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In this Bondi Vet, Classic Clip, an owner feels terribly guilty after running his cat over! Dr Lisa Chimes is on the scene to help!
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Bondi Vet
Bondi Vet Oy oldin
We can't imagine the guilt! It's painful enough stepping on a dog paw or tail so this had to be on another level. However, the owners worked quickly and Dr Lisa Chimes was terrific, as always!
Axkezurax 26 kun oldin
Is the cat okay :(
Skybe 28 kun oldin
@Jewels Marie Thanks
sandra24657 29 kun oldin
i feel horrible but i thought this was one of those prank videos
Cat FishyYT
Cat FishyYT 29 kun oldin
I would be so sad if I ran my small dog over! I can’t imagine how sad he is
Omaha William
Omaha William Oy oldin
abutts02 5 kun oldin
Poor cat and poor owners
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker 6 kun oldin
poor bubby! what a tough little man! i wish i could hug that poor man and tell him it’s ok, you can see the horrific guilt all over his face 💔
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin 6 kun oldin
That poor cat. I feel bad for the man, because he had no idea he accidentally ran over his cat. 🐱😭
john cameron
john cameron 7 kun oldin
Wonderful outcome
john cameron
john cameron 8 kun oldin
Poor owners. Poor cat.
rainy juini
rainy juini 11 kun oldin
Ooff cats should not be out doors in general. No blame on the owner but cats have a lot of risks outside, other cats are very territorial resulting in violent fights, or disease and infections, they get hit by cars, they get themselves stuck and also jump from heights to high, breaking their own bones.
CherryBeeBee 11 kun oldin
why you should keep your damn cats indoors-
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera 11 kun oldin
LuminDoesVideos 0
LuminDoesVideos 0 14 kun oldin
That poor old cat. 21 years old is quite an achievement for a house cat. I'm glad the old guy didn't die, and I hope he has a few more good and lazy years to go. Also that poor owner, it's bad enough stepping on a pet's paw or tail I can only imagine how emotionally painful it is to accidentally run them over.
Lily_of_the_Forest 18 kun oldin
Poor man. It was an accident
Reckit Reece
Reckit Reece 19 kun oldin
Who wouldnt
Desxiree 19 kun oldin
4:08 It looks like the cat is crying :(
Monica C
Monica C 19 kun oldin
Awww poor baby. I just know his owners are feeling so bad I want to give them a hug
Junnie Seo
Junnie Seo 19 kun oldin
😭😭😭 poor cat
drkay'm 20 kun oldin
this aches my chest, I can not imagine the emotions they all must be feeling.
Chrissie A.
Chrissie A. 20 kun oldin
Awww....my kitten got hit by a truck and survived (a miracle honestly) but he had to get the injured leg amputated. I cried in the waiting room as tho I was at a funeral but he made it out fine and is more energetic than ever now.
Smol Potato
Smol Potato 20 kun oldin
Many many years ago, my grandmother accidentally killed her cat by smushing him in a recliner. (Not the electric one, so it was much more quickly and unknown until you heard hit howls) Oliver was a nice cat. 😢
Thais Magalhães
Thais Magalhães 21 kun oldin
I feel bad for the owner and the cat, what a sad situation 🙁 (Side note: My cat is 17 and I really worry about her)
fubrfhutgu gfjteqf
fubrfhutgu gfjteqf 21 kun oldin
Wow he should go To hell for hitting his cat.
Tastes-Like- Nightmares
Tastes-Like- Nightmares 22 kun oldin
I’m so happy everything turned out well. Seeing that old couple so happy and loving on their kitty is refreshing and soul-restoring
Dean Gust
Dean Gust 22 kun oldin
1:10 that's a quick reaction there
ShadowGirl3055 22 kun oldin
I’m not crying, you’re crying
Diana Rosé
Diana Rosé 22 kun oldin
Cried through the whole video. The guilt is unimaginable. If the owners are reading this - accidents happen, I'm happy you gave him the best care you could immediately.
Funtimegalxy 22 kun oldin
I don’t know about you but when he said “accidentally ran over the cat” my soul left my body 😭
Diana Marquez
Diana Marquez 22 kun oldin
I’d like to see an update 🥺
Mayana Bij
Mayana Bij 23 kun oldin
When the cat is the same age as you
Adrianna Sebastian
Adrianna Sebastian 23 kun oldin
The poor owner you can tell he loves his cat so much
alxndrite 23 kun oldin
I hope the couple are doing fine with their cat today, i could see how much they love her. I miss my late cat so freaking much ')
CinnamonWrap 23 kun oldin
I like sneks
Shirou 23 kun oldin
Running literally anyones pet over is one of my biggest fears
I love Balls
I love Balls 23 kun oldin
I would blame myself forever if anything happens to my cat
I’m stupid and
I’m stupid and 23 kun oldin
Why is he always drooling
What should I change my name to?
