Dogs Looks Permanently Shocked With His Protruding Eyes | Bondi Vet

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Dr Lisa Chimes from Bondi Vet helps a dog who has permanently shocked, popping eyes!
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Bondi Vet
Bondi Vet Oy oldin
Dr Lisa Chimes looking at the dogs popping eyes like 👁👄👁
Juaquim Robinson
Juaquim Robinson 22 kun oldin
Anam Fatima
Anam Fatima 25 kun oldin
Nim 7777
Nim 7777 29 kun oldin
Sophia Johansen
Sophia Johansen 29 kun oldin
I hop so to dearling🥰😭
Audrey Lohmann
Audrey Lohmann Oy oldin
Dr. Chimes looks a little worried about the dogs eyes
Exclusiively .yeanie
Exclusiively .yeanie 7 kun oldin
Ethan Singh
Ethan Singh 7 kun oldin
Day 3 of the bender
H*ck 11 kun oldin
I feel so bad for laughing at every camera angle but she like looks so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
life lit
life lit 14 kun oldin
its cute tho
Darrell Barr
Darrell Barr 15 kun oldin
Mr Bubz cousin?
OG Jay ♪
OG Jay ♪ 16 kun oldin
That thumbnail my God
giovanni bolten
giovanni bolten 18 kun oldin
She looks fried as
Shapyra 20 kun oldin
⓿👅⓿ at least she still looks active and happy
Cat FishyYT
Cat FishyYT 21 kun oldin
He looks very scared but silly 😳😆
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 21 kun oldin
The title describes just about any pug ever
Angel Franks
Angel Franks 21 kun oldin
just like humans :) hypothyroidism
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 22 kun oldin
Wakes up and the dogs on u staring at u
-Warlocket -
-Warlocket - 22 kun oldin
Her eyes kind of remind me of Mr Bubz
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan 22 kun oldin
Not seen a dog that large with that, but it's a common trait with Chihuahuas.
Max prime
Max prime 23 kun oldin
Thumbnail: The dog when their owner questions why the carpet is wet
Katie B
Katie B 24 kun oldin
It’s like when a human gets it from hyperthyroidism
Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr 24 kun oldin
So cute❤️
Tiny Pawz 7
Tiny Pawz 7 25 kun oldin
When u find out the dog had actually seen a ghost...😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰 poor thing tho...
Jordo 25 kun oldin
This dog looks off it’s head 😂
Lady Deathwing MOD
Lady Deathwing MOD 26 kun oldin
An extraocular polymyositis I'm like.. "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? Uhhh..
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 27 kun oldin
I've never seen a dog with that condition
Isa Bee
Isa Bee 27 kun oldin
I feel bad for laughing A’ight Imma head out to HELL
Sage Jungwirth
Sage Jungwirth 27 kun oldin
Me- Ally getting the star treatment at the vet 😎 Ally- WORTH IT 👀!
Olof Palme
Olof Palme 28 kun oldin
She been finding her fathers cocaine stash
Isabella Tran
Isabella Tran 28 kun oldin
What happened to mr. Chris brown?
Johnny White
Johnny White 28 kun oldin
Follow up videos would be great.
jonats 28 kun oldin
2:27 the dog looks so terrified of the pills
Penelope Scott
Penelope Scott 28 kun oldin
I had a beagle who, when she was 17 or so, ended up with one bulging eyeball & one squinchy one. On top of that she had cataracts (utterly blind). She was a real sight for eye sores! She looked like Steve Buscemi winking at you if he was a zombie (my friends actually did start calling her Steve). The constant wandering aimlessly around constantly hungry & bumping into stuff added to the effect.....
Yoshida CSM
Yoshida CSM 28 kun oldin
that look of confusion in 0:07 while it zooms in LMAOOOOOOO
shaolinwisdom 28 kun oldin
She did see a ghost though.
Virtual Goblin
Virtual Goblin 28 kun oldin
The dog looking at everyone like who you talking to you got a problem?
bree kiyoko
bree kiyoko 28 kun oldin
lmao, meme: 2:10
RedTopHatDev 28 kun oldin
OMG, you guys must be so carefull, wow you guys are the animal kingdom heroes
BloodNreaper 28 kun oldin
PositiviTea 29 kun oldin
“C’mon sweetie!” The Dog- 👁 👅 👁
· 29 kun oldin
Alex18ace 29 kun oldin
Nurse: These little blue tablets should make her just fine. Dog: Jesus! F***! Thank You! Ahhhh!
