Cockatiels Beak Growing Into Its NECK! | Bondi Vet

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25 kun oldin

Bubbles, the little cockatiels beak can't stop growing and it's starting to push into her neck on this Bondi Vet clip!
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Hunter Mabray
Hunter Mabray 5 kun oldin
That little girl was saying words bigger than I can even comprehend but they probably was told to say those words by the producers and camera men
Trashman 6 kun oldin
He looks like Australian version of Henry Cavill
viscidarrow7376 7 kun oldin
They sell things for Biekes over growing it’s something they bite at in it keeps their biekes nice in sharpend so you don’t have to worry about this
Me Here
Me Here 10 kun oldin
He's not an avian vet! That's so irresponsible to try to treat a bird for something that serious without referring to an avian vet!
Stephanie G
Stephanie G 10 kun oldin
That cage is WAY TO SMALL!!!
Yoselyn Aceves Torres
Yoselyn Aceves Torres 11 kun oldin
Oh no! I actually want a cocktail and I was gonna name it bubbles lol😂
Sara Harrison
Sara Harrison 14 kun oldin
THIS IS WHY YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING A PET. Join facebook groups, ask reputable avian vets, as reputable breeders. As a cockatiel owner this makes me so mad that the parents and the girl didn't do a lick of research on how to properly care for an exotic pet
ranger rabbit
ranger rabbit 14 kun oldin
Is this a repost or have I just watched this video twice?! also poor bubbles
Jade and fly agility and trick dogs
Jade and fly agility and trick dogs 15 kun oldin
The bird died for everyone asking
Otter Playz
Otter Playz 15 kun oldin
The girl has to buy it a bigger cage becuase then the poor lil fella is going to be way to stressed out then it will peck it’s feathers out
Ciera Paige
Ciera Paige 15 kun oldin
Can I be Bubbles and get to know him better, he can have a proper look over me.
Heavenlygamer19 16 kun oldin
What an adorable bird
The One With All The Pets
The One With All The Pets 16 kun oldin
Hate to be that person but seed based diet + parrot not okay
Dice S
Dice S 16 kun oldin
Not a single mask in sight smh
Claws And Paws
Claws And Paws 16 kun oldin
Is that blood from his beak
Alienbreed2010 17 kun oldin
Usually parrots eat clay in the wild to remove toxins
Youba I.
Youba I. 18 kun oldin
Pray for bubbles
oof 19 kun oldin
for real, learn everything before getting a pet, it's a life not a toy
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld 19 kun oldin
I would worry about her eating right as well.
Boyfriend Beep boop
Boyfriend Beep boop 19 kun oldin
Im kinda scared because i dont want my cockatiels will have that
dab chosa
dab chosa 16 kun oldin
just keep them on a good diet (not only seeds), give them plenty of toys to play with, and a big area, it’ll be fine. :)
Blass 19 kun oldin
It's disgusting that people gets pets without doing the SLIGHTEST research on them.
Chilli Dog 123
Chilli Dog 123 15 kun oldin
@Blass Its totally ridiculous, 1 budgie takes more effort than a dog! To put it into perspective...
Blass 15 kun oldin
@Chilli Dog 123 It's very sad huh. Takes FIVE mins of Googling for these owners to get some basic information. I think the pet trade needs a huge overhaul, you should have to be required to regestered to own an animal and be asked basic questions before purchase.
Chilli Dog 123
Chilli Dog 123 19 kun oldin
I know right, probably lives off seeds and has all dowel perches....
nidz.vlogzs 20 kun oldin
Shapyra 20 kun oldin
Because it is n e g l e c t. Feeding only seeds is a a short way to quicken your birds death, they need veggies and a lil' bit of fruit, not too much because that will give fatty liver disease. The cage is too small, the perch is bad because it is all the same width. It is as is they don't give Bubbles anything to destroy and the beak overgrows. It is just another neglectful owners wanting a decoration. Hope they can fix their mistakes and give a smart bird a better life
spook show
spook show 20 kun oldin
Man that’s a small cage too.
