showing I wrote it as if someone else were saying it. Imagine two people having a conversation, with one saying “How did you lose your finger?” And the other responds with “I tried to weigh a turtle.” Its a joke
Yes No
Yes No Oy oldin
Then y did u say how’d u lose a finger
Donovan Tullier Sr.
Donovan Tullier Sr. Oy oldin
That turtle looks delicious. Here in Louisiana, we eat those.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
I've had turtle. It's delicious!!! I've also eaten alligator. Also very good. Where I live, we have rattlesnakes, and we eat those too. (Jan Griffiths).
Teenie Dirzuweit
Teenie Dirzuweit Oy oldin
Alligator snapping turtles are one of my top favorites! I am obsessed with turtles! 🥰
IMC Oy oldin
This is really cool for me because of the crocodile thing because im learning about the ecosystem
human cattoy
human cattoy Oy oldin
Remove salties? What next. Remove great whites?
human cattoy
human cattoy Oy oldin
Alligator snapping turtle. Never underestimate the intelligence of a reptile. They've been able to survive a mass extinction, multiple ice ages and humans.
davis51369 Oy oldin
People suck. The human species are the ones that need to stop breeding. The other species don't ruin the earth, we do. The animals that do cause destruction is usually because WE took them somewhere they don't belong. It's so sad how we have destroyed so much land and have caused so many species to be on the endangered list. Breaks my heart
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
Agreed. Humans definitely do need to stop breeding. We're the ones screwing everything up, for our benefit, and to hell with other creatures. That's not the way it was supposed to be. We were supposed to be the shepherds and caretakers of the land and creatures, to the benefit of all. Breaks my heart too, and I can say I never contributed to the human overpopulation problem (I never had kids). There's way too much development, and soon all the wild places will be just a memory. (Jan Griffiths).
Riley Doolittle
Riley Doolittle Oy oldin
The world would be better off it humans just went extinct
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Oy oldin
i’m really disappointed in the Australian government. how could they even think of doing something like that?! i’d love to go to Australia. part if that pull is the wildlife. thank goodness for the hoomans who know what’s what!!!!! 🐊🦘🐢 Also, i just love Tim. 🌷
Karen Lynch
Karen Lynch 5 kun oldin
@betahouse8 am no all I sayed was the Norris nuts did that challenge I wasit being mean I just sayed it am not a Karen so stop am 11 stop
betahouse8 5 kun oldin
@Karen Lynch and it’s you’re not ur Karen!
Karen Lynch
Karen Lynch Oy oldin
It’s human if ur spelling human
Brock Rose
Brock Rose Oy oldin
Her braset are pockets
Spakko TV
Spakko TV Oy oldin
All the time I thought Margit‘s accent sounded familiar. Now I know why. We’re both from Germany 🤣
Riley Coleman
Riley Coleman Oy oldin
love your vids
Audrey Lohmann
Audrey Lohmann Oy oldin
Love that Tim tells us all about the wildlife in Australia and their habitats and how that some of the wildlife have to have humans to help them survive
Sparky16 Oy oldin
Here's a hard cold truth. The government only cares about money! If the crocs don't make them money then the government DOESN'T CARE! It's so sad.
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
Tim is just so amazing :) We Love you Tim ❤️
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott Oy oldin
Leonardo is what my German dad used to call my hubby, cause his name is leonard and he thought Leonardo was more fancy lol 😆 So y'all got a fancy alligator snapper ❤ love them !!! The lady who cares for these wild babies is so amazing 👏 So sad a mommy dropped her Joey cause she was handful 😢 Hey I get it, my kids were and are a handful even at age 23 and 19 and yeah sometimes I wished I could just run away from them 🤣 🤣 but I could NEVER do that to my Gremlins. Poor little Joey 😢 Glad she'd in such good hands though 🙌 Jeffery got his own kingdom, empire and harem out there. I love it ❤ 😀 And I love how he keeps popping in sometimes for some cuddles and amazing snacks 😋 Hey who could turn down a good old pasta dish? Not me and not even a tree kangaroo 👍 Great job to everyone on this show 👏 you guys truly love all animals ❤ Sad that humans want to interfere with nature still 😢 Haven't we learned by now how important it is to keep animals in their habitats? And nobody will ever swim in those rivers anyway 🙄 C'mon it's australia, if there is a natural water source you best believe there'll be some crocs in there. Even in Florida alligators end up in ppl's lakes behind their houses. Sometimes even in their pools 😆 At least you can see them in pools! I live in Georgia in the USA and I would never even take a swim in naturals bodies of water. We have water moccasins, alligators , snappers and alligator snappers. 👎 NO THANK YOU !!!!!
Brittany Becker
Brittany Becker Oy oldin
Trainer: So what's your fitness goal? These guys: TO dead lift an angry snapping turtle from a squat. Trainer: ....
Grim Daddy Dog
Grim Daddy Dog Oy oldin
woahhhhhhhh??????? bamboo ?!?!?!?! that's nuts !! It's almost as if a 8 year old child isn't able to snap bamboo sticks !! :O such a powerful demonstration.
Grim Daddy Dog
Grim Daddy Dog Oy oldin
@12345 6789 again, when its common knowledge that their can bite snap bones, a bamboo stick is literally nothing.