Hypnological 29 kun oldin
God, imagine him begging for food. I feel so bad for the doggo.
Moises Cordero
Moises Cordero 29 kun oldin
i'm not gonna lie, the dog looks funny
Pablo Zagarra
Pablo Zagarra 29 kun oldin
Hey! I love your videos and wanted to know what got you into being a vet and what kind of trainings you have done? Im trying to figure out my life right now and i have options pulling me every which way so the insight would be amazing!
Uroš Popović
Uroš Popović 29 kun oldin
When her owners got the pills she looked like she's saying "please don't do this to me,, I love the expression on her face 😂😂😂
BONE HEAD LIYN 29 kun oldin
Here's a new meme
Bella Bella
Bella Bella 29 kun oldin
So cute
Sheryl Kay Hall
Sheryl Kay Hall 29 kun oldin
Is it her thyroid that happens with humans
JuRasSiC RaGe
JuRasSiC RaGe 29 kun oldin
Will there be a continuouns on Ellie's eye treatment to see how well she has become?
will knipe
will knipe 29 kun oldin
In central Michigan one way or another you can find Dr pol arm up the rear end of a cow or a horse and the occasional pig sheep and goat.
Denise Roe
Denise Roe 29 kun oldin
At least it wasn’t painful. Poor girl, glad you can fix it.
Jaya Nurul Papua
Jaya Nurul Papua 29 kun oldin
I like doc 🙏
Richard Acevedo
Richard Acevedo 29 kun oldin
Rider Drake
Rider Drake 29 kun oldin
She is beautiful!!
Sempiternal Wolf
Sempiternal Wolf 29 kun oldin
i was laughing throughout the whole video. I needed that pick me up
cooper fry my chickens
cooper fry my chickens 29 kun oldin
I wish these videos could last forever, they are so amazing to watch
Hagen Meyer
Hagen Meyer 29 kun oldin
Omg so cute
Angela Batterton
Angela Batterton 29 kun oldin
Thyroid Disease I thought at first x
Cheri Webber
Cheri Webber 29 kun oldin
Poor baby I hope they can help her get better
Cafaviero 29 kun oldin
This dog is so cutte
Linda Nolf
Linda Nolf 29 kun oldin
Love learning new problems. I've it before but didn't know why.😊❤
EL_DORADO1996 29 kun oldin
Dog has PTSD Flashbacks
A random cow Just chilling
A random cow Just chilling 29 kun oldin
Did you happen to find a bong near his bed?
v a s
v a s Oy oldin
Poor baby! So glad she will be ok!
wysper Oy oldin
Darlene Cane
Darlene Cane Oy oldin
Bulging eyes can be caused by an overactive thyroid in humans. Not sure about animals
Zalinithia Oy oldin
i feel so bad for cackling at that poor dog's expression.
Zalinithia 17 kun oldin
@Katherine Rae zooted... 😂 that is by far one of the funniest phrases i've see someone use.
Katherine Rae
Katherine Rae 17 kun oldin
lmaooo what i'm saying, he looks zooted
Axolochi Axolotl
Axolochi Axolotl 28 kun oldin
He looks hilarious but I do feel bad for the poor dog
shaolinwisdom 28 kun oldin
Don't feel bad. The dog doesn't know. They don't feel bad for being laughed at like humans do.
Cootc00t 28 kun oldin
grt 167
grt 167 Oy oldin
I have very senstive eyes and just watching this made them watery a.f
Kim Turner
Kim Turner Oy oldin
Steven Basham
Steven Basham Oy oldin
No one: Absolutely no one: Steve Buscemi: I want that dog.
Nikki & Tink
Nikki & Tink Oy oldin
Looks like she is saying omg with her eyes lmao scary for the dog but also funny to look at lol
jess401 Oy oldin
Dog: *"No mom, I haven't seen your 'brownies' but did you see the clown wizard in the birdcage?"*
E E 29 kun oldin
If anyone doesn’t get this then I- (Btw I get it)
Amiee Lopez
Amiee Lopez Oy oldin
Poor 🍼 baby looks kinda cute 😻 👀👀👁️👁️
sa4m Oy oldin
x luminari x
x luminari x Oy oldin
There's a dog that got the same condition, her eyes where normal, then one day, her eyes just buldged
A R Oy oldin
There is Bondi Beach and now i found Bondi Vet?! I think I´m in heaven
JC Oy oldin
If you were wondering, he was treated with prednisone 2:28 (play back slow and quickly pause when you play the vid to see).
torteeno Oy oldin
lele thompson
lele thompson Oy oldin
she looks like Martha Speaks 🥺
Mary Nichols
Mary Nichols Oy oldin
We need a follow-up to see if the treatments work.