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
I hope it's just a travel cage
Debra Fuller
Debra Fuller 20 kun oldin
Wonderful Vet! Thank You
Mary Li
Mary Li 21 kun oldin
To anyone who’s thinking about getting a bird, PLEASE do ur research and prepare before buying them! And make sure that u are able to properly take care of them❤️
zσmσk вєαn
zσmσk вєαn 21 kun oldin
I honestly never seen any breed of bird (regardless if it’s a wild bird or captive) have a overgrown beak that bad before! Does anyone know if Bubbles is doing okay?
T. Naja
T. Naja 15 kun oldin
Some people have commented that he died soon after this show was aired. It’s an old video
Bella Poilly
Bella Poilly 21 kun oldin
The dad looks like Mark Mogawan
Ban L
Ban L 21 kun oldin
Dr Brown must be on the mountain for long time.😮😯😳🤪🤗
california has fallen
california has fallen 21 kun oldin
Sub indo
PolarMetroGames 21 kun oldin
Does no one realize that this is a reuploaded video?
Holly P
Holly P 21 kun oldin
Update on the bird??
Leslie Murphy
Leslie Murphy 21 kun oldin
I have 2 parakeet birds and i one bird is shaking and i don't know why
Jesus' Fish Room
Jesus' Fish Room 22 kun oldin
what's the update on bears condition. i hope everything is ok,
T. Naja
T. Naja 22 kun oldin
Seeds are a high energy diet for wild birds that travel long distances and burn the fat off. In captive birds, this causes liver and heart disease and eventually death. I am the owner of several species of parrots and under no circumstances do any eat seeds or human table food unless they are raw or steamed veggies. Diet should be 70% vegetables, 20% high quality pellets and 10% fruit and tree nuts (fruit is high in sugar)
nyla dasme
nyla dasme 22 kun oldin
anybody got randomly interested in this series?
Lorenzo Paolini
Lorenzo Paolini 22 kun oldin
i funking hate people that lock up birds in a fucking cage.
Hey Eaglet • 100 years ago
Hey Eaglet • 100 years ago 22 kun oldin
Noooo theres red on its beak :(
Wholesome Dwarf
Wholesome Dwarf 22 kun oldin
Beep Boop birb
Ed Reid
Ed Reid 22 kun oldin
I need to follow the diet regimen...
julie dodd
julie dodd 22 kun oldin
Hi I hope he gets better soon take care
Julie Pagano
Julie Pagano 22 kun oldin
That is discusting mentaly you need to take him to get a vet visit more often so they can help!
Hayley Shmayley
Hayley Shmayley 10 kun oldin
Kirsten Cocola
Kirsten Cocola 22 kun oldin
I hate how they keep that poor birdie. The owners have no idea what their doing, I’m hoping she has a better cage now.
dab chosa
dab chosa 16 kun oldin
@Brodie Anderson i think they said that she generally lives in there. which sucks because not only is it horribly, horribly small, but it’s reallyyy boring.
Kirsten Cocola
Kirsten Cocola 20 kun oldin
@Brodie Anderson by the looks of it and by what she said, that’s it’s living environment. It’s very dirty and looks lived in
Brodie Anderson
Brodie Anderson 20 kun oldin
It’s most likely just a carry cage, for transportation not for living in
arcelia chairez
arcelia chairez 22 kun oldin
I don't understad why people enjoy having a bird in a cage
Eddie Sandoval
Eddie Sandoval 22 kun oldin
I feel like they're holding back on more details.
Juan G.
Juan G. 22 kun oldin
Reminds me of cockatiel. I had to switch him to pellets because he had fatty liver. It was very stressful situation. Cockatiels are stubborn and love seeds.
Emma 22 kun oldin
I have googled everywhere and I can't find an answer. I just want to know if the people featured on the show still have to pay vet bills? Or does the show fund them. Idk every time I watch I think these ppl must be rich to afford crazy expensive surgery at the drop of a hat. Payment is never mentioned in these and I'm SOOOO curious.
