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Simba, the ginger cat swallows an expensive Tiffany & Co jewellery locket; Dr Kate Adams helps owners with their nervous rescue dog who can't be left alone; & Tim Faulkner and the team check to see if a Komodo Dragon is fertile!
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Dogs_birds_life 4 kun oldin
Simbas like well I don’t have have a heart because I’m too greaty so instead I will be a greaty eater and grow a heart 😂
simp 5 kun oldin
Wa "cats are smart on what they put in there mouth" THEN WHAT HAS MY CAT BEN DOIN CHEWING ON PLUGD IN CORDS and we try to stop her from doing that but she still does she's already killed a couple cards And I'm pretty sure she's fine tho she's ben doing that for years
tammy JerkChicken
tammy JerkChicken 5 kun oldin
This is like 3 different types of animal shows! Vets and Zoos and Pet behaviour show all in one!
Cleo McKeown
Cleo McKeown 5 kun oldin
Omg I had a heart attack when samba woke up
Nichole Azzopardi
Nichole Azzopardi 5 kun oldin
Simba wanted extra lives thats why he swallowed the heart 😂
Kayla Wolfie
Kayla Wolfie 6 kun oldin
What I have learned being owned by a cat. 1 - Invest in unbreakable products. 2 - Anything that is breakable will be broken eventually. 3 - Anything small will be seen as a toy. 4 - Plastic bins will save items from being eaten, played with, stolen, or broken for the most part. 5 - Just surrender to your new fluffy furry overlord.
Larena & SlimCat
Larena & SlimCat 6 kun oldin
New subscriber. My cat Mariner SlimCat, is watching with me.
poor simba, but thankfully he is okay and good job simba hahaha he know the precious one tiffany hahahaahh
alfpolo29 7 kun oldin
The colours on Ara are a marvelous of nature....
alfpolo29 7 kun oldin
2:11 the canguro ahahhahahaah 💗
Joyce Courts
Joyce Courts 7 kun oldin
OMG, she ask the bird what he wanted to watch. People are too lonely.
Devon Nichole.
Devon Nichole. 7 kun oldin
The roos got hands!!! For Bruce try leaving the tv on so it sounds like people are in the home, our pitbull is blue and he has separation anxiety we leave the tv on so he thinks someone is there hes a beautiful animal hes our baby.💙
Natasha Arifuzzaman
Natasha Arifuzzaman 7 kun oldin
Bruh when simba woke up my anxiety went vooop📈📈📈
Kodi •&•
Kodi •&• 7 kun oldin
Simba's got that unique personality I hear, seeing as his owner says he'd do something like that.
Laura Powers
Laura Powers 7 kun oldin
Such super drama is disgusting.
Laura Powers
Laura Powers 7 kun oldin
The constant pretense that the Pit puppy is not very usual among Pits is annoying. Everyone whose ever worked with Pits knows they are very attached to people and have frequent anxiety attacks. Training sometimes works but the owners must be diligent and even then benadryl may be necessary.
chanel Titik Kimia
chanel Titik Kimia 7 kun oldin
Jimmy Playz
Jimmy Playz 7 kun oldin
I'm happy your saving the animals :)
J Lynn
J Lynn 8 kun oldin
Great show! Thanks for the info!
Puparella 8 kun oldin
So komodo dragons mate like klingons.
VideoGames Genius
VideoGames Genius 8 kun oldin
Jesus Christ is coming back and it's serious he also love you and died and resurrected for your sins ,God be with you all.💖
Grace Alexandrea
Grace Alexandrea 8 kun oldin
Now that is Fancy Feast lol
ULYSES J-A 9 kun oldin
the anxiety white dog they should of called cisar the dog whisper to fix him he doesn't need drugs he needs proper training
Fynn Thurlow
Fynn Thurlow 9 kun oldin
Tim: *explaining how dangerous kimono Dragons are* Camera man: oo yeas girl flick that tounge strut your stuff cuz were going to see if you got eggs 👁👁
steve culley
steve culley 9 kun oldin
had a yellow lab retriver called buddy. lost him 6 weeks ago aged 19. i still miss him so much.
Philomena Deva
Philomena Deva 9 kun oldin
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dan yal
dan yal 9 kun oldin
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Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 9 kun oldin
Dogs and cats can have mental health issues too. Especially shelter pets that have emotional baggage from either being abandoned, abused, neglected, or all three. Even when getting a puppy or kitten straight from the breeder they can still develop mental health issues. Separation anxiety is super common. My family’s little chihuahua only ever has anxiety when my father-in-law leaves the house without her. She hates it, and she thinks he’s supposed to take her with. She’s only slightly spoiled.
