Dr Audrey Shen Removes MASSIVE Lump From Dogs Bottom! | Full Episode | Bondi Vet

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In this full episode of Bondi Vet, Dr Audrey Shen gives a booty makeover by removing a massive lump from a dogs bottom!
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dolphins blu
dolphins blu 2 kun oldin
I hate when people give up so quickly on critters, but seeing the dedication of Wendy to Amari, my heart is so happy to see someone say screw you she deserves a chance.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 3 kun oldin
I wish people would say 'clipped its flight feathers' rather than 'clipped its wings.' Clipping wings sounds barbaric and painful and disfiguring.
Joanna Sommerville
Joanna Sommerville 5 kun oldin
Even if the kitten's leg couldn't be fixed, i doubt there would've been a need to put them down, maybe wait for her to grow up a little and then amputate? if done at the right age/time they'd adapt pretty well, but to put down feels very drastic and unnessecary
Beth Obreiter
Beth Obreiter 10 kun oldin
I wish to Dr. Chris moor often.😄
reuben kelly
reuben kelly 10 kun oldin
I’m sorry but if she thinks her 12 year old dogs gonna last 20 more years she’s srong
snapperblue51 11 kun oldin
Dawn asked the right question about life span, something we all should consider when getting a pet. Since ring-necked parakeets can live over 20 years in captivity, Dawn may be living with Kia when the kids have left home, the cats are elderly,and the dog and chickens are buried in the back garden.
Alison Broomby
Alison Broomby 12 kun oldin
pretty pointless video because you can't see what they are doing.
Ben Reade
Ben Reade 12 kun oldin
Lets hope that the dog dosent fart in its sleep in the vet's faces.
Latabrine 14 kun oldin
I fell in love with the birdie!😍
KatastrophicNoodle 15 kun oldin
Who on earth would say to euthanise the kitten? Even if they had to amputate the leg later in life it would barely effect its quality of life. Animals tend to get over the loss of limbs VERY quickly.
Mikayla Droz
Mikayla Droz 15 kun oldin
I'm shocked a vet told her to put the kitten down the most I would think would have been done, is wait until the kitten is old enough to have an amputation but to just euthinise a perfectly fine animal that is insanity
Vicki Ross
Vicki Ross 15 kun oldin
Good news for coco I am glad she feels better
Sylvie Carpentier
Sylvie Carpentier 16 kun oldin
Beautiful work. Bravo Coco!
Tracey Stent
Tracey Stent 16 kun oldin
That poor lady that got guilted into keeping the IRN... they are such noisy birds.
Charlene Wilkinson
Charlene Wilkinson 16 kun oldin
=[ dang wanted to see the surgery part and nothing what a disappointment the other videos on the other hand are happy ending which I love the best =]
Fandomfangirl2020 18 kun oldin
Ooooooh noooooooooo poor kitten
Kelli Robinson
Kelli Robinson 18 kun oldin
Geez, I realize that it's only and animal (Saying Sarcastically) but I would think that you could be just a bit more careful, kind, and gentle. First, if you're going to talk about how painful it is for the dog, how about NOT repeatedly grabbing the lipoma and yanking her tail so high especially after she flinched the 1 first 2 times. 2nd, I get that she was asleep. but have the decency to have someone that can actually safely lift her and not drop her on a hard surface because you and the person helping you can barely bare her weight. 3rd, be a bit more professional and have your assistant put on gloves. And last, at least put her in a comfortable kennel when coming out of anesthesia instead of having to wake up on a cold hard floor.
Claire Papadatos
Claire Papadatos 19 kun oldin
Bloody brilliant, my darlings! ❤
Darcie Wainwright
Darcie Wainwright 20 kun oldin
Aurdrey reminds me of Dr pimple popper
山田めぐみ 23 kun oldin
COOKIES 23 kun oldin
Uhhh my dog also has a lump on the side of the chest and on the uhhh the privates but it small little smaller than a golf ball.but is it harmfull
COOKIES 21 kun oldin
COOKIES 21 kun oldin
Jeni Floyd
Jeni Floyd 22 kun oldin
It depends. It could be just lipomas, they are very common in older dogs. However, a lump near the privates and mammary glands are concerning. You should have a vet examine them to be sure.