T. Naja
T. Naja 22 kun oldin
In the east coast, I can tell you that a complete bloodwork on a bird can be near $500 to $600
equestrian_edit_x 23 kun oldin
this girl should not own a bird the state and size of that cage is absolutly horribe, she should be feeding her bird pallots/not colord and lots of veggies, she also needs a way bigger cage and exchange the dowl perches to natural wood ones and she needt bird toys
equestrian_edit_x 22 kun oldin
@Solcys Matrii am pretty sure it's its full time cage BC of all the poop and the cuttlefish
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 22 kun oldin
Id assume the cage is smaller bc its a travel cage, at least I can hope it is, if its not then its probably good old pet store misinfo telling buyers they only need tiny cages for their pets
Simply. Aurora
Simply. Aurora 23 kun oldin
Wait did he return ?
ShOtO ToDoRoNi
ShOtO ToDoRoNi 23 kun oldin
When bubbles beak like came off and she sarted eating it i was like "do you think thats ramen noddles?"
Ephraim Torrance
Ephraim Torrance 23 kun oldin
That poor bird is so mistreated
Wheelstar72 23 kun oldin
Bubbles needs a variety of toys, different type perches say t type with sandpaper on then bubbles can rub her beak which may help keep t beak trim.
Me Here
Me Here 10 kun oldin
I'd prefer pumice perches to sandpaper ones having tried them now. No water related issues, can be hosed off to remove poop & can be chewed right into much like cuttlefish. One of my lorikeets loves eating her pumice perch (and her natural timber ones of course)
dab chosa
dab chosa 16 kun oldin
@876 Animal lover i don’t know, that cage was pretty dirty and the cuttlebone looked pretty worn with bird waste... if that’s the one she’s living in then i feel terrible for the cockatiel.
876 Animal lover
876 Animal lover 21 kun oldin
While this is true sometimes people have a 'carrier cage' to carry their bird to the vet. It's normally a small cage with sometimes only one perch and no toys or food/water bowls for temporary use. Hopefully, Bubbles has a big cage with toys back home ;)
Kathryn Tate
Kathryn Tate 23 kun oldin
I believe Bubbles has mites and can Abe treated with a bird-mite solution you buy at a pet store.
spelare 1
spelare 1 23 kun oldin
Bruh dont get a bird unless ur prepared to learn a bit more than usual since u gotta or else this or giving it up happens
le gam
le gam 23 kun oldin
that smol cage is probably all the bird has seen in his life thats why its dying
dab chosa
dab chosa 16 kun oldin
@Solcys Matrii i’m sure he didn’t wanna be firm on a kid, but that cage IS really tiny for a cockatiel, and has nearly 0 toys in it. but, if they didn’t even know what a cockatiel’s diet should be, how would they know anything else such as the area they need, and what type of exercise they should be getting? i worry for the bird’s mental health as well as its physical...
le gam
le gam 22 kun oldin
@Solcys Matrii many cages are actually coated with zinc, and when the bird eats that stuff it can lead to metal intoxication
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 22 kun oldin
Chris literally explains in the video that its the bird's diet causing issues.
jeonglix 23 kun oldin
that small cage is a travel container
MOD BACON 23 kun oldin
im sorry but that bird needs more room in that cage and more toys
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 22 kun oldin
Its a travel cage, which is why its small, but definitely shouldnt be so bare
Krisi Marovska
Krisi Marovska 23 kun oldin
Sadly if a parrots beak is overgrowing, it means that there is an internal illness and problem 😞
Theod Mi
Theod Mi 23 kun oldin
Well done everybody!!! Being a vet is really important for the pet's owner's emotions! You are incredible!!!
MonsterTeam TR
MonsterTeam TR 23 kun oldin
Bubble: eyyy drop me im gonna bite and slice ur finger with my giant beak! *Bubbles beak brokes* Bubble: well that didint go well as i planned
Qaisar Ali
Qaisar Ali 23 kun oldin
well done
Hunter N. Biden
Hunter N. Biden 23 kun oldin
This is why people should only have feeder mice as pets.
Pétros's animations
Pétros's animations 23 kun oldin
Victoria Uwu
Victoria Uwu 23 kun oldin
I think my first worry was that the bird was fed fruits and veggies occasionally, when truly birds should be eating different fruits and veggies everyday so they can have a balanced diet.
