Bam Bam On Last Legs After Being Diagnosed With Diabetes | Full Episode | Bondi Vet

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Dr Scott Miller helps Vet On The Hill's most memorable dog, Bam Bam, it's a race against time to stop this tiny diabetic dog from wasting away; Drs Audrey and Alison Shen help a desperately sick poisoned dingo puppy and Tim Faulkner takes on "Big Bluey" in his greatest croc challenge yet! Subscribe 👉 | More Episodes 👉

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Gilad Gur
Gilad Gur 4 kun oldin
Does anyone know, why Scott drives an SUV with the wheel on the other side like in continental Europe?
Charlotte gore
Charlotte gore 4 kun oldin
Leave that crocodile alone tim faulkner or else I will report you to the police
Charlotte gore
Charlotte gore 4 kun oldin
Give that dog back to proper bam bam back to owner now
Fiona Castella
Fiona Castella 6 kun oldin
The sydeny fox and dingo rescue is the best, i had to the pleasure to do a placement over there back in 2019 and it was truly amazing, Charlie has such a big heart! It's fitting to watch this episode coz we literally just leant about diabetes today in our endocrine lecture
Proud Zionist
Proud Zionist 8 kun oldin
Dr. Scott is the perfect man. Where can I find one of those?
Ella Vermey
Ella Vermey 8 kun oldin
Bam bam is so cute
Blue Greenglue
Blue Greenglue 9 kun oldin
Over here, singing the "Little Dingo" song from Wiggly Safari.
whitexchina 10 kun oldin
I necwr saw this show. That doctor is a wonderful man! 🐾 💗
whitexchina 10 kun oldin
Dingos look a little bit like Shiba Inus.
Shapyra 14 kun oldin
I am amaazed that no one was worried about Loie breaking his darn neck with that fence and rolling
Michelle Baker
Michelle Baker 16 kun oldin
We use the AlphaTrak 2 monitor as Scott does on here. Nice to know vets actually rely on it instead of just selling it to us. My kitty Riley Dakota was thought diabetic after very nearly dying of pancreatitis complications but thankfully isn't reliant on insulin anymore. We still have to check occasionally though just to be safe and that's the monitor we use as well.
Kateena Kitiyana
Kateena Kitiyana 16 kun oldin
Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue are not a very good organisation. Would not recommend them to anyone. Bondi Vet should not promote such a poor organisation. Removal of dingo pups from dens is illegal, and transporting dingoes from Queensland is illegal.
Gupcakes 16 kun oldin
I'm sure people will be pissed when I say this but I'm very disappointed that Bondi vet would have anything to do with Sydney fox and dingo rescue, they demonize organisations working to preserve the dingo and save the species, refuse DNA testing which could go towards proving there are pure populations of dingoes in the areas these so called orphans are 'rescued' from. When bargo dingo sanctuary was hit by the green wattle creek bushfire the president of SFDR showed absolute JOY in their heartbreak They take dingo cubs from the wild under the disguise of rescue, disturb a den site for a week straight by going there, giving the adults no time to return and move their young to a safe place. did you know that dingo discovery in Victoria gets routine calls from people who adopted through SFDR because they cannot handle the dingo they have gotten? Oh and let's not forget how they told the woman who originally found Wandi to just shove him in a cardboard box and put him outside in -5c weather which he'd surely have died in. Not and organisation you should associate with
Kateena Kitiyana
Kateena Kitiyana 16 kun oldin
Charlie doesn’t have a clue about dingoes, and how they function in the wild. That totally discredited paper it wrote was page after page of abysmal ignorance and self promotion. Can’t even handle them without sedating them. No idea. They have zero credibility in the dingo conservation community.
Science_is_Never_Settled 20 kun oldin
Neither Steve Irwin nor Tim Faulkner can convince me to like crocs, sorry.
Debi StevensCreed
Debi StevensCreed 23 kun oldin
Loved this episode. Also great end to the video
lexer 24 kun oldin
What canned food was fed to Bam Bam for his diabetes?
J O 25 kun oldin
While I'd like to know why they have started to censor the small things like needles and tiny blood drops I'm still glad to see the episodes look proper again with no skipping between the cases.