Madm 007
Madm 007 23 kun oldin
Korean Kittie
Korean Kittie 24 kun oldin
i love how the mom just like i should name my house the ark hahahaha
alfpolo29 24 kun oldin
I from Italy but i envy really much who born or live in Australia...the land with a many many marvelous animals....
alfpolo29 24 kun oldin
You are a amazing Great People and Vet ,all crew.
Oliver Reece
Oliver Reece 25 kun oldin
I don’t mean this in a bad way but me being a early teen I’m annoyed by everything but what I have found is that kids are sooo annoying. Me In 20 yrs will look back and see how stupid this is.
Edith Zelaya
Edith Zelaya 25 kun oldin
I had a kitten that was born like that too. The vets told me that it would need it's leg amputated. I researched kittens born like that and I found physical therapy. The vet didn't even bring that up. I did the physical therapy and now you can't even tell he was born with a problem. I kept him.
Alisa Fulena
Alisa Fulena 25 kun oldin
Awe, God bless both owner and vet! I am so glad they both looked into the issue and saved the kittens life. All life is precious and we should respect that. Society is too quick to give up on people and animals! Most can be rehabbed. I love seeing life being preserved. So beautiful.
Anthonyli Mantalab
Anthonyli Mantalab 25 kun oldin
what botty makeover haha
Christy Dunlap
Christy Dunlap 26 kun oldin
Love your animals people they'll for sure love you back I think it was someone's pet and they thought something was really wrong with her and instead of a big vet bill they let her go like the issues they probably are and the rest is history.
Marcia Spencer
Marcia Spencer 26 kun oldin
Wanted to see the surgery itself. Glad CoCo is doing well
Michael Lennon
Michael Lennon 26 kun oldin
Even though I'm a dog person, I really enjoyed that kitten's recovery! Really touched ♥️
Tiffany Holman
Tiffany Holman 27 kun oldin
When Chris used the tape, all moms were like, "Yeah, I've thought of it too." 🤣 lol
Ahmed Hammad
Ahmed Hammad 27 kun oldin
so apparently there is also racism between birds 😂😂 ... Brilliant
service dog angel thunder
service dog angel thunder 27 kun oldin
I love how they keep stating these kittens are only 3 days old. They are too big for only 3 days old and there eyes are starting to open. If I saw a kitten with eyes opening at 3 days old I would be very worried. These kittens are about 2 weeks old. There eyes are starting to open and they are starting to explore more.
reeky mirror 67
reeky mirror 67 25 kun oldin
Then why do you love it?
janie lou johnson
janie lou johnson 27 kun oldin
Thanks for teaching and sharing! Poor Cocoa, this human Is an old lady with hemorrhoid! Although not as serious 😒, I have empathy for uncomfortable things on the sitter!
Gamer Squash
Gamer Squash 27 kun oldin
That cute little kitten man looks like a lion cub tho
Handmade by Dawn
Handmade by Dawn 27 kun oldin
Why no mask?
Mrs Gomez
Mrs Gomez 27 kun oldin
Omg what is that animal being cuddled and nursed at the end?
Marg Oakley
Marg Oakley 27 kun oldin
I wish my vet was that handsome!
Annette Reed
Annette Reed 28 kun oldin
I'm glad the dog is fine but was hoping to see the removal.
Cassie Blackmoore
Cassie Blackmoore 28 kun oldin
He's not wild lol
Cassie Blackmoore
Cassie Blackmoore 28 kun oldin
There's so many abandoned birds that need homes that can't go back. Please let him go if he's healthy
Cassie Blackmoore
Cassie Blackmoore 28 kun oldin
Let go the bird please
tempting .tiffaniee
tempting .tiffaniee 28 kun oldin
i think it would be awesome having a blind smart beautiful bird like that!! teach the bird some cool tricks, blindness dont stop you from living an learning your best life !!
