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In an emotional episode of highs and lows, Chris' desperate search for a foster Mum for an orphaned foal; Kate confronts a shockingly sick dog and can Lisa help an injured Great Dane walk again?
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Bondi Vet
Bondi Vet 21 kun oldin
What did you think of Dr Kate's stories? 🥺
Linda Norris
Linda Norris 7 kun oldin
Proud Zionist
Proud Zionist 8 kun oldin
Do the animals get free vet care because the owners agree to be on camera? If not, then they should.
Carlie Hutchinson
Carlie Hutchinson 13 kun oldin
i love them. yeAH IM IN THAT I HAVE TO do what i can thing as my doggos got bladded crystals. and i dont work. so i cant aford the surgery but like all perant want to help my 8 yr old doggo
Cynthia Tingler
Cynthia Tingler 13 kun oldin
She is so real. I really appreciate her care for her animals. She doesn’t mug for the camera, she is real.
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley 14 kun oldin
@Cassidy Yes. They aren't going to show that the owner can't pay for it. Unless the show pays for the treatment.
Paula Braun
Paula Braun Soat oldin
or if not, put skittles on a wheelchair/walker
Rachel D aka BadRedRae
Rachel D aka BadRedRae 10 soat oldin
Sad for Max and his owner, but how wonderful that Skittles recovered! I know the Dr Chris and Brulee story is many years old, but still uplifting! I love Bondi vet!
K The Equestrian
K The Equestrian Kun oldin
rest in comfort max💞 when i woke up one morning my father had told me that he had to go let my Miniture Pincher cross the rainbow bridge. he had suffered a seizure overnight and hit his head on our hard floor. i miss you chewi❤️
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers 3 kun oldin
Losing a pet is never easy, it's definitely a hole you feel even after you get a new furry friend. You can see that even though she had no other option, that this was a decision that Kate didn't want to have to make. My heart goes out to the veterinarians who must, at times, euthanize patients they have gotten very attached to.
Susan Eisenlohr
Susan Eisenlohr 9 kun oldin
My heart broke for Dr. Kate and the dog owner.
Brian L
Brian L 9 kun oldin
rest in peace Max!
Blue Greenglue
Blue Greenglue 9 kun oldin
No, Max! : ( I am treasuring every borrowed day with my nearly thirteen-year-old hound.
Diana Golden
Diana Golden 9 kun oldin
Ok so the story about max had me actually bawling..I always wanted to be a vet..cases like that are why I couldn't 😢😢
CelestiaFan Forever
CelestiaFan Forever 10 kun oldin
I tears up over hearing the news of Max. Just three months ago I had to say goodbye to my 14 year old cat. I had my cat Snare since he was just two years old. That was just 12 years ago when he became my cat. I miss having a fur-baby come to me demanding cuddles and meowing at me wanting attention. However I do have a next best thing, looking after my little sister's cat Tricks.
beverly crusher
beverly crusher 11 kun oldin
8:54 why can we do this for our pets, but not for us or those who are suffering.
Bingus 11 kun oldin
Skittles owners give the the best vibes, good luck to their family
bea kittelscherz
bea kittelscherz 12 kun oldin
The Guy´s comment about the needle & food infront of his wife and the Vet ? wtf do guys think? yuck !
coolmum47 13 kun oldin
I'm crying my eyes out here ... re Mare and foal OMG .... in floods. So beautiful x
kary ann Fontaine
kary ann Fontaine 13 kun oldin
I am so sorry for Lana losing Max, even though she made a humane choice. I had a similar experience with my 25 year old Maine Coon cat, Trouble. -
Andy Vranich
Andy Vranich 13 kun oldin
They love so much animals
Sophia Insanity
Sophia Insanity 13 kun oldin
"Puppies, they never get old" especially the sicker ones amirite guys? guys?
Sophie Sutton
Sophie Sutton 13 kun oldin
I know how Maxies owner feels. I'm 15 now but one week after I turned 13 I had to put my one of my best friends Molly my dog to sleep and it was the worst feeling ever. RIP Maxi and Molly
veena hansra
veena hansra 13 kun oldin
I still don't get it.. We call them our baby, our family member but we still put them to sleep( kill them) we never do that to humans who are seriously unwell.. In India we don't put down pets, we take care of them till the time they go naturally.