Jordan Christie
Jordan Christie 5 kun oldin
It's to do with UZpost itself if things like needles and blood aren't censored the algorithm doesn't promote it and it can also lead to demonetization and channel termination if the channel keeps doing it
Ness Otty
Ness Otty 27 kun oldin
I would love to take care of another dingo. They are beautiful. I hate how my state Queensland does this baiting
Turbo Kong
Turbo Kong 27 kun oldin
You can tell Alyssa really loves Bam Bam, the way she was cuddling him so close as soon as she got him back. I hope they both find the injections easier and easier! Bam Bam is a sweet little guy
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 15 kun oldin
TBH I didn't see much love there at all, Bam bam seemed to like the kids more than his owner. The interaction made me feel weird.
tonytlreeves 27 kun oldin
Diabetes is HELL!!!! My daddy, niece, & aunt are insulin dependant diabetics. My daddy just got out of the hospital because of his extremely high blood sugar & an infection in one of his toes causing that toe to be amputated. I've been so scared & worried about him all month!
Seera 28 kun oldin
They refuse to release dingos, which are native, but they kill cats, which are invasive... how about releasing dingos to take care of the cat problem?
Seera 26 kun oldin
@neuroticmermaid they mentioned that any dingo that has been caught cannot be returned. Doesn't that mean wild ones too?
neuroticmermaid 26 kun oldin
These dingos are domesticated. They have no place in the wild and are too used to humans. That would cause problems in the future with their offspring’s behavior, as they would be unafraid of humans and probably hang around towns begging, foraging, etc. It’s far more complicated than you think.
PewPewCat 28 kun oldin
I'm a bit confused as to why the people caring for bam bam waited until he was near death to bring him in.... I get it's hard to see weight loss on a fluffy dog, but when a dog loses half his body weight, you kinda waited a bit too long
Ala Matulka
Ala Matulka 27 kun oldin
I mean....they couldn't tell. It's not like they can check at home how much weight he lost
PewPewCat 28 kun oldin
Poisons really should be made illegal. It's just so horrific. The animals are just doing what their instincts are telling them to do. It's up to us "intelligent" creatures to find ways to coexist. Not to horribly murder everything in our path. Death by poisoning is just one of the worst fates I can think of. I had an interaction of medications once. It was extremely severe and I almost died. I barely scraped by. I was stiff as a board, foaming at the mouth, heart rate was over 200 and lung spasms. I don't wish that on any other living creature. It was horrifying and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.
Kitty 101
Kitty 101 28 kun oldin
It's heartbreaking that the one dingo doesn't have incisor teeth probably because he was caged as a wild dog and was just trying to get out. Can you imagine what pain he went through doing that, not to mention the mental anguish. All, just because some selfish human wanted to turn a wild dog into a pet.
Floarea Norocului
Floarea Norocului 28 kun oldin
Helen Cline
Helen Cline 28 kun oldin
It’s not suppose to hurt 🥲
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 28 kun oldin
Bam Bam's trembling owner reminds me of the first time I had to give *myself* my first insulin shot. Now it's easy.
MaryAnn Lambert
MaryAnn Lambert 29 kun oldin
I thought that was evil Bam Bam. He seems too small. Also, he didn't try to eat Scott.
Barbara C
Barbara C 29 kun oldin
So precious to watch Bam Bam's story. Thank you so much for the great episode.
Amanda H
Amanda H 29 kun oldin
It's heartbreaking to hear the reality of dingos. They're so iconic there's no way they should be allowed to be poisoned and rescuers should be allowed to release them back into the wild. I can imagine that they're a lot of work as a pet, as wild animals they're very active smart and curious. I wouldn't be capable of looking after one. Poor Bam Bam, he looked so sad and unwell at first. I'm very glad that they got it under control, but I do feel for the owner having to give injections. I've had to inject pets before and it's very nerve wracking and I was injecting a pain killer, I can't imagine trying to inject my pet when they're not full of pain killers.
STHFGDBY 13 kun oldin
It the utter ignorance of Humans when they decide to give wild animals a bad reputation and create an environment of the persecution of them. They did the same with Wolves throughout America and Europe bringing them to extinction in many countries. The Wolves were considered Evil which is ridiculous. The only species on Earth that has been proven to be evil are Humans. Governments paid hunters bounties to kill Wolves. The mind boggles on how stupid humans can be. So these Dingos are being persecuted which is totally unacceptable. The reality is clear that it is Humans that are destroying Gods creatures, their habitats and the environment and not the animals. And we have been doing so since we appeared on the planet. Who are we to persecute Gods creatures, what gives us the right to commit such atrocities against nature.