What should I change my name to? 23 kun oldin
The problem is that some people don't bring their pets to the vet, they leave them on the street slowly dying and suffering.
Logan Mcintyre
Logan Mcintyre 23 kun oldin
My uncles dog got ran over and broke his pelvis
Lazy Ezzie
Lazy Ezzie 24 kun oldin
**sees the title** me: “NO DUH WOULDNT EVERYONE”
lunar Skies
lunar Skies 24 kun oldin
Poor baby 😭
SunnyBoba 24 kun oldin
My cat was a huge maine coon and he got ran over by a duelly truck, the one with 2 back wheels:( I can’t help but think he could’ve survived if it hadn’t been that kind of truck. The people who found him said he was still alive when they found him but he didn’t make it :(
Lara 24 kun oldin
I was just checking the comments before watching the video to check if he survives. SPOILER ALERT: he survives. Keep watching folks💜
Marie Rodriguez
Marie Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the old man. It was an accident, I had a neighbor who loved his dog dearly and she got ran over and died. He ended up being in mental hospitals and ending his life. It can really damage somebody with the guilt.
Willie Henderson
Willie Henderson 24 kun oldin
Is he ok now
CrstyPrxv y
CrstyPrxv y 24 kun oldin
The cat is so old the nurse that helped him was a kid when the cat was born.
Natalia Herdez
Natalia Herdez 23 kun oldin
True :o
Wake up bro! It’s 2006! •14 years ago
Wake up bro! It’s 2006! •14 years ago 24 kun oldin
The most annoying thing you have to hear in this situation or any serious situation, is “we can’t do anything because it’s too risky” it makes you feel like your gonna die if you do, and die if you don’t. Legit annoying.
ShayDiBBS 24 kun oldin
Oooohhh I’m hoping for the best healing possible! :) the owners looked so happy to have chats with their baby again🥰
1v E
1v E 24 kun oldin
Aww bless dad
Jason 24 kun oldin
The owner in the thumbnail looks like he’s thinking “and I’d do it again!” I really do feel bad for everyone involved though.
ash the king of darkness
ash the king of darkness 24 kun oldin
My mum’s sisters black cat was like 23 or 24 years old
Labtoad 24 kun oldin
The cat was probably excited that his owners were coming home and then he got hurt really Bad
Tropical_ Lizard
Tropical_ Lizard 24 kun oldin
The cherry on top of my depression sunday
CitrusBunni 25 kun oldin
This is why I say cats are better indoors. Like I'm sorry for the owner but honestly if the cat wasn't be to access the driveway this could've been prevented. i like the aspect of freedom for cats but having the cat outside is risky tbh (imo)
Zed anide
Zed anide 25 kun oldin
Hopefully the cat's pelvis heals quickly and he lives to 22. A cat that lives that long is extraordinary. But seeing his eyes does make me a little sad.
Bagel Hajime
Bagel Hajime 25 kun oldin
Oh no, Ikm already a minute or so in and I’m already tearing uppppp QnQ The poor babyyy
Maayuls 25 kun oldin
Im so happy the cat survived I wouldve been so davestated
Fandomfangirl2020 25 kun oldin
Ho is bow know (I’m sure is spelled his name wrong) now?
Fandomfangirl2020 25 kun oldin
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 poor cat
mxnecraft 25 kun oldin
Boui heres your food 🥣 ill feed you it heres a spoon full boui :) better now some pain relief aswell 💊 a nice teddy for surgery 🧸 and some tissues 🧻 for your owner better now ok
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles 25 kun oldin
A 21 year old cat surviving being run over by a car what a legend!
DeaSiiri 25 kun oldin
I'm crying while reading the comments 😭
Jac 25 kun oldin
sad..but he is 21 years old. in this case it might be more humane to put him down then make him go thru life with a bad pelvis....i mean he wont last long anyway, because nature will take its course soon enough...
Jay Rogers
Jay Rogers 25 kun oldin
I hope he’s aright now
Jay Rogers
Jay Rogers 25 kun oldin
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 25 kun oldin
He's a lil old man 🥺
Saskia Bahr
Saskia Bahr 25 kun oldin
My mother lost her 15 year old ginger cat garfield by a neighbour. He was despite his age healthy and happy and definetely tooken to soon. We will never be able to forgive him. At least his wife died of lung cancer (no wonder she was a chain smoker until death) so he has at least a glimpse of what we went through...
Azazel 25 kun oldin
If the cat doesn't survive then the guy that accidently ran over him will die .
*Messana Chan*
*Messana Chan* 25 kun oldin
How I feel when I accidentally step on my cat:
Sol Lego
Sol Lego 25 kun oldin
Soooo. The cat had nothing done. But now will live the rest of his short life with the pain of a broken pelvis hopefully drugged up to help. Why not put the old 21 year old cat go?
ms. Aayoo
ms. Aayoo 25 kun oldin
omg y am i like this. i get so emotional for animals. i need help 😭. it’s like i feel their pain and connect so much sigh. i love my cat. he’s like my best friend
Trixeleg 25 kun oldin
Me: *sees thumbnail and title* Me: “YEAH I SHOULD THINK HE WOULD FEEL GUILTY.”