Diana Golden
Diana Golden 9 kun oldin
I'm just curious...why do all the ppl in Australia sound like they go an octive higher atthe end of each sentence ? Sounds like they are trying to sing...
Dr Athena Arthur
Dr Athena Arthur 9 kun oldin
Simba is such a beautiful 🐈
LoreFreak 9 kun oldin
Would muzzling the komodo dragon make it safer for everyone, would that just tick her off, or is it just the Australians don't know what fear is?
connor 9 kun oldin
"I've heard enough, let's put him out of his misery." Poor dog 😭😭
elizabeth gutierrez
elizabeth gutierrez 9 kun oldin
I want the phone number of the ex bf of simba owner lol
Patricia Garrett
Patricia Garrett 9 kun oldin
My first cat loved to run off with my jewelry...that why I named her Gem and made sure to keep all jewelry out of her way and locked up.
Esme Marion
Esme Marion 10 kun oldin
Simba says eat the rich
J Zinser-Mandala
J Zinser-Mandala 10 kun oldin
Why not get him a cat friend?
Rosella Lockett
Rosella Lockett 10 kun oldin
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CelestiaFan Forever
CelestiaFan Forever 10 kun oldin
Seeing how bad Bruce's separation anxiety is reminds me of how the Shepherd mix me and my family owns, while he's more of my older sister and nephews' dog, acts when they leave the house. He will whimper and bark when he sees them outside demanding to go out. And we would normally let him go outside but we just recently got him fixed cause he kept breaking out of the yard to find females ready to have puppies.
Jean Kirstein
Jean Kirstein 10 kun oldin
Don’t know if this has already been said or not but that cat’s got good taste.
Got K
Got K 10 kun oldin
That dragon is a doll baby. You know...if doll babies had poisonous mouths and sharp claws.
Galaxy Moon
Galaxy Moon 10 kun oldin
I didn’t know there were cats that are as dumb as dogs lol I also felt really bad for Daenerys, she didn’t seem like she wanted to mate
phantom master
phantom master 10 kun oldin
I dont care you should never force a living being to vomit bad vet very very bad vet i very much dislike u
Cynthia Reynolds
Cynthia Reynolds 11 kun oldin
Never have any candles 🕯 cats can knock over candles no candles don’t even have any meds out because the characters get near that too that’s dangerous I have any meds run my cat and block off in a little tiny hole in your heart on your house or apartment because I had a little hole where they help in your mind between my cabinet and my dishwasher and my lip my stinky sneaky little cat no I’m all stinky and sneaky we’re trying to hide under there her name is Hermione from Harry Potter she do that night so she cut her tail so I would block off any little spaces
teish 11 kun oldin
umm.............. yea idgaf i would need that sh*%% back no cap
Justine Camp
Justine Camp 11 kun oldin
I have a rabbit with dark quicks so I have to use a flashlight when I do his nails so I don't trim too close and have a bleed.
Justine Camp
Justine Camp 11 kun oldin
I just started clapping when I saw that heart come out, well done team.
The Princess Of Scratching FormallyCrabbyScratcher
The Princess Of Scratching FormallyCrabbyScratcher 11 kun oldin
How do these ppl afford these vet bills?? Its like everyone in AU has the money to pay for these random unexpected vet bills!! Or does AU have national vet insurance like Canada and the UK have national ppl insurance and everyone is covered??? Just asking! I mean I had to put my dog down a few yrs back because I couldn't afford the test to find out what was wrong with him.
xxxxMonkeyGirlxxxx 10 kun oldin
I am a pet owner and I put savings aside for any issue with my cat. For example I saved $5,000 for my cat to be used for a medical emergency as when dogs and cats get older they get more expensive to care for. Sure enough this year, which is 2 years after getting him, my cat got a serious injury that quickly became very infected (cat bite) and cost $1,800 at the vet for the surgery and recovery. I was happy that I had put that money aside just for him because it covered this expense with no problem. Some people use pet insurance but I do not.
Sandra S.
Sandra S. 11 kun oldin
The dogs sounds are nothing against what we hear for hours when our neighbours leave their little dog. I always wonder how they can do this to him although they know he would cry when they leave.
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 9 kun oldin
@Sandra S. It's not. But that's how some pet owners are. They don't care about the animal's wellbeing, just their own convenience.
Sandra S.
Sandra S. 10 kun oldin
@Anne Haight that doesnt sound like loving the dog.
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 10 kun oldin
Because when they're gone they don't have to listen to him.