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 15 kun oldin
I had to inject my dog twice a day due to diabetes, they get used to it with no problem. Mine actually used to love the needle because she got a treat afterwards....sometimes she'd even beg for the needle lol.
Susan west
Susan west 29 kun oldin
The girls are awesome. With Bam Bam.
Autumn Swift
Autumn Swift 29 kun oldin
My rabbit had extreme weightloss, come to find out his kidneys were failing and the levels for them were elevated. I had to euthanize him not for his kidneys but because of complications due to them failing.
webdisa 29 kun oldin
I have to admit, crocodiles are my least favourite part of these shows.
Kathrin Anna Hausermann
Kathrin Anna Hausermann 29 kun oldin
I find cats take injections better than oral medication.
Debra Hebert
Debra Hebert 29 kun oldin
God Bless you Charlie. What an amazing person you are!
Connie Brown
Connie Brown 29 kun oldin
Chekov Call
Chekov Call 29 kun oldin
I have an alligator on my property. He's loud but stays out of sight.
Anakin Vader
Anakin Vader Oy oldin
Australians really are some of the chillest ppl on earth. Why don't we have cool shows like this in the US smh
Anakin Vader
Anakin Vader 29 kun oldin
@VJ APPLE precisely. Just like a break from all the loud, almost abnoxious humor a bit from time to time.
VJ APPLE 29 kun oldin
@Anakin Vader Yeah, I can definitely see that. Our shows are usually just really over the top and its annoying. Nice to have a more calm crew
Anakin Vader
Anakin Vader 29 kun oldin
@VJ APPLE I know that... their sense of humor is different than ours. It's a nice breath of fresh air. Tired of all the crap shows we have
VJ APPLE 29 kun oldin
@Anakin Vader If it’s a vet show from the US, why would it be Australian based? Also, the Australian accent is only exotic to us. There is an entire continent of people who have an Australian accent....
Anakin Vader
Anakin Vader 29 kun oldin
@VJ APPLE Its all repeats. I wish we had more vet shows with Australians like these guys. Something exotic.
Cynthia Tingler
Cynthia Tingler Oy oldin
Breaks your heart!
Liam Lester
Liam Lester Oy oldin
The tired trout explicitly consider because address particularly chop across a entertaining profit. knowledgeable, flippant bit
My Beloved
My Beloved 28 kun oldin
Hullo Robot.
Elinor Heitmann
Elinor Heitmann Oy oldin
Briane Silber
Briane Silber Oy oldin
Love this series best wishes from South africa
exomooistic Oy oldin
me hearing the name BamBam and immediately thinking of rapper BamBam lmao
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance Oy oldin
I though of the Flintstones. 💕😂
Rachel Currier
Rachel Currier Oy oldin
That is so strange for me to hear a wild animal not being allowed to return to the wild I'm from the UNITED STATES and when a wild animal is nursed back to proper health they get released back into the wild
Rachel Currier
Rachel Currier 29 kun oldin
@Technical Difficulties I just never heard of it being a law in other parts of the world that makes it illegal to return a wild animal into the wild but I could never own or adopt a Dingoe 1) I live in New England so it gets cold in the winter and fall so not the best environment for a wild animal 2) I own a cat as a pet and 3) I have no idea how to take care of a wild animal demesticated or not I'm not going to try I'll leave that to the wildlife experts
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties 29 kun oldin
@Rachel Currier It may be different with pack animals. Maybe due to how they hunt and how a pack is structured releasing single animals could be basically letting them starve or be killed by the pack that already lives there? You would need to release animals together acclimated as a pack. Not to mention them being conditioned to see humans as food sources or not a threat. Im also unsure how much area that dingoes can live in is left in Australia. You would have to find out the territories of the wild dingoes and release the dingoes in areas that isnt claimed by a pack and also has adequate sources of food, shelter and water. How do you teach dingoes to hunt? Its a very complicated process.