Freya-Sinead-Barrett Oy oldin
That poor dog looks traumatised-
Freya-Sinead-Barrett 21 kun oldin
@Cat FishyYT mhm
Cat FishyYT
Cat FishyYT 21 kun oldin
Ya but she looks kind of silly but it’s sad
ndzalama maphali
ndzalama maphali 23 kun oldin
ya from mom and dad in the bed lol JK
Cat Fish
Cat Fish Oy oldin
That is disgusting
cimogm Oy oldin
My first thought was graves disease. I wasn't too far off the mark. Damn, I know enough to be dangerous.
Moogie B
Moogie B 29 kun oldin
I thought that too. My best friend developed Graves & when I saw her after several months, I was shocked at her appearance. Luckily she is fine now.
Wheelstar72 Oy oldin
Beautiful dog beautiful eyes
Keona Jackson
Keona Jackson Oy oldin
This sad,but yet to beutiful ;-;
aj cook
aj cook Oy oldin
Would of loved to have seen an update, a before and after poor dog!
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
Shy Tora
Shy Tora Oy oldin
Omg xDDDD amazing case!
Jaime Oy oldin
Linda name
Linda name Oy oldin
There are people with this condition. It is very uncomfortable to try and talk to them, glad the pupper is ok.
Christian Hviid
Christian Hviid Oy oldin
“Uncomfortable to try and talk to them” I could imagine it is quite a bit more uncomfortable for the people having to live with their eyes like that.
Lisa Quigley-Moon
Lisa Quigley-Moon Oy oldin
I thought of Graves’ disease
Wendy Rowland
Wendy Rowland 28 kun oldin
The opposite, thyrotoxicosis, over active thyroid is what I was thinking.
Elisabeth Pålsson
Elisabeth Pålsson Oy oldin
Oh sweet dog hope she gets better soon 🐾🐾🐾💕♥️💞💓
Average Viewer
Average Viewer Oy oldin
Charlotte Cunningham
Charlotte Cunningham Oy oldin
She’s so cute ☺️
Layla Oy oldin
Oh I’m early !
Ana Felix
Ana Felix Oy oldin
She so cute with her 👀
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher Oy oldin
Thyroid can cause bulging eyes.
M. P.
M. P. 26 kun oldin
Yeah thought the same. And they always have those worried wrinkles on their forehead.
Livia Montalvo
Livia Montalvo Oy oldin
That is exactly what I thought, but then do dogs get the same illness? I would love to see an update on this poor dog, it makes me so sad to see it looks very stressed.
DrawciaGleam02 Oy oldin
I think there was an Adam Sandler movie about a pet with bulging eyes...except that it was a hamster.
Hb1290 Logos
Hb1290 Logos 16 kun oldin
@Louise Stewart Now there’s a movie I haven’t thought of in a while!
Louise Stewart
Louise Stewart Oy oldin
Its called Bedtime Stories.
Ilcia Vargas
Ilcia Vargas Oy oldin
Over active Tyrode Probably?. I have to finish watching the video of this lovely dog and family. If female humans get affected like this dog wit Tyrode problems why not dog.
Your Supportive Father
Your Supportive Father Oy oldin
@ann my older brother has buldging eyes and thyroid issues. I read it tends to be a symptom.
ann Oy oldin
Never heard about thyroid problems causing this in humans.
DingDongDanger Oy oldin
Ahahah she is so cute with the surprised eyes!
Lizard of Oz
Lizard of Oz Oy oldin
My grandma's Pekingese has eyes like that
loupgarou95 Oy oldin
Pekes were bred to have large eyes and tiny skulls. Their bulging eyes are usually structural, not inflammatory like this dog.
Elena Oy oldin
Is it just me or does the audio sound slightly weird on this vid?
Patric Gillespie
Patric Gillespie Oy oldin
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