Insert Name
Insert Name 11 kun oldin
One thing I like about this show is that the vets really care about the animals and show there true emotions !
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie 11 kun oldin
Narrator: they just x-rayed Simba the cat 🤦🏾‍♀️
J O 11 kun oldin
My God they censored the needle going into a TUBE,please stop.And I keep getting whiplash form jumping between cases over and over.These decisions are really ruining the show.I miss how it used to be.
Sir Sleeps
Sir Sleeps 11 kun oldin
Rest in peace Cookie the rabbit that was in the opening of this video. He was well known by use for having kids in less than 30 seconds.
Irene Bryant
Irene Bryant 11 kun oldin
The selfish satin gradually reproduce because facilities predominantly frame inside a assorted angora. stimulating, stupendous weasel
Alyssa Geurts
Alyssa Geurts 11 kun oldin
30:08 omg I can feel her stress because I have been in the exact same situation but with a chinchilla. The vet was taking out a bladder stone and I as a trainee, my second week or someting had to grab the fricking stone and hold onto it. Man I was nervous but we got it out!
lucy lu
lucy lu 11 kun oldin
Omg i loveeee ur episodes
Birdy Banks
Birdy Banks 11 kun oldin
Good trining session for Bruce. But why can't he stay inside the house.
Out Of College Mania
Out Of College Mania 11 kun oldin
It's so weird I only read "a Cat swallowed a jewelry"
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck 11 kun oldin
The way the vet so unironically said that the other vet was good at driving the camera because he was good at video games in the past was amazing
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 7 kun oldin
@American Patriot I wasn’t thinking about it like that, but...😉
American Patriot
American Patriot 8 kun oldin
@Martha Hawkinson-Michau Yes, you are probably right, Ma'am. That fine muscle control probably does come in handy for this married couple..... grin.
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 9 kun oldin
Dr Gerry and Dr Alex are married. She’s probably watched him play endless hours of video games. That fine muscle control can totally come in handy.
Beaux Day Shush
Beaux Day Shush 11 kun oldin
Our kitty ate $6000. hearing aids. Nope we didn't get them back.
Nancy Hildebrand
Nancy Hildebrand 11 kun oldin
where soon gonna get a collie I can't wait
Clara B
Clara B 11 kun oldin
That cat is gorgeous
Yves LaRue
Yves LaRue 11 kun oldin
That’s strange that she didn’t choke on that charm...It’s even stranger for a cat to voluntarily swallow a piece of metal. Something seems fishy here.
Watcher 11 kun oldin
Don't believe the cat swallowed that. The "owner" probably stole it and made the cat swallow it somehow.
Astrolites 11 kun oldin
well any value she'd get from the charm would've been instantly wasted on surgery, i don't really see why she'd do that.
Nikki Arko
Nikki Arko 11 kun oldin
The blue and gold macaw's beak is badly overgrown. That should have been trimmed as well.
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 10 kun oldin
It was a little long but not excessively so. Some birds' beaks grow really fast and you have to give them lots of stuff to chew on. Maybe this macaw needs more chew toys.
Spidey CODM
Spidey CODM 11 kun oldin
I’m surprised that guy doesn’t have a sore head from hitting that ball😂😂
Jibbie49 12 kun oldin
Buddy the Lab is 12 yo. Google says: Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years for a Lab. I'd hate to put that old dog through knee surgery and recovery.
janethmcpeak 12 kun oldin
what a rich cat
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 12 kun oldin
This treatment for simba must have cost a fortune
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 10 kun oldin
@Hali D Tiffany jewelry doesn't have to be that expensive. The heart Simba swallowed is part of a silver bracelet that costs around $500. There are a lot of things for less money than that on the Tiffany website. Of course, you can also spend tens of thousands of dollars, too, if you have a taste for lots of diamonds and platinum.
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 10 kun oldin
I have a Tiffany bracelet & Tiffany earrings & I am not rich
Hali D
Hali D 11 kun oldin
Shes not poor she has Tiffany jewelry, she can afford it.
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 12 kun oldin
Is everybody & everything MATE
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 10 kun oldin
In Australia, yes. Either that or c**t, which you can't say on TV.
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 12 kun oldin
It's time for Dr Ducek to change her hairdo
Coco 12 kun oldin
Tim is so chill! I love seeing him explain and do his thing, kinda wish he had his very own show
Halldinoka 12 kun oldin
Simba looks identical to my childhood cat who was also called Simba. I miss him
DemonLord OfDestruction
DemonLord OfDestruction 12 kun oldin
When I clicked this I wasn’t expecting a cômodo dragon.