Joy Lawrence
Joy Lawrence 28 kun oldin
Why are we not seeing the surgical procedure... that is the interesting part.
Sen'cere Bridges
Sen'cere Bridges 28 kun oldin
Thats what she said hehee
April T.
April T. 28 kun oldin
Praying for Coco to get better, for her family and all her loved ones.
Mexicanus Prime
Mexicanus Prime 28 kun oldin
I'm no animal lover, meaning I'm not one of those people that will get super excited with a dog or cat, but I don't think any animal deserves to be put down unless it's a danger to society.
Gabe S.
Gabe S. 28 kun oldin
Dr. Shen, Love your lips as part, all your looks, your professional personality. You're an eyes candy. here you go.
Nicholas Foster
Nicholas Foster 28 kun oldin
Asian are the new whites of Australia now wow how the world has changed
Hyro Cheger
Hyro Cheger 29 kun oldin
I know have the answer why my bird died, I believe she was in shock or it’s just something wrong with 2 birds
zack 29 kun oldin
The king lump
lburgan39 29 kun oldin
I’m sad they don’t show the surgery anymore. Or they censor it which is even more annoying.
LEXAN MORGAN 29 kun oldin
Mother of all lumps lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃
Lucy Lee
Lucy Lee 29 kun oldin
💗💗 Kayaking, rescue & phone call....multitasking at it’s best!! Thank You 💗💗
Christine UK
Christine UK 29 kun oldin
Veterinarians & staff are amazing!! Just picked my youngest dog from the vets. I spent all morning worrying about my boy/bichon. All is ok!!
Kirin Spirit
Kirin Spirit 29 kun oldin
I'm not sure that an active and young family should have a special needs bird. Birds in it of themselves are hard to care for, even a basic parakeet, due to noise and stress especially by kids. I really think you should reconsider their housing into a more quite and retire-ee type home.
C Smith
C Smith Oy oldin
Those little girls are great kids, their parents are doing a good job.
the ant lord
the ant lord Oy oldin
06:45 😛
Brenda Petty
Brenda Petty Oy oldin
It would be nice if you could see the video without the subtitles in the middle of the surgery
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik Oy oldin
Lovely singing!🥰
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik
Silje Desir Høvik Holmvik Oy oldin
So cute bird & cute kids! When kids are adults, one of them can probably take it with them! So parrot peace to mom!!🤪😍🥰
Jonathan Hatton
Jonathan Hatton Oy oldin
the other vets shouldn't be allowed to practice if its such a simple diagnosis after an x-ray and a problem that can be fixed.
Susan Scovill
Susan Scovill Oy oldin
That little kitten could have survived just fine with three legs had the one not been correctable. Putting an animal down for aesthetic reasons disturbs me. Great vet for not giving up on Amarie.
Shelly Cooper
Shelly Cooper Oy oldin
I’m grateful, hugs
Maria Gillinson
Maria Gillinson Oy oldin
Why don’t you sterilize the bird before returning it ?
Shelly Cooper
Shelly Cooper Oy oldin
Why not show more of the removal
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Oy oldin
Mama kitty was asleep while Chris worked on her baby. She must have trusted the Dr. What kind of a vet would not even try to help her? That's a selfish diagnosis.
Shelby McDaniel
Shelby McDaniel Oy oldin
Why post video if you’re not going to show what you’re doing.
Steffan Munoz
Steffan Munoz Oy oldin
What!!? Attractive people taking care of animals !!! Signed me up lol
Olive Dog
Olive Dog Oy oldin
I have a serious addiction to this show. It’s all I’ve done all weekend, Is watch all these episodes
Deanna Downs
Deanna Downs Oy oldin
Why were we not able to see anything except the dogs head? They were removing a tumor that we were not able to see.