Mary Malagon
Mary Malagon 14 kun oldin
oh lord ... not even 10 minutes in and im bawling my eyes out .
kassidy davis
kassidy davis 14 kun oldin
I clicked on this bc of the title and was somehow surprised when I was crying in the middle of the airport. Right now I have a lab who is 16 going on 17 and I am watching his body fail him :( he’s gone deaf and is going blind. He stopped eating for a few days but is back to normal now. I know he doesn’t have long left and it breaks my heart. He’s been with me since I was in 1st grade and I’m a senior in college now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 I hope when it’s his time he lets me know
Mason Weaver
Mason Weaver 14 kun oldin
My dog had an infection in her liver and she had to be put to sleep
Mason Weaver
Mason Weaver 14 kun oldin
RIP max
Bob Talley
Bob Talley 14 kun oldin
There are no magic words to ease your pain. We all are gonna go sooner or later. Truth is you and that dog loved one another 24/7. You and your dog as well as all other's shared so much love and kindness with each other. Embrace the good memories. Take solace in the fact that dog took it's last breath knowing no fear but only love and kindness. That means a lot in the big picture of things. So grieve as you need to and remember we are all here to be supportive. If you need to vent, curse, cry or bitch out loud we are here to listen. Love Bob ( hooman) and Squirt.
leslie browne
leslie browne 15 kun oldin
I'm so sorry for Max. But the best thing was done so he wouldn't suffer any more. He's in doggie heaven. Rest in peace sweet Max
heather owen
heather owen 15 kun oldin
This is why i hate but love having pets at the same time. The love you have for them and they for you is amazing but when they pass away the heartache it brings.
Connie Vogt
Connie Vogt 15 kun oldin
Tornado homes is we the Monday to day look danger thursday frie you fun walking school north dakota in hawaii tornado miles45
Legend forever
Legend forever 15 kun oldin
great dane always great legends ever
Blass 15 kun oldin
Lost my 17 year old mini poodle just over a year ago, having them longer just makes it so much harder.
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee 15 kun oldin
This was painful to watch. I had to have my 10yr old Dachshund put down a couple of months ago. He had various medical issues stemming from a bad liver, he refused to eat as well, it got to where I was force feeding him and he'd fight it. I had to eventually accept his time had come. I wish mine could have lived that long, she got to experience a full dogs life time with him at least.
Bonnie Marron
Bonnie Marron 16 kun oldin
So sad for Maxi, been there too many times😭
Rachel Currier
Rachel Currier 16 kun oldin
That is so heartbreaking to learn that your dog has multiple organ failure SUCKS if it was me I'd be crying my 😭 OUT
bettytt baynumtt
bettytt baynumtt 16 kun oldin
I wach these videos to be egicated because I want to be a vet when I am older
Denise Roe
Denise Roe 17 kun oldin
Almost didn’t click, I knew what that decision was. Had to do the same a few years ago and my daughter in law had to do the same a year ago in February. I had my beloved Maine Coone die in my arms. Love, love all animals. They are our four legged babies.
Samantha Prajzner
Samantha Prajzner 17 kun oldin
Poor max 😞 😔
Fumetsu- 17 kun oldin
any animal suffering just breaks my hearth... they dont deserve any bad happening to them.
Teresa Granza
Teresa Granza 17 kun oldin
Life isn't always a happy ending. Sharing our life with a pet means that some day we may have to make the decision to have it put down. Dr Kate is a very caring vet who wouldn't put the animal down unless necessary. I've seen all the other videos before. Are there new ones coming?
Makebelieve Studio Vibez
Makebelieve Studio Vibez 17 kun oldin
Rip max
G G 17 kun oldin
Seeing breed specific problems like spinal stroke piss me off. I hate breeders
Emma Walter
Emma Walter 17 kun oldin
I’ve been through loosing a pet it was my cat grayling
Amanda Mandigo
Amanda Mandigo 17 kun oldin
Kinda stinks that the past few videps have been repeats. Like this episode, is a repeat, it has already been on here before. Really wished the episode didn't repeat.
Crazy Natefan 9874
Crazy Natefan 9874 17 kun oldin
RIP Max My love goes out to the owner
Harlow Jade Mermaid
Harlow Jade Mermaid 17 kun oldin
sad first story of Max (RIP) But the second story - soooo AMAZING!! Great job to everyone involved with pairing the Mum & foal that were recently orphaned & obviously both in mourning. Horses are extremely smart & very aware & alert of their surroundings, it was very sad to see Brulee orphaned & soo sad at such a tender age. But, I am over the moon that they found a surrogate Mum and that they both opened up to each other soo quickly, great job to Dr. Chris. Hearing that suckle, I felt it, just as the owner did when she snuck off for a cry. :) I'm very glad they showed us the update, I was sooo happy tears of joy! I love horses. I grew up riding and taking care of a few, my Uncle ran a stable. I've had a few very special horses in my lifetime, I'm extremely lucky to have had their special friendship & love - they are really truly amazing animals.