Rachel Currier
Rachel Currier Oy oldin
@Hermititis true it also depends on what's wrong with them and how serious the injury is if it's too serious or they can't function as a normal wild animal then yea I can see them being permanently looked after by humans
Hermititis Oy oldin
Not always. There are some that can't be released even in the U.S. They generally end up being "animal ambassadors" and whatever place is responsible for their long term care (the rehab center, a zoo, etc) will subsidize their care by using their image/story to educate the public about that species and the issues it faces
Andy Contento
Andy Contento Oy oldin
A very good video, although I did notice Tim wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I'm sure there was a valid reason. 😁😁😁👍👍👍
Fjallräven Oy oldin
Tim is like an overexcited chipmunk on too much caffeine most of the time with the way he jumps in with giant crocodiles and eggs them on all while talking a mile a minute - it would surprise me if he got all "safety first" while driving a car and talking to the camera...
tamfuwing1 Oy oldin
"Bam Bam on last legs" is a bit insensitive, isn't it?
Randi Kinton
Randi Kinton Oy oldin
Dr Scott is an amazing vet.
LeeOn% Blui
LeeOn% Blui Oy oldin
''Do i get to Get a Snuggle in there?Not You,The Dog'' -Mr.Scott's Wife
Nevin Shajidaniel
Nevin Shajidaniel Oy oldin
i heard that , a huge flood has hit australia . hope , you guys are safe❤️
Sally Foote
Sally Foote Oy oldin
Not bam bam *that bluey*
Judy y
Judy y Oy oldin
BAm BAm is so cute!
Pelle Svedén
Pelle Svedén Oy oldin
Arn't there insulin pens for dogs and other pets?
Pelle Svedén
Pelle Svedén 29 kun oldin
@99milkbottles Ok
99milkbottles Oy oldin
Yes, my cat is 16 years old and diabetic for 3 years. I use a pen and it's so much easier and less waste than syringe.
Pelle Svedén
Pelle Svedén Oy oldin
@Maggie Matthews Ok, thanx! :-)
Maggie Matthews
Maggie Matthews Oy oldin
There are ... but it's much easier to use a syringe into a fold of skin when it comes to a fur-covered animal.
patricia donald-mcveigh
patricia donald-mcveigh Oy oldin
Tim Faulkner is so brave facing such a mean croc
Tomi Chilek
Tomi Chilek Oy oldin
Watched a video yesterday stating they have found over 200 new viruses and bacteria in/on reptiles and amphibians, so protect yourselves.🙂
Soko Oy oldin
19:19 it's like getting a new pet except it's someone else's pet and you have to give it back eventually
Darin Cates
Darin Cates Oy oldin
WHY do you put your face on the thumbnail? I get what branding is but you're making it about YOU not the dog. LOL!!!!! Lame and Fail
Elaine Michelle T
Elaine Michelle T Oy oldin
Aren't you gonna blow dry poor BamBam 🤦🏻‍♀️
Michelle Kucera
Michelle Kucera Oy oldin
Sweet Bam Bam clearly has a long way to go since he barely reacted to seeing his mom after 2 weeks apart.
Silk or Silkie?
Silk or Silkie? 17 kun oldin
Why does everyone call pet owners "mum" and "dad"? It's not like they gave birth to them or something.
Howard The Duck
Howard The Duck 26 kun oldin
dogzdinner chum
dogzdinner chum Oy oldin
He seemed like an odd little dog....didnt react to much at all, not even being grabbed by a bunch of strange kids out of a pet carrier (which probably isnt the best way to introduce a sick dog to your kids!).
Allyce Povick
Allyce Povick Oy oldin
Thank you for ending with Dr. Dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise Roe
Denise Roe Oy oldin
The Dingos look just like a dog, wouldn’t have know they weren’t if you hadn’t stated it. They are adorable. Bam-ban breaks my heart. I have been blessed over my life to never had a fur baby with health problems. My son’s Boxer had pneumonia at about 5 months. She spent the weekend in ICU with a IV. She made it but is was scary. That croc is huge and scary. You couldn’t pay me enough to do what they did.
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 26 kun oldin
@E E i dont get it hehe
E E 27 kun oldin
@Doggy Mantis Denise knows. She said “wouldn’t have known they weren’t *if you hadn’t stated it.* “
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 27 kun oldin
Dingo’s are a wild dog just google it
E E 28 kun oldin
Ikr, that croc! I wouldn’t do that for 20 million.
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau Oy oldin
Any changes in a dog’s eating habits can be a cause of concern. For example, my little chihuahua suddenly started eating kibble like crazy. She NEVER eats that much kibble, and she was acting lethargic. We took her into the clinic and turns out she had an attack of gastroenteritis. Know your doggie and know what’s normal for your dog.