12345 6789
12345 6789 Oy oldin
How many animals with the size a that turtle that can bite through bamboo? Tell me now
Grim Daddy Dog
Grim Daddy Dog Oy oldin
@12345 6789 a pug could break a bamboo stick with its teeth. A 8 year old can use it's immense strength to bend it with their hands n snap it. My point was it's not rly impressive that a ALIGATOR SNAPPING turtle that looks like a literal dinosaur that's famous for breaking BONES can break a tiny bamboo stick. :S
12345 6789
12345 6789 Oy oldin
Say that again when an 8 year old can do it with their teeth
loftyskies123 Oy oldin
why dont they build a pond for that snapping turtle , surely it would be easier to get him in and out for things .
loftyskies123 Oy oldin
@Heather Garnham it would obviously have to be secure but he just looks too big for his tank ,unless theres more tank than we can see .
loftyskies123 Oy oldin
@Alien361 yep some people dont have many brain cells do they lol
Heather Garnham
Heather Garnham Oy oldin
Or climb into pool and get bit. Also Leo might get out and decide to wander off.
Alien361 Oy oldin
Problem is keeping that pond running and save for him. Becouse stupid guest could throw things into it and then he chockes on that
Amanda Mandigo
Amanda Mandigo Oy oldin
I'm so happy I'm able to watch these I love Tim, he's amazing. Plus I have already seen this on a previous episode which really sucks. Wished they stop doing that and just upload new episodes not repeat them.
Jodi Griffith
Jodi Griffith Oy oldin
My cousins and I found a snapping turtle when we were around 8 years old and the turtle was about 8 inches across. This was along the North Platte in Nebraska. Cousin Dan held the turtle like a big sandwich in front of him and when he bent over to look down on the shell, the turtle latched onto Dan's belly. It took all our gathered parents with pliers and screwdrivers to unlatch the turtle. What a lesson, especially for Danny!
Victorine Chaghoury
Victorine Chaghoury Oy oldin
Ouch man what the hell, ow ow ow my stomach is getting pains rn, holy sh!t man, hope Dans good😅😅
Aiyana Keller
Aiyana Keller Oy oldin
Ouch, that doesn't sound very fun but it's a pretty cool story😎
Steven Leslie
Steven Leslie Oy oldin
So, the government has spent over a hundred years introducing foreign pests like rabbits into the ecosystem and is now wanting to cull the native crocodile population. That's a bit strange. Also, why would anyone want to swim in that river. They can't guarantee the crocs are all gone or new crocs won't migrate. Also, what about snakes and other critters in there?
Ronda Meier
Ronda Meier Oy oldin
I'd be willing to bet that it's real estate developers putting pressure on that government, they know it gets tourist, that river and the area, so they probably want to build some big river bank hotel, etc, even houses maybe..... I know in Florida some time ago that happened and then people started having probs with the alligators, now they've got more land that's protected and they have to be removed not killed if found near humans... But from South Carolina, to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas they can be found.... So removal doesn't guarantee anything. If an alligator wants to be somewhere it will go. Period.
Youtube community
Youtube community Oy oldin
How r u supposed to get all crocs out of the river and why does government lie?
Totally Tania
Totally Tania Oy oldin
A tight tank?🙄
Totally Tania
Totally Tania Oy oldin
Looks like the poor guy could use a bigger living area!
Marick BS
Marick BS Oy oldin
Anyone else like how the marsupial person just kept pulling different animals out of her shirt?
nixon ɾҽɠιʂƚҽɾ
nixon ɾҽɠιʂƚҽɾ 28 kun oldin
Erfan H
Erfan H Oy oldin
The babies need to be kept close to the body to mimic the marsupial pouch environment (mostly for heat)
Youtube community
Youtube community Oy oldin
Yeah im so confused 🤔
keely johnston
keely johnston Oy oldin
Why is his enclosure so small
Soraya Kapetti
Soraya Kapetti Oy oldin
You are all doing a great and most important job. X-fingers you will succeed for many more years.
FalconReal_YT Oy oldin
leik thi cvommnt
yeet gacha
yeet gacha Oy oldin
*gives turtle stick* Ninja turtle!
Andy Contento
Andy Contento Oy oldin
I'm glad that Tim seems to have got a show of his own. He is one of those people who make draw you in with their enthusiasm for their subject. 👍👍👍😁😁😁
MrCites1 5 kun oldin
@PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G Why would I ? I don’t take advice from people that are the same shade as excrement.
PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G
PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G 5 kun oldin
@Darth Yoda cool story bro
MrCites1 Oy oldin
Tim is all scripted and manufactured plots, most don’t happen organically with him, and he’s hardly a natural with wildlife.
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott Oy oldin
YASSSSS I love seeing the animals at the reptile zoo 😍 ❤ And Tim is enthusiastic, just happy he got his own show to keep showing the care of Australia's wildlife and educating us on all the animals in the reptile zoo 😍❤
Andy Contento
Andy Contento Oy oldin
Thanks for putting me straight mate. I haven't seen any of this so it's all new to me. 👍
Nacht Oy oldin
early :D
Melissa Liao
Melissa Liao Oy oldin
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel Oy oldin
Bet that turtle can break my arm...
You Fool
You Fool Oy oldin
Oh boy, it will and you’ll never get it back.
Lukas Drakell
Lukas Drakell Oy oldin
He DEFINITELY can and will if you stick that arm near his mouth
Sharon Kissinger
Sharon Kissinger Oy oldin
Fun fact people this early haven't finished the video yet
daisy Oy oldin
@best elite lol
best elite
best elite Oy oldin
Fun fact neither have you ._.
Nada Osama
Nada Osama Oy oldin
Abbie’s Animals
Abbie’s Animals Oy oldin
I love Snapping this channel I have always wanted to be a vet! !!
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