Colin the Anime fan Shirling
Colin the Anime fan Shirling 23 kun oldin
My grandma used to have the same looking bird but it was a female named Duchess
Ella Vermey
Ella Vermey 23 kun oldin
Bubbles is so cute
one million prime
one million prime 23 kun oldin
wtf is that cage?
Raiche58 23 kun oldin
I thought you needed to keep the cuttle bone up, fixed to the upper side of the cage. Pooping on it would then be less likely.
Jenny Olivier
Jenny Olivier 23 kun oldin
I love it and you
The tropical fish Enthusiast
The tropical fish Enthusiast 23 kun oldin
I’m not saying there bad bird owners but Bubbles has no toys in her cage to wear down her beak. Even in travel cages you should provide at least 2 toys. She should also eat mainly fruit instead of seeds. Seeds are like McDonald’s for birds and should only be fed occasionally.
dab chosa
dab chosa 16 kun oldin
@Jodi Stanton i’ve had birds as well since i was 10, and the responsibility fell onto my parents to do the research.
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 22 kun oldin
@Jodi Stanton her parents should have researched at the least, they're grown adults who should know better
The tropical fish Enthusiast
The tropical fish Enthusiast 23 kun oldin
@Jodi Stanton she’s 12. They obviously didn’t do research
Jodi Stanton
Jodi Stanton 23 kun oldin
She's a young girl who's trying to learn and do best by her friend. None of us knew what we were doing when we got a pet as kids.
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 23 kun oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼
TDN FARMS COCKS 24 kun oldin
Big fan
Willa syn
Willa syn 24 kun oldin
Awwwww, poor birb!
David 24 kun oldin
Too many comments here from people assuming too much. In most instances you become an expert as you go along. It's all experience. This is a problem a normal person would never think of. These people did go to a vet, which means they do care. It's also obvious she loves this bird. This video is priceless for the info it's putting forth to bird owner's, would be bird owners and observers. Great experience. By the way, I'm sure many wild cockatiels die of this and even less complicated diseases, along with predators.
David 10 kun oldin
Thank you for your blessing. I do very little compared to many. The important issue is not even how much one does so long as one does not act cruel, but cruelty it seems will always be the pastime of some.
Hayley Shmayley
Hayley Shmayley 10 kun oldin
@David awww god bless you and your animals youre a great person for helping them 🤗💗
David 22 kun oldin
@equestrian_edit_x sorry sir, I didn't mean to insult you. I used 90% figuratively to mean "alot". Also, I'm not just speaking of animals. I'm speaking of everything people do. But...if everyone researched everthing they did, very little would get done. Well wishes for you and your birds.
equestrian_edit_x 22 kun oldin
@David I have a cocktail and a crimson winged parrot, so for a fact ik that yes true PPL don't do their research for eny tipe of animal, and don't say 90% BC u don't actually know how much PPL do and don't, oh an cocktails aren't that hard of pets
David 23 kun oldin
@equestrian_edit_x sorry to say, 90% of people don't research much of what they do. Sadly many of these types of birds are given up because people don't realize the care needed or the longevity. These parrots and cockatiels then get neurotic from lack of attention, mistreatment or abandonment. Too bad we learn at the expense of these animals' welfare.
jekblom123 24 kun oldin
It bit it's own beak off!
Heather the Fireislefairy
Heather the Fireislefairy 24 kun oldin
orange checks makes bubbles a male
Bre 24 kun oldin
I just got a cockatiel 4 days ago I’m glad I stumbled across this video. Definitely gonna lower seed intake and increase more fruit and vegetables
T. Naja
T. Naja 13 kun oldin
@BJGvideos Did you even watch the video? What crop infection...they didnt even mention Zupreem. The growing of the beak in such a short time between trimmings suggested a abnormality in the liver where possibly it could have been cirrhosis and possibly renal failure. What they should have done was bloodwork and an xray. ( liver biopsy, but risky) since it’s a tv show, they wanted a quick fix and did not go further with the diagnosis. Seeds is what made this bird sick and he eventually died. Zupreem and Roudybush are considered the safest and most healthiest for birds. But it should never be more than 20% of the diet. Every other pellet , including the very popular Harrison’s have corn, seed and peanuts , millets as fillers. I’ve worked with an Avian Vet for 19 years so you’re barking up the wrong tree
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
@T. Naja Zupreem is basically sugar and that's what gave her the crop infection. You wanna take this up with the multiple vets, including specifically avian specialists, who've told me the exact same thing for 20 years? Because I can give you their contact information.