Lunalee Chan
Lunalee Chan 12 kun oldin
Simba is so cute though
Mark Arca
Mark Arca 12 kun oldin
The reptile gets "wined, dined, and 69ed".
Pam Dyer
Pam Dyer 12 kun oldin
I love this channel...but I hate the massive amounts of ads. I unsubscribed a while back and every once in a while when you show up in my feed I try to watch again only to realize why I stopped watching. I don’t mind having to watch an ad here and there to support a channel I like...but having to watch the amount of ads you’ve allowed for each episode is just not enjoyable.
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 12 kun oldin
Someone needs to drop the botox and back up😳
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 12 kun oldin
Wow that heavy panting would have me concerned. I love that little girls black biker jacket
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 12 kun oldin
It is so sweet to see when Labradors like to hold their leash in their mouth. Like they are taking themselves on the walk
kayla shaw
kayla shaw 12 kun oldin
My little dog does that too. It's more like he is walking me lol
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 12 kun oldin
Daenerys is such a good girl. I love watching New England reptile Distributors and Kevin McCurley is the monitor wizard. The Lizard wizard if you will. He would be so impressed to see you carrying around a komodo dragons. She's obviously been very well socialized by you so that speaks volumes as to your ability to care for monitor lizards. She's so beautiful.
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 12 kun oldin
What a brilliant name for a Komodo dragon. Daenerys. I love that!!🐲🐉
Colleen the CatLady
Colleen the CatLady 12 kun oldin
Bruce is soooooooo handsome!!!
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson 13 kun oldin
Don’t mind me. Just walking my dragon.
SisterGamez 13 kun oldin
Omg I heard the word tumor My grandparents dog got cancer and well They had to put him down so um
That maggot in Rena-chan's neck
That maggot in Rena-chan's neck 13 kun oldin
With pets or children in the house, buying expensive things is not good to do. This was a simple life lesson.
JoAnne Denison
JoAnne Denison 13 kun oldin
the macaw should see an avian vet if at all possible. they need vetting every 6 months, beak, nails and weight. I thought the beak could use a bit of a trim too to prevent injuries to others and to keep it in top shape for opening tree nuts. a macaw needs a diet of 60% pellets, 30% veggies, and 10% other home made foods. they can have about 2 oz of tree nuts per day, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans always in the shell. also about 1 tblsp of fruit. nuts and fruit should be given for doing tricks. macaws need quite a bit of mental stimulation too.
Genius1107 13 kun oldin
Cut it out of the cat get another cat
Philip Butler
Philip Butler 13 kun oldin
My dog came out of the bedroom to watch Bruce on TV. A companion would be nice.
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee 13 kun oldin
Like the connections someone made with the komodo dragon needing a name, and watching Game of Thrones regularly for a while.
spelare 1
spelare 1 13 kun oldin
18:28 huh?
tonytlreeves 13 kun oldin
Bruce needs another dog to keep him company when his humans leave.
Stephanie Howe
Stephanie Howe 13 kun oldin
Love the female Komodo dragon response after. " You better run"
Denise Roe
Denise Roe 13 kun oldin
I am sure the neighbors love Bruce. My dog would shred the snuffle mat. My son’s boxer makes noises that sounds so weird that there are times I feel we need a exorcist. The lady doing the sonogram on the Komodo Dragon with a true southern US accent caught me by surprise.
Miranda Dewey
Miranda Dewey 13 kun oldin
She really shouldnt pet the macaws body. In bird behaviour that is reserved for a mate and can them to be aggressive toward others. You should be able to handle them for examinations but keep petting to head and neck.
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear 13 kun oldin
He should take the dog for at run when he goes. Getting it tired out will make it more relaxed and want to sleep when left alone. It seems to have a lot of energy it needs to burn off.
Elizabeth Hayden
Elizabeth Hayden 13 kun oldin
The dog needs a safety crate!!!
amber calderon
amber calderon 13 kun oldin
I'm still trying to adjust to the newer version of the Bondi Theme Song
Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens 13 kun oldin
One of my favorite cartoon tropes is "He will chase her until she lets him catch her." LOL It almost applies to the dragons.
Willa syn
Willa syn 14 kun oldin
Sounds like PICA
Escaping Boredom
Escaping Boredom 14 kun oldin
Simba iss so cute
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True Geordie WINS $14,000 on Jake Paul vs Ben Askren
True Geordie Xtra
Ko‘rishlar soni 331 ming
Introducing iPad Pro | Apple
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.7 mln
Did you hear I have a million subscribers?
Joel Haver
Ko‘rishlar soni 548 ming
Ko‘rishlar soni 3.8 mln