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This story is heartbreaking, callous burglars attack an innocent dog gets treated by SASH on this Bondi Vet clip.
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ray 8 daqiqa oldin
Nicola Potchworth
Nicola Potchworth 6 soat oldin
Oh noooo I feel bad
Tess Tweed
Tess Tweed Kun oldin
Poor dog!
Miranda Odle
Miranda Odle Kun oldin
Sam Warrior She_Her
Sam Warrior She_Her 2 kun oldin
AWWWW such a sweet sweet boy, I will never understand what goes on in someone head when they think about hurting an animal, Like do they feel anything after what they have done, My cat was hit by a car last year and just left on the side of the road for someone else to find and knock on my door to tell me, She was still alive but I sadly had to get her put done there was no saving her, to much info but One of her eyes had popped out, she was bleeding from her mouth, vet said she had broken legs, ribs, skull, I'll never forget the words the vet said to my mum "There no way we could put her back together" I was so sad and angry for the next two week thinking how could someone just hit a cat and keep driving, I wanted to find out who that person was and I wanted to tell them about her and what they had done, I wanted to show them a photo of what they had done to see if they could sleep at night after seeing it, because I could not . I hope they find out how them people where and I hope they get done for it, poor boy not even a year old and he has lost his eye because they where selfish and wanted to steal someone else stuff,
Freya Hirst
Freya Hirst 2 kun oldin
He cant die he looks healthy he just had a attack if he would die he would be not as energetic as the other dogs u see
Arianna Morais
Arianna Morais 3 kun oldin
omg I cried when I saw the cover and at first, I thought it was fake because the first video on the canelle and I clicked on it and just was sobbing when I saw the dogs face
JellyKult 4 kun oldin
my dogs eyeball popped out, if I knew shihtzu's eyeballs could come out so easily I would of never gotten one
E.C.N.Z Sports
E.C.N.Z Sports 4 kun oldin
I can’t watch this, the noice he makes is helpless and innocent and the worst thing is she said he just tried to lick the burgalers and they attacked him... poor guy😭😭😭😭
LPS DJ Cat 4 kun oldin
How could someone have the heart to Hurt such a Beautiful dog some people in this world are so cruel! I’m literally crying rn that poor little pup 😭😖but I’m glad that he’s feeling better he’s such a beautiful dog ❤️❤️❤️
Jasmine Webb
Jasmine Webb 4 kun oldin
her at the end: hi I'm docker Danny Juceft? if you liked our show (I will be skipping bits tho) and weal see you on our next video meh: it not video it bideo
Jasmine Webb
Jasmine Webb 5 kun oldin
im crying
Jasmine Webb
Jasmine Webb 5 kun oldin
he is so cute he should not deserve this
Belldofers Matlack
Belldofers Matlack 5 kun oldin
Where’s the dogs eyepatch
Potat max shibe
Potat max shibe 5 kun oldin
The thing that sucks is we can’t do anything about it.
Dolly Nova
Dolly Nova 5 kun oldin
Evil ppl in this world 🥺
Damion Lundy
Damion Lundy 5 kun oldin
I'm crying poor dog
Jack Keyse
Jack Keyse 6 kun oldin
Whoever did that shouldn’t be alive like who does that!
Willa syn
Willa syn 6 kun oldin
Awwwww! He's so HAPPY!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin 6 kun oldin
People who do this to animals should be in prison for 100 years. Animals have feelings too and are all adorable. Animals don't deserve this. So glad that the dog recovered. 🐶😭
UncleBenda 6 kun oldin
Man the dogs owner is fit as, what’s her @?
Dj Luminol
Dj Luminol 7 kun oldin
The cops need to find this guy. The facts of this case suggest this guy is more dangerous than a couple of mischievous kids or a junkie. Attacking an animal that clearly did not attack him coupled with his choice of crime suggests a likely psychopath who's working up his antisocial confidence.
naomi teglas
naomi teglas 8 kun oldin
poor dog i had a puppy and sadly passed away
peek a boo
peek a boo 8 kun oldin
Geezuz, you people must come see what happens to our dogs in South Africa. The sad thing is we are not allowed the name the certain group/race who is responsible. As God as my witness I will take a life if something is trying to destroy my pets life
GhostKitty 8 kun oldin
Poor puppy! 😢
Keira Mcmillin
Keira Mcmillin 8 kun oldin
I'm a animal lover so I cry a lot
pink rainbow kennelz
pink rainbow kennelz 8 kun oldin
Karma is a B 😡🖕🏼
pink rainbow kennelz
pink rainbow kennelz 8 kun oldin
Massive doses of TLC🤣😘
Im Sleep
Im Sleep 8 kun oldin
Thiers a special place in hell for people who attack dogs
Aaviah King
Aaviah King 9 kun oldin
This is sad
Lilya In Wonderland!