E E 28 kun oldin
My dog usually gets given food in the morning, she doesn’t eat it, waits til afternoon, and then she eats. I do kinda think it’s to taunt my other dog because my other dog would eat anything you gave him. (He’s a golden)
S. Woods
S. Woods Oy oldin
16.4 foot croc My living room is 17 feet long that really brought it home to me. WOW
Peta Visinko
Peta Visinko Oy oldin
pls make the other seasons avalble for my country aus
Rose Pickering
Rose Pickering Oy oldin
I love our precious Dingoes ♥️♥️♥️
fayre19 Oy oldin
My dog looked exactly like one of those dingos. She was the best companion.
Elizabeth Bridges
Elizabeth Bridges Oy oldin
As a child growing up in Texas our family was given a puppy from someone who had moved from Australia. The pup was part dingo and was the best dog we ever had. He was super smart. Due to his fur color, we named him Rusty. He looked very close in appearance to the dingoes in this video. So cute.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 22 kun oldin
My friend here in the US had a Queensland Heeler, a rough tough dingo dog if you ever saw one. He liked to chase the bus but the best was one day he was jumping and causing a ruckus in the yard. We went out to look and he was trying to catch the Goodyear blimp! I had no idea he could so so far so well. Here's to a life well lived, Max.
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance Oy oldin
Virus32 Oy oldin
Tian Wu Chon Culla
Tian Wu Chon Culla Oy oldin
Can someone please tell me what to do if a chow chow dog doesn't eat the dog food 😢 I'm worried she might die in hunger
Tian Wu Chon Culla
Tian Wu Chon Culla 5 kun oldin
@Jordan Christie thank you
Jordan Christie
Jordan Christie 5 kun oldin
@Tian Wu Chon Culla you can also walk them there and wait outside like you do any other day or can use taxis or family members to help get you there
Tian Wu Chon Culla
Tian Wu Chon Culla 5 kun oldin
@Jordan Christie we don't have a car
Jordan Christie
Jordan Christie 5 kun oldin
@Tian Wu Chon Culla um if places follow proper procedures then covid transmission is completely minimal plus most vet clinics have minimal contact visits for the humans (I.e. you wait out in your car with your pet and they come out to get your animal then do the examination inside the vet clinic) the advice is still reasonable and I would also check to see if anything in the home environment is off too this can impact if and when an animal eats too
Tian Wu Chon Culla
Tian Wu Chon Culla Oy oldin
@Infinity Unknown covid is dangerous
Chantal Martel
Chantal Martel Oy oldin
Poor little guy..he is so sweet 💗
Sierra Adam
Sierra Adam Oy oldin
We have a dingo cross pittball and my mum Hade a mother's shi t Soo that was named Bam bam
Jerome Jackson
Jerome Jackson Oy oldin
God love BamBam!
MadusaNumberOne Fan
MadusaNumberOne Fan Oy oldin
i am so gald bam bam is ok now
I to was a victim of an accidental poisoning That left me looking like Ernie🥲
Micky Deery
Micky Deery Oy oldin
There are plenty of dingo resembling dog breeds that one doesn't need to own a dingo like, a shiba or a jindo is a better mannered close looking breeds, heck even the aussie cattle dog makes a close looking and better pet
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 26 kun oldin
@Micky Deery oh sry then good
Micky Deery
Micky Deery 27 kun oldin
@Doggy Mantis wasn't talking about the dude who was rescuing those dingo's, i was talking about how one of them had been previously a pet that was left chained up on a porch dude doing the dingo rescue is cool and doing his best to make sure these dingos go to a knowledgeable home that can take care of a wild animal
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 27 kun oldin
He wants a dingo! A wild dog! It really is not your choice it’s his choice
Refinnej Oy oldin
Yes! Where I live in the US we even have a lot of mixed breeds in shelters that look like Dingos.
Ben Reade
Ben Reade Oy oldin
Awsome work charley you taking those dingos in to your care.
Amr Roub
Amr Roub Oy oldin
I have a question plz !! I wanna buy a puppy ,,, but how can I check he’s family Health history ...... 🐕
This is Strange
This is Strange Oy oldin
@Sally Wood absolutely, I agree but I responded with the only feasible method to know a dogs family history.
Sally Wood
Sally Wood Oy oldin
Please adopt, don’t shop!