T. Naja
T. Naja 15 kun oldin
@BJGvideos No it is not the worst in market. It is one of only a few brands that do not contain seeds, peanuts and animal protein. Our bird’s food intake in captivity must be modified. We cannot and should not feed them exactly what they eat in the wild because their activity and energy level living in that environment is much different than us having them in our cages and homes. The fat from seeds and any of our normal table food goes directly into their liver and heart where they end up and die from heart disease and cirrhosis
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
@T. Naja Zupreem? That's like the worst brand on the market! Gave my grey a crop infection because of how awful it was. And parrots need some seed. My grey got really sick with a flaccid gizzard and the vet said it was because I had cut seeds from her diet. I started giving small amounts of seeds again and she perked back up, and she's been healthy ever since. She eats mostly pellets and veggies, but gotta have a dash of seed in there.
T. Naja
T. Naja 22 kun oldin
Do not lower it...completely eliminate it. Birds in captivity simply do,not need seeds. Get your bird Zupreem naturals for cockatiels. You can switch immediately with no problems , she will eat if hungry enough. But this should be only 20% of her diet. She needs to eat fresh greens, cooked sweet potatoes, some rice, peas, kale everyday
Meeka b
Meeka b 24 kun oldin
I would like an update on bubbles.
Emily Coffee lover
Emily Coffee lover 24 kun oldin
My bird loves seeds but she or he the bird changes to a boy or girl but the bird dosent eat fruit nothing we've tried so hard but we cant please sell me what to do
Amélia Rougeau
Amélia Rougeau 23 kun oldin
you can't just let them eat seed it will reduce it's life in half and give a lot of health complications give him bird pellets you must absolutely stop to feed your bird seed and start to do your own research on the internet ... and you could alway put the seeds«in damp paper to make the germinate before giving them to him (but do research on it before it's important !!!)
Willa Allison
Willa Allison 24 kun oldin
Bubbles (the cockatiel) looks a lot like pikachu.
giraffe queen
giraffe queen 24 kun oldin
My bird died this morning 😭
Krisi Marovska
Krisi Marovska 23 kun oldin
I'm sorry, it's heartbreaking when you loose a loved one, hope you feel better !
giraffe queen
giraffe queen 24 kun oldin
@neuroticmermaid aww thank you 😊
neuroticmermaid 24 kun oldin
So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.
t _rm
t _rm 24 kun oldin
i already watched this episode. Did they re-upload it?
DrBrennan 24 kun oldin
Yup its a reuoloaded clip.
Selena Biggs
Selena Biggs 24 kun oldin
Dobby is a free house elf! (Bubbles is a free cockatiel!) 2:39
Tommy Criton
Tommy Criton 23 kun oldin
Dobby stretches
Skypi50 24 kun oldin
the bird can only be sick. it looks like it's living in this tiny cage they brought it in.... also it doesn't have a partner and it doesn't get a good diet... only having one stick to sit on and pooping on paper... makes me mad -.- i know it's a little girls pet but parents do still have responsibility for the pets they get for their kids...
Kirsty Murfin
Kirsty Murfin 21 kun oldin
The bird isn't the best kept but that's more than likely just it's travel cage if they had a 30 minute drive and waited in the waiting room while cameras ect were being set up then the bird would of produced that much poo
Skypi50 24 kun oldin
and the vet not telling them is even more worse since this is a UZpost channel with lots of views...
terrayjos 24 kun oldin
Do not feed your captive bird seeds!! Seeds can be used as treats but not healthy for meals. Dealers of birds need to be shutdown for pushing seeds. Birds need variety of vegetables. Different bird personalities like different ways, soft, crispy, warm, cold. Get to know your bird!