Sharon Loomis
Sharon Loomis 17 kun oldin
Curious--have you ever found an animal allergic to the dye in a scan? I found out I am.
Kimmy 17 kun oldin
The foal with no mum, and the new mum who’s foal just died..... the male vet was a perfect choice to please both horses.
Sharon Loomis
Sharon Loomis 17 kun oldin
I had a cat, 18, had to put her down. The vet sent me a sympathy card on the anniversary. Nice.
Jennifer Bowman
Jennifer Bowman 17 kun oldin
The bond with the horses made me happy cry. 😭
FMAxROX 17 kun oldin
i couldnt help but start crying when poor max gave those struggling coughs. My baby of 15 years started doing that last year and we had to let her go last august. losing her was the absolute worst thing to come out of last year
HaZe 18 kun oldin
My hamster was called max and he got sick and died so I buried him inside a little toy box and stuffed it with cotton so its nice and soft and took a shovel and buried him and prayed
Xeav0 Games
Xeav0 Games 18 kun oldin
where what happened to chris? the intro isnt the same anymore ;C
Kiki-987 18 kun oldin
Is it me or in 2021 are there so many more fluffy dogs than other dogs ??
dollyparts666 18 kun oldin
I really appreciate that they dont show the putting to sleep process, its very hard to watch something like that
Dee Strange
Dee Strange 18 kun oldin
bless your heart
Linkthe Celebi
Linkthe Celebi 18 kun oldin
I feel most for owners almost in denial for their pets, because you know what you have to do but they will do everything they can do avoid the thing they have to do.... :( Nobody likes to have to do it but in the end we must do what’s right by the pet.
DeathBrand 19 kun oldin
Death scares us because it forces us to think, what is, what was and what could have been and also makes us remember. We love our pets unconditionally and they love us back, and they never forget us and our compassion towards them. So love your pet more than anything in the world, but also love them enough to know when its time for them to rest. They will be waiting for you.
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn 19 kun oldin
i was so touched by the bond that happened between the mum horse who lost her foal and little Brûlée - the woman who Brûlée’s carer finally broke down. i felt the the same way. watching that little foal stick to his new mum was incredible. mums are so important. my son is thirty y.o. and still makes me smile inside when i see him. :) 🐎🐶🌷
Howard The Duck
Howard The Duck 18 kun oldin
Yes! I was amazed there weren’t more comments about that small miracle. Foals simply die without a horse mother, unlike some other stock that do ok on bottles. So it was a huge relief and incredibly heart warming to see the two accept one another. 💝
Brian Walker
Brian Walker 19 kun oldin
If only there were more people on the world like Dr Kate
Bah9 19 kun oldin
So happy for Skittles! I can’t help wonder how expensive his stay at Sash and daily physical therapy sessions are.. I wonder how veterinary rates and pet insurance are in Australia...
Trailee 19 kun oldin
Knowing that your baby didn’t have any time left is heartbreaking
Nakies R Us Sphynx Cattery
Nakies R Us Sphynx Cattery 19 kun oldin
I’m bawling for Max and his owner I know just how hard it is to say goodbye and when you have had animal for that long it makes life very difficult when they go! I’m glad his owner and Dr Kate choose to take his suffering away! RIP Max
Anna Karlsson
Anna Karlsson 19 kun oldin
chris is so gorgeous
Hannah René
Hannah René 19 kun oldin
Today on bondi vet let's make as many people cry over a dog they never met 😭 rest in peace max 😔❤
Mary Allen
Mary Allen 19 kun oldin
This episode was very emotional 😢 with the highs and lows. It shows just how precious 😍 life and good health is. R.I.P MAX AND MY MOJO. 💞🙏🌞🔆🌺🌼
Michelle Kucera
Michelle Kucera 19 kun oldin
Two gigantic majestic canines. We shall name them Skittles and Soda. 🤦🏻‍♀️. Best wishes to Skittles and his loving fam! 😍
NeccoWecco 19 kun oldin
Putting your beloved pet to sleep is one of the hardest decisions a person will ever have to make in their life. But it can be the most selfless when your pet is suffering so severely and there is no cure.