This is Strange
This is Strange Oy oldin
If you buy from a proper seller they should be able to provide you with a documented family history health-wise. Also the puppy should have been at the vet for a check up and its first vaccination before you take it home at 8 weeks old
TeeClover Oy oldin
The dog sitter should have brought BamBam in a lot sooner than they did. He lost half his body weight!
TeeClover 28 kun oldin
@Fjallräven maybe but I’ve pet sit before and I don’t think I’d book her again. Got the impression it was a long holiday.
Fjallräven Oy oldin
A weight loss like that doesn't happen overnight! It's said that he lost half his body weight since Scott last saw him but that might've been months before this and the owner only went on a holiday (mayber 2-3 week absence). So I think the weight loss was a slow process that has been going on for some time and things escalated only once the owner left (which would be a stressful situation even for a younger healthy dog)!
redroses3010 Oy oldin
The dog sitter did more than most by going out of her way to bring the dog to the vet. Also remember that the sitter is not accustomed to the dog's normal behaviour, so it's only when the case became really abnormal that the sitter would have been clued in that something was wrong.
Elaine Doremus
Elaine Doremus Oy oldin
I usually love your episodes, but not when you combine the old with the new. I've already seen the old.
matthew andrade
matthew andrade Oy oldin
I really want to adopt a dingo, but where I live they are illegal
matthew andrade
matthew andrade Oy oldin
@This is Strange I have the space and resources to have a wild animal sanctuary. But the only thing I'm missing is the time. My career is very demanding and I respond to emergencies 2 hours away very often. Besides dingos being illegal even for a wildlife sanctuary.
matthew andrade
matthew andrade Oy oldin
@This is Strange well wallabies are legal where I live.
This is Strange
This is Strange Oy oldin
They are not pets they are wild animals. Get a dog.
yas Oy oldin
i feel so bad that dingos are poisoned and hunted :/ wow wtf
leslie barger
leslie barger Oy oldin
When you take the natural predator out of ecosystem you have major problems overpopulation of kangaroos so I don't know why they're please mean dingoes but they are it's funny that we did the same thing with wolf here and now we got troubles with like rabbits and water rodents so you get more of something else that you don't work when you think the Predators in 🤔
Felicity Young
Felicity Young Oy oldin
Kinda like the thylacine, you'd think they'd learn.
Alicia Roberts
Alicia Roberts Oy oldin
The twins are great I love this channel! ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 15 kun oldin
They are just the sweetest, you can tell they both really love the animals, they seem to fall in love with all of them, gorgeous girls.
Kyla Homburg
Kyla Homburg Oy oldin
I like this the croc kinda worried me the end was nice
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear Oy oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼
Teresa Hayes
Teresa Hayes Oy oldin
Hello, we were wondering how the Female Dingo is doing & is she cured of the kennel cough?
Teresa Hayes
Teresa Hayes 16 kun oldin
Praise God, thanks for letting us know. We were praying for you and your 4 legged Family Member. Very kind to reply 😷☺️
Charlie Jackson-Martin
Charlie Jackson-Martin 17 kun oldin
@Teresa Hayes yes Ada is now fully recovered from her kennel cough and doing well!
Teresa Hayes
Teresa Hayes 26 kun oldin
Iris Spadaro Hopefully we all will find out, just need to be patient & keep positive & in good spirits 👏🤗🙋🆗💃🌈☺️😷😷
Iris Spadaro
Iris Spadaro Oy oldin
Was also wondering if dog was better. Thanks.
Teresa Hayes
Teresa Hayes Oy oldin
Iris Spadaro we are sorry, but not understanding your inquiry '?.'
Amanda Oy oldin
I have a lineage of diabetic family members. If the title didn't say diabetes, I'd probably recognize it from the symptoms. I just hope I don't inherit the condition. Also, those kids are precious!
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue All the best for bam bam For all he’s been through It’s tough to see, An animal like he Suffer such a great deal. But we’re proud to say And lucky to have Bondi vet on our side To help, when we’re bad God bless whoever reads this ❤️
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
ranger rabbit
ranger rabbit Oy oldin
@Caitlin&Lucie Plays yes, I just assumed that it didn’t take you long because usually when you comment things you don’t think about it that much.