Lilya In Wonderland! 9 kun oldin
I will kill whoever did that to juice.😭😡😭😭😡😭😡😭😡😭😡🤬🤬
spacewolfliz gaming
spacewolfliz gaming 9 kun oldin
After the attack he was probably like I was " being good right?" I cant stand that another person did this to a puppy!
Iqhlas Mohammad
Iqhlas Mohammad 9 kun oldin
Noah Arleth
Noah Arleth 9 kun oldin
wanna know what ill do to these burglars, if so i'd throw them off a mountian throw a 2 ton rock 2 kilometers into the air down into these wankers, what a poor dog he DIDNT DESERVE TO GET HURT BY HUMANS D:
Marco The Phoenix
Marco The Phoenix 9 kun oldin
I bet those burglars arent even sorry or have any remorse fo
shelby 9 kun oldin
Anyone who abuses animals should get the same charges as an assault/ man slaughter. Poor pup you can hear his pain
Linda Edwards
Linda Edwards 10 kun oldin
Im glad he's ok thank you to all the amazing people like these vets for doing what you do we appreciate your hard work
Lynda Barratt
Lynda Barratt 10 kun oldin
As if stealing hard working peoples belongings isnt bad enough the disgusting morons injure beloved pets as well. Vile evil creeps should be strung up. What a sweet pup & family they are,so happy they have there baby back even though the poor little sausage has lost an eye.x
Mitch Productions
Mitch Productions 10 kun oldin
Whyy. 😭😭
nataschazoey 10 kun oldin
Why would people do that to such a beautiful dog
What do I name this channel
What do I name this channel 10 kun oldin
I wish this world was a better place
Idiomas Entusiasticos
Idiomas Entusiasticos 11 kun oldin
This is the first episode that made me cry.
Keenan fore
Keenan fore 11 kun oldin
The owners low key sus why the dude so red like he guilty
Jordan Tait
Jordan Tait 9 kun oldin
He was red from crying wtf if they hurt that dog the dog would be scared of them especially if it just happened
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera 11 kun oldin
*thank god this little angel doing fine*
ItsGamingWc 12 kun oldin
Wait what he could lose his eye >:( you know what that means you will also lose a eye also im watching this video as im chattion
michael southam
michael southam 12 kun oldin
This was just so emotional for me and I was so worried for the poor dog as I am someone that Wants to protect all life that is in danger but still I have a dog and his name is Dino-mite and he Has been adopted but I love him like a brother but still he has been realest by some strangers in the past and when that happened me and my dad drove all around the neighborhood and we couldn’t find him I was left in tears until Dino-mite ran home and I think he went home after we left home and I was giving him so much stuff that night but nonetheless it was terrifying for me but if you ever see someone or an animal in need of help make sure they get help or help them yourself if u don’t and I find out when I’m at least 20 I will find you and make sure you always take of animals and all creatures on earth or else but that’s all by ( I hope juicy lives a long happy life also I was happy crying when they revealed his happy ending by)
Mr Beast fan
Mr Beast fan 12 kun oldin
I cried while watching this
Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster 12 kun oldin
I'm So sorry for that to happen to your dog
Gagraj Maan 184
Gagraj Maan 184 12 kun oldin
He was crying, and so am I 😢
Taps Ars
Taps Ars 13 kun oldin
The dirty burglars deserve to be branded with hot irons . How could they so callously attack an innocent dog with a screwdriver ?? Bloody bastards .
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 13 kun oldin
I hope they caught these burglars , animal abusers get well doggie 💕💙💜🐶🐕🐶
Alina Erdei
Alina Erdei 13 kun oldin
I literally cried at the end when he gets brought to his owners. His tail is wagging so much
Willa syn
Willa syn 6 kun oldin
I know He is So WIGGLY!!!!!!!
:LxleyStarsシ 13 kun oldin
Who ever dislikes this is probably a very horible person
Peezy P
Peezy P 14 kun oldin
This makes me want to hurt humans. It would be SOOO MUCH easier for me to kill a human than it would be to even hurt an animal. Sick fuckers!
Hxll Wish
Hxll Wish 14 kun oldin
me: gets uncomfortable cause the eye also me: keeps watching minutes later: uncomfy with tears
Alisha Kendrick
Alisha Kendrick 15 kun oldin
WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO. such an innocent animal and to harm him. ill pray for him and fir his recovery
Richard Champness
Richard Champness 16 kun oldin
Satffies are english not american
Frances Mitchell
Frances Mitchell 17 kun oldin
I cried when I saw the dog😭😭😭😭😭 he didn't deserve it
Jen H
Jen H 17 kun oldin
Drift King
Drift King 17 kun oldin
I'm sure he is still loved with or without that eye and I hope the burglars die in a fiery car crash
Scott Kinderdine
Scott Kinderdine 17 kun oldin
Please tell me they caught the Bastards that did this!!!!