happyjoanna8 :D
happyjoanna8 :D 9 kun oldin
i don’t have pets, costs too much
T. Naja
T. Naja 13 kun oldin
@Seth Naugle please get rid of the seeds. They all love them, it doesn’t matter what they like. I switched mine from seeds to pellets in one day without any problems. Also, be careful on the fruit intake. It should only be 10% of the diet because of the high sugar content. Main diet should be vegetables mainly greens and you cant leave food in cage all day. Fresh food should be changed every 3 hours. If you leave food to go bad which takes few hours....they will end up with a crop infection
T. Naja
T. Naja 13 kun oldin
@Lps Mia Kass Birds in captivity do not need seeds. They do not live in the wild. Wild birds eat mostly plants and small amounts of seeds for energy to fly long distances each day. When you feed your pet bird seeds, it sits in his liver and turns to fat. Eventually they die a young age from liver and heart disease. Cockatiels have a lifespan of 30+ years but most die around age 10-15 because of this seed nonsense. Budgies can live up 15 years, most die by the time they are 5-8 . Mine is 15 years old on a healthy pellet and veggie diet
T. Naja
T. Naja 13 kun oldin
@Robert U cuttlebone is a birdshop marketing scheme and since it is an animal byproduct, it is no longer recommended for birds. It does more harm than good.
Ina Alonso
Ina Alonso 15 kun oldin
@BJGvideos yeah of course but it doesn't seem like it, I think it's the only cage they got
ASIA SANDERS 24 kun oldin
knok16 24 kun oldin
Can we see a follow-up?
Hayley Shmayley
Hayley Shmayley 10 kun oldin
@Lori79 so what? We want to know.
Hayley Shmayley
Hayley Shmayley 10 kun oldin
@knok16 agree
knok16 24 kun oldin
@Lori79 still I want to know what happened to Bubbles
Lori79 24 kun oldin
you do know that this is about 4 to 5 years old, right?
Aleksandar Zarkov
Aleksandar Zarkov 24 kun oldin
I rlly hate to see animals suffer :(
v a s
v a s 24 kun oldin
Can we see a follow up on the bird? That’s fascinating!
Isabella Tran
Isabella Tran 24 kun oldin
Yaya doctor chris brown back!!!
M Rychards
M Rychards 23 kun oldin
Old clip.
Gail Sustare
Gail Sustare 24 kun oldin
How about a Bubbles follow up next month?
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake 24 kun oldin
Have a file stone in the cage for your birds. Something is wrong with this bird.?
The tropical fish Enthusiast
The tropical fish Enthusiast 23 kun oldin
She hasn’t been taken care of properly.
Maritza 24 kun oldin
What? No update on Bubbles' progress? 😢
Me Here
Me Here 10 kun oldin
@Chick Space sadly this guy's not an avian vet, so she didn't get any of the stuff you got
Chick Space
Chick Space 23 kun oldin
@Jasmine & Tokin not necessarily. My first bird had it - a cockatiel - I, too, didn't know any better until I went to an avian vet. She almost died at 12 and then I did a drastic diet change - no seeds, esp sunflower, as they are really bad for them. She lived a healthy life after that with some lingering disabilities. She was nearly 20 when she died, but they can live longer and healthier lives than that. Bubbles is only 4 and if they were able to change the diet and continued with the vet visits, he may still be happy and alive. I wish I'd been educated sooner. Avian vets are a great source of knowledge and breeders should be, too. Pet stores have no idea and that's a shame. The vets also have special things for the liver to help them. I believe in the 'don't cage, engage! philosophy. Birds are intelligent, loving companions.
Jasmine & Tokin
Jasmine & Tokin 24 kun oldin
Bubbles is probably dead ☹. fatty liver disease also known as FLD does not just disappear. A lot of pet birds die from FLD. if the bird is too far along it is very unlikely that giving it more vegetables is going to help. you would need an entire diet change! which means absolutely NO seeds, nuts, and other unhealthy food's. The end result of FLD will be DEATH! In my experience if the bird has beak or nail deformation and continuous green poops it's usually too late.😢
sewingdeb728 24 kun oldin
Chris is great. I wish we could have seen how the bird came along.
peanut 21 kun oldin
Thats a joke dont take it personally
peanut 21 kun oldin
He ate it
Just Another Smith
Just Another Smith 23 kun oldin
Me too! My cockatiel is sitting on my phone as I’m watching this.