Wisdom Ronaldo Mc
Wisdom Ronaldo Mc Oy oldin
I have to admit this but the boy doctor is really 🔥
The bird was a pet that probably hit out. ! Is a female! I have one lol use to breed them!
Tiny cute hammys
Tiny cute hammys Oy oldin
bruh empty
bruh empty Oy oldin
So was it a dog lipoma?
•Something_Stupid• MJ
•Something_Stupid• MJ Oy oldin
Doctor pimple popper like: 👁👄👁
Phil Luna
Phil Luna Oy oldin
DISLIKE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil Luna
Phil Luna Oy oldin
C"mon iam not sensitive show the surgery! !!!!!!!!
toothpick under ur toenails
toothpick under ur toenails Oy oldin
americans,"what? how much it weigh?"
RAMITH T Oy oldin
Dang that but is huge
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee Oy oldin
We want to see the actual lump being removed and whats inside the lump pls
Sassy Girl
Sassy Girl Oy oldin
In another video when the intro Show the golden retriever with a Birthday blue hat My heart was melting Because I love golden retrievers and I have one😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Milli W
Milli W Oy oldin
How you gona have a show about an animal hospital and NOT show the surgeries? Thats half the reason we watch it.
So why can’t they show the incision and the removal. I’d like to see that.
EricGamingMLG Oy oldin
Raqubor Oy oldin
Can the 3 day old kitten even take a hit of xray? It is radiation.
Jeni Floyd
Jeni Floyd 22 kun oldin
Yep, pregnant dogs and cats get xrayed all the time. I would suspect they use the lowest setting possible for imaging.
Sally From cars123
Sally From cars123 Oy oldin
Oh what
Sally From cars123
Sally From cars123 Oy oldin
I am what
Katelynn Kaminsky
Katelynn Kaminsky Oy oldin
Annoy Ing Noi
Annoy Ing Noi Oy oldin
The kitty makes me cry so happy for her🥲
Catisy Ellen
Catisy Ellen Oy oldin
Spotify doesn’t have the theme!! *Throws table*
Melinda Daniel
Melinda Daniel Oy oldin
What were you expecting? Something sick?
Harry Patrick
Harry Patrick 14 kun oldin
Maybe. How’re you doing
truthfulkarl Oy oldin
those kittens won the genetic lottery. blue eyes and pure white? and not one deaf kitten? lucky
truthfulkarl 27 kun oldin
@Taydra Cole-Williamson cool i didnt know that
Taydra Cole-Williamson
Taydra Cole-Williamson 27 kun oldin
they're not pure white, you can see their point developing (seal point by the look). they're siamese. all point siamese are born white and then develop their points over the next weeks and months. they do not have the same genetic profile as actual white, blued eyed cats that causes deafness.
Melanie Shuman
Melanie Shuman Oy oldin
No one: Literally no one: Me: The best part of the dog surgery is seeing their tongue sticking out.
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 29 kun oldin
@E-Boy Inc. There is no best part, the best part is the end.
E-Boy Inc.
E-Boy Inc. 29 kun oldin
@Emperor Palpatine No the tongue is the best part
Cammie C
Cammie C Oy oldin
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine Oy oldin
There is no best part of a surgery, each surgery is every second where doctors are under anxiety and the patient or animal can die. So each part of a surgery is sickening and sad. Therefore you would have to be a cruel human to think that a surgery has a best part and actually its the end, thats the best part with it ends when the patient living.
iiBronxlabii Oy oldin
uh ok
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Oy oldin
We had a kitten that was 8 months old and she had her leg of and it lived till it was 13 so don’t just think o put it down and it can be fine on 3 legs
Mathis Oy oldin
Lowtse Oy oldin
I wish you have animals lifters so that it saves yr back
animals are love and happiness
animals are love and happiness Oy oldin
Wonderful. 💖❣💕💞🐕🐶💖 thank U.
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