Matheus Cunegundes
Matheus Cunegundes 19 kun oldin
im not crying youre crying
Capramane Games
Capramane Games 19 kun oldin
So they’re charging to give dogs corona shots now? Seriously? 😂😂
FirstClassMax 19 kun oldin
9:18 That made me cry and sad 😢
Rosemary Vardanega
Rosemary Vardanega 20 kun oldin
enby papyrus
enby papyrus 20 kun oldin
Oh that poor woman with max 😭😭😭
Laura Chimelis
Laura Chimelis 20 kun oldin
Great episode!
FlutePlayer777 20 kun oldin
Awww the Russian lady loves the dog so much. Poor baby.
mt. shyna
mt. shyna 20 kun oldin
Max 😭
Hotrod 3000y
Hotrod 3000y 20 kun oldin
Poor Max.
Vale Gaming
Vale Gaming 20 kun oldin
1:50 i love ur hair 😊
FeralFenris 20 kun oldin
Skittles’ story gives me so much hope. It’s not often that big dogs pull through so well. I’m a vet tech and I LOVE large dogs, so it breaks my heart when they don’t live long or their size becomes their downfall. Good job, Skittles!
l_Shxdow_l 20 kun oldin
i love dogs with a passion but when you have a dog 16 -17 years old and dogs average lifespan is 15 years that dog has lived a amazing life but everything good come to and end
Rory Rhia
Rory Rhia 20 kun oldin
She changed her hair, idk abt it😬😬
Angshitaa Sen
Angshitaa Sen 20 kun oldin
The intro is so damn catchy. I have found myself humming the song
AnqaOdyssey 20 kun oldin
The only regret I have with my newfie is that I did not let him go earlier.
Science_is_Never_Settled 20 kun oldin
Is this episode designed to make people cry? Because it’s working 😭
MITCHELL Schijf 20 kun oldin
rip max i hope you get a good chance in heaven
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 20 kun oldin
Rip Max bet u had a wonderful life with Lana and ur family 🥺❤️
wheelspk fails
wheelspk fails 20 kun oldin
I miss the old team 😞
Alicia Sheerin
Alicia Sheerin 20 kun oldin
:( Poor Max
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 20 kun oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼...
Qs-ii 20 kun oldin
Dr. Kate is one of my fav vets.
Hjördis 20 kun oldin
i damn near cried when the owner tried to bargain for a couple more months with max
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 20 kun oldin
At 25.25 I love what Dr.Chris says about animals 🥰🐎🐴🐈🐕🐩🐕‍🦺🦁🦌🐘🐘🦒🐄🐃🐎🐴🐕🐶🦧🐨🦘🦔🐪🐘
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 20 kun oldin
At 24.00 a match .made in Heaven!
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 20 kun oldin
At 24.14 melts my heart seeing the love and togetherness and connection of the female horse and the baby foal, standing, eating and running together HORSE'S ARE TRULY MAGNIFICENT !
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 18 kun oldin
@Howard The Duck Thank u Howard the duck, u of all people can r relate to animals and how unique, special and underestimated they can b at times!
Howard The Duck
Howard The Duck 18 kun oldin
Yes, absolutely beautiful! 💕
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 20 kun oldin
Watching Bondi Vet is not only great to watch , entertaining interesting , heartwarming , but it's educational as well! THANK U TO ALL THE GREAT VETS🥰
Fiona 20 kun oldin
OMG was in tears throughout
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 20 kun oldin
So sad of the mother horse passing after giving birth!
Sam Warrior She_Her
Sam Warrior She_Her 20 kun oldin
Don't mind me as I just cry from start to finish,
Ina Ames
Ina Ames 20 kun oldin
I love your shows but don't enjoy your recycling segments. The segment on Brule was shown a couple of months ago. If you don't have enough new products, put out less product. I've gone from anticipating your shows to skipping some.
Marian Shattock
Marian Shattock 20 kun oldin
I was in tears watching the mare and foal.
Tait Leaney
Tait Leaney 20 kun oldin
Thank you for showing this. Saying goodbye is an important part of pet ownership. I lost my cat Bast after 14 years in December 2018. It was hard to let her go, but in the end it was the best. I was happy that is was the right time for her when she passed
Jason Heneghan
Jason Heneghan 20 kun oldin
Dr Kate has had a glowdown 😀
love yourself please
love yourself please 20 kun oldin
I'm very curious about something, obviously finding a foster mom asap is very important because foals don't fair well without a horse to support them, but is it ok to give equine replacement milk while you're searching to keep the foal hydrated & prevent colic? Or once you give them a supplement is it harder to get them to go back to nursing?
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