Jubaida Hussain
Jubaida Hussain 17 kun oldin
Poor dog I hope he recovers quickly get well soon 💝
Camille Carmichael
Camille Carmichael 17 kun oldin
This is so sad it makes me cry
Dragon Blood
Dragon Blood 18 kun oldin
I just don’t think it’s possible to not feel bad after you harm an innocent creature. Juice is keeping his spirits up after what he went through. It’s so heartwarming seeing him all happy and feeling better!!
Zoey Weese
Zoey Weese 18 kun oldin
Soooo sad 😭😭😭😭😭
Steve Slape
Steve Slape 18 kun oldin
Some people are just plain scumbags, that's horrible to see the devastating effect of some degenerate thieves not only break and entering, but attacking the owners pet in the process. You can see how easily they would also take no shame in hurting a person young or old in the same way. We can only hope they someday receive justice for the pain they inflict upon others, or perhaps they come across a police dog that mauls them after being chased down, that would be true karma.
Kofina Smith
Kofina Smith 18 kun oldin
He's only 11 months!! Wtf is wrong with people!?!
Trailee 19 kun oldin
Who the hell would do that to an innocent dog? They deserve to burn in hell and die a painful death!
Erica Mikelevich
Erica Mikelevich 19 kun oldin
It’s so sad that people attack innocent creatures and don’t even feel bad 😞
Stelios Vasilogavrakis
Stelios Vasilogavrakis 19 kun oldin
James Murray
James Murray 19 kun oldin
You can call that dog John marston Now
Random Person 0.0
Random Person 0.0 20 kun oldin
Innocent dog attacks callous burglars!
Natasha Tuato
Natasha Tuato 20 kun oldin
I hope this doesn't scar this poor 🐕 hope💖😭
Natasha Tuato
Natasha Tuato 20 kun oldin
And I mean mentality and yea
namkefemme 21 kun oldin
People that hurt animals should die and go to hell 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
kieran da fishy
kieran da fishy 21 kun oldin
I’m crying
Raymond ElMelky
Raymond ElMelky 21 kun oldin
I love the fact that they don't care that they got Robbed but they only care about juice
pizza party man
pizza party man 21 kun oldin
mongii - piu
mongii - piu 21 kun oldin
Hi! I would like to kill the man that hurt him :(
Hxrro 21 kun oldin
If any anyone did this to my dog I'd kill them my dogs life is as important as a humans life to me never mind I wouldn't kill them I'd do to them what they did id make them lose 1 eye and give them the torture they gave juice
Omar Mosa
Omar Mosa 22 kun oldin
I feel so bad he has to lose a eye
Omar Mosa
Omar Mosa 22 kun oldin
I feel so bad he doesn’t deserve this he’s a amazing and kind dog 😭
Omar Mosa
Omar Mosa 22 kun oldin
I feel so bad
Omar Mosa
Omar Mosa 22 kun oldin
I was crying man it pains me when I so hopeless and harmless dogs get in pain
AlphaAquino Tez
AlphaAquino Tez 22 kun oldin
Sleepy Baby
Sleepy Baby 22 kun oldin
Okay I would take my dog to the vet and I would lowkey kill the murderers even if I take the punishments and go to jail because they deserve a screw driver to the face
Yee Saelee
Yee Saelee 22 kun oldin
Oh no dog got
Yee Saelee
Yee Saelee 22 kun oldin
Happ please you be happy
Yee Saelee
Yee Saelee 22 kun oldin
😭😭😭💔😢😢😟 omg 😱
Amira Mcnew
Amira Mcnew 23 kun oldin
who would do such a thing!
Tetnus Abstract
Tetnus Abstract 23 kun oldin
It's sad to see such happen to an innocent dog.
Eric Poirier
Eric Poirier 23 kun oldin
Julius didn’t Deserve that
Eric Poirier
Eric Poirier 23 kun oldin
Zahmya Hernandez
Zahmya Hernandez 23 kun oldin
i love dogs i told my mother when i grow up i will be a vet and now i changed my mind
Adonys Tejada Rodriguez
Adonys Tejada Rodriguez 23 kun oldin
and i really want a dog this makes me cry
Abigail Plays Roblox
Abigail Plays Roblox 23 kun oldin
Im bout to cry 😭 that dog didn't deserve that! That poor dog 🥺 Why do people treat animals like this? 😰
funny Teddy
funny Teddy 23 kun oldin
did the Burglars get caught
chavhar lewis
chavhar lewis 23 kun oldin
I can’t watch this. People are so evil 🥺
itsBrady 24 kun oldin
wow karma will come to the people who hurt the dog....
Abcdceese 24 kun oldin
Don't think they understand that he could lose his sight/eye? I think they're way more worried about his life than an eye. I'd be glad just to hear that my pet was going to survive.
BI-ble Shop
BI-ble Shop 24 kun oldin
What the hell man 😤 there is no excuse for such things why attack the poor dog 😔you guys trained this dog well I wonder how juice feels about strangers now 😞
Labtoad 24 kun oldin
Welp guess I’ll have to go to Australia to smack some sense into those bulgares
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