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
@ranger rabbit that’s super kind of you to say mate. It took me a good few minutes but, don’t we all mean it?
ranger rabbit
ranger rabbit Oy oldin
Wow, you probably wrote that in like a few seconds and didn’t even think about it but thats better than I could ever do even if I think about it!
fizzyburr Oy oldin
Isnt Bam Bam the dog that scott was scared of!?? Oh noo :(
Shannon bannanie
Shannon bannanie Oy oldin
Yeah I noticed it was a different one at the end.
mimaa09 Oy oldin
I think that’s a different bam bam! The owners in the videos are not the same
Shannon bannanie
Shannon bannanie Oy oldin
Poor thing is so sick he's a completely different dog.
grimreaper 1122
grimreaper 1122 Oy oldin
I think so
clarityjane31 Oy oldin
Linda Mulhall
Linda Mulhall Oy oldin
OMG! Scott's girls look just like their mother! So sweet!
L Chapman
L Chapman Oy oldin
I really like the change in the format where we see one case at a time all the way through.
DrBrennan Oy oldin
This is a compilation/clip show, that's why.
Rupert Miller
Rupert Miller Oy oldin
I had been editing the episodes on the fly to get each story in one go already. Saves me some time when they do it like this.
Laurel Miller
Laurel Miller Oy oldin
Loved it when Scott said to Zoe “my love”.
SansLucy21 Oy oldin
Bam Bam is...................... SO SO SO CUTE
Say what 4
Say what 4 Oy oldin
Can we eventually have a update of bam bam
miss miou
miss miou Oy oldin
those Bondi Vet are hearts on legs
Random Randomson
Random Randomson Oy oldin
As an American, can someone please explain to me how you tell difference between a dingo and dog?
Gupcakes 16 kun oldin
@Emily Grayson wrong, pure dingoes are not rare and come in over 8 coat colors
Gupcakes 16 kun oldin
@Heather Roberson they aren't wild dogs, but canids, Australia has no wild dogs and a recent study showed that over 95% of DNA samples came back as dingo or high content dingo with the rest being feral domestics
Autumn Swift
Autumn Swift 29 kun oldin
And if you've heard of "a dingo ate my baby", there was a legitimate pack of dingos that outsmarted 2 adult humans and took their baby to eat it. So I guess its fair that if we kill them then they can take our small children.
Emily Grayson
Emily Grayson Oy oldin
It can be tricky because stray dogs breed a lot with dingoes, so purebred dingo populations are rare. But dingoes don't tend to bark very much, and your classic purebred dingo will have big triangular ears and tawny fur. Try looking up the fraser island dingoes!
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
I am northern Irish (Uk). I know I’m not Australian but I know a lot about dingoes. Dingoes are wild dogs that hunt in packs of generally 5-7. They are native to Australia and are a golden yellow colour. Dogs are obviously dogs. Hope this helped :) god bless you ❤️
Ana Felix
Ana Felix Oy oldin
Ty I see old episode and new appreciate long episode's.
AdinaK71 Oy oldin
Me too! I love the longer episodes too
claire Robinson
claire Robinson Oy oldin
Poor Bam bam
samasia skipperable
samasia skipperable Oy oldin
Deeb Oy oldin
My 1st min pin had diabetes..same thing lethargic and drinking alot of water. I called the vet and they couldn't get him in for an appointment for 3 days unfortunately after thousands of dollars he was eventually put to sleep because his organs were shutting down. This was all within 2 weeks. I feel for the owners because I know exactly how they feel.
AtTheRanch 15 kun oldin
Damn, anything like that happens again I hope you have an animal ER close by to take animals.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 22 kun oldin
Oh that's awful. I'm so sorry.
RedPandas And wildlife
RedPandas And wildlife 29 kun oldin
I know how it feels to. It is sooo sad.
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance Oy oldin
I'm so sorry for all of those with diabetic pets. As a diabetic, this breaks my heart. I wasn't born this way. I got Chronic Pancreatitis out of the clear blue sky. Most people get it from alcohol. But I hardly drank at all. When I was URS n HS our community lost 27 people due to a drunk driver. Look up the Carrilton Bus crash. So, they don't know why. But I suffered for years. I feel for these animals because they don't understand. And for the families. They try their best. But sometimes it isn't enough. I am Living without 5 and 1/2 organs now. Diabetes sucks!
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance Oy oldin
@Micky Deery Thanks. That's nice to know! 💕
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Ko‘rishlar soni 211 ming
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Ko‘rishlar soni 436 ming
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