Margi Mackowski-Seif
Margi Mackowski-Seif 24 kun oldin
I would love to see the follow-up on Bubbles, the cockatiel.
Me Here
Me Here 10 kun oldin
@PawsForPhilly Dam :( This guy's not an avian vet, there's every chance she could have been saved if she had seen an avian vet when she came to him, not been sent home with diet advice for something clearly far more serious. That's really horrible that she died after him failing to refer on
[•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT
[•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT 11 kun oldin
@T. Naja I never said you did
T. Naja
T. Naja 11 kun oldin
And no.... you do not know how to handle a bird . If you had, SHE would not have been placed outside at night to be killed.
T. Naja
T. Naja 11 kun oldin
@[•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT I didn’t comment about the cage at all. Read back the comments please.
Lisa Llama
Lisa Llama 13 kun oldin
@[•]Løñely_Føx[•] YT you literally just made a comment that you had a bird that got eaten by a raccoon, what the heck kind of responses did you think you were going to get from that?
DrawciaGleam02 24 kun oldin
That bird must have special genes that cause its beak to grow so quickly.
The tropical fish Enthusiast
The tropical fish Enthusiast 23 kun oldin
She hasn’t been taken care of properly
Fiiery_ Gurl
Fiiery_ Gurl 24 kun oldin
art ha
art ha 24 kun oldin
One thing that pisses me off is when people adopt exotic animals without the proper research. Not blaming the girl, but the dad, that probably just purchased the bird thinking it was nothing at all, forgetting that it is another living being, not a toy. Feeding bubbles only seeds is like feeding a kid with only bacon, they'll eat as long as they're given.
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 22 kun oldin
@Mike Dowd my guy the parents STILL should have done research, even cats or dogs should be researched before being bought, he's an adult so he should have had at least the basic thought that its probably important to not just ASSUME the diet of a living creature
Amélia Rougeau
Amélia Rougeau 23 kun oldin
@Mike Dowd yet it is an exotic pet for the other country
Mike Dowd
Mike Dowd 24 kun oldin
Keep in mind that a 'tiel is *native* to Australia. This is by NO means an "exotic" pet for this region. Also, ignorance /= malice, so while you can feel annoyed, please stow the "holier then thou" attitude. The family caught the problem in time and became educated.
art ha
art ha 24 kun oldin
I've seen many people ask for money to fund the pet surgery/treatmente because "exotic animal vet is expensive". No sh*t, why didn't you do your research? Now the poor being is going to agony till death.
Amélia Rougeau
Amélia Rougeau 24 kun oldin
poor bird wasn't even feed correcly :( I mean , when you really love your pet you do research to be sure everything you do is alright especially since we have internet and books and when I got my bird , I made sure to do researchs and never ever feed him a single seed ever , only a diet of bird pellets and veggies and sometimes fruits for little specials. you need to make sure the cage is big enough , that the diet is right ,that everything is the cage is safe (nothing with fur like those little tent , bird can choke and die on them)
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
@Paul Thomas whatever. That's like saying because eating too much chocolate can be deadly to humans that we can never have even a little bit.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 15 kun oldin
@BJGvideos well I don't know which bird you have but with a grey I would never give them knowing that they can do. I'd sooner give a stick of spaghetti as a treat.
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
@Paul Thomas Even those are ok in moderation, as a treat
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 15 kun oldin
@BJGvideos true but not sunflower seeds, etc
BJGvideos 15 kun oldin
I went with a seedless diet too and it made my grey really sick because her gizzard couldn't function properly. Vet said that birds NEED some seeds for digestion, just mind the amounts.
Carrieann Cancino
Carrieann Cancino 24 kun oldin
She should've been brought in sooner.
Germany Dog
Germany Dog 24 kun oldin
Yeah, I'd blame the parents. Not all kids know the signs of issues.
Daniela Garate
Daniela Garate 24 kun oldin
Bruh ive seen this clip at least 4 times...
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