[ S o l i t a ]
[ S o l i t a ] 26 kun oldin
That wasn't even a just fracture, it was a huge break... I can't imagine the pain that cat is in.
Ado 26 kun oldin
Ado 26 kun oldin
CAT BROKEN LEG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😢😢😢😢😢😢😤😤😤😱😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😥😢😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭🤯
Sheila Katz
Sheila Katz 26 kun oldin
While my cats like to go towards the car purposely and run away as I approach my drive way because they are thrill seekers. My cats need to watch this video.
braapp 80cc
braapp 80cc 26 kun oldin
5000$ later we gave the cat pain killers 🤕🤔😳😳
Heroin Harald
Heroin Harald 26 kun oldin
One of my biggest fears.
Amie 26 kun oldin
*awww this is both wholesome and saddening, the poor people and cat!*
kazoo_kING 26 kun oldin
That’s really sad why do you have to record it damn. 🤷
lolseagull 26 kun oldin
It’s part of the show? It’s a show for a fucking reason? To show how vets work
Axezry _
Axezry _ 26 kun oldin
This reminds me about my mum running over our cat she felt guilty I wasn’t mad mistakes happens he did have problems RIP.
J C 26 kun oldin
Cute kitty
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith 26 kun oldin
I feel so bad for beau
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me 26 kun oldin
How do they film these???
Yummy 22 kun oldin
With a camera
DixieDoodle 26 kun oldin
Literally my worst fear
DixieDoodle 26 kun oldin
I would die on the spot if I did that to my cat (of guilt and horror) in all honesty I would be screaming and crying and someone else would have to take her to the vet. A big reason I’m so worried about driving especially on my road.
s w
s w 26 kun oldin
You should put your cat inside, especially before you drive. Such accidents happen ALL THE TIME. Be wise and don't expect the luck taking care of it!
bella's life 🦊
bella's life 🦊 26 kun oldin
21 year old cat got ran over. Wow so old
k 25 kun oldin
@bella's life 🦊 no he's not
bella's life 🦊
bella's life 🦊 26 kun oldin
He is 100 years old in cat years
Butternut DerpFarts
Butternut DerpFarts 26 kun oldin
The old pets need saving because even if it’s a few days they still have a good time a head of them with enjoyment and. Happyness. Just because he’s old dosnt mean give up on him
M. P.
M. P. 26 kun oldin
Oh no i feel so sorry for them, they are such good owners obviously (otherwise he wouldn't be that old and so healthy looking), they love him so much. Accidents happen .. especially when our babies get old and loose their vision and hearing. I wanna hug them 😭
Abi May
Abi May 26 kun oldin
If I accidentally hit my animal with my foot while walking I will give him a treat and love I can’t imagine how this owner feels
Kamron Latimer
Kamron Latimer 26 kun oldin
So after all this your total comes to 4,500$ for 3 days intensive care an for the drugs😐
King of Rivia
King of Rivia 26 kun oldin
Omg 21? Let that cat die honestly 21 years is a good life and the owner clearly feels absolutely horrible...but 21 years are still a nice long life and he shouldn’t blame himself accidents happen and i think its safe to say the cats time has come
King of Rivia
King of Rivia 26 kun oldin
My grandpa ran over my grandmas 12 year old dog in a tractor - that was 30 yeas ago is still hear it once a week now that i have a dog - makes me sad everytime and endangers the marriage everytime😂
Random Wolf
Random Wolf 26 kun oldin
Teenie Queenie
Teenie Queenie 26 kun oldin
I watched my dog get hit by a truck and that was bad enough...the guilt was and still is overwhelming
Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck 26 kun oldin
Noo I feel so bad for the owners
Samsung pro
Samsung pro 26 kun oldin
Oh my gosh I can't handle this😭my heart 😭poor guy
Sasha Rosebright
Sasha Rosebright 26 kun oldin
Sash is my nick name wtf
Rachel's World
Rachel's World 26 kun oldin
Poor cat... Hope he is gonna be okay now.. Also, I noticed how people are saying that cats should be home.. Well, my cat that is very domesticated, he could go out. And still can. He can't go completely outside, but he can go to the garden that he can't escape from.. And he is one of the happiest cats alive in my village.
M. P.
M. P. 26 kun oldin
They can get hurt inside and outside 🤷
Axkezurax 26 kun oldin
Is the cat okay :(
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards 26 kun oldin
Someone started cutting onions near me. 😭
Tara Kristjansson
Tara Kristjansson 26 kun oldin
Awe, this broke my heart. Cats are such precious animals. I’m glad Beau was okay, you could really tell his Mom and Dad felt terrible about what happened. This is beautiful.
Kyra Anderson
Kyra Anderson 26 kun oldin
I'm sure a lot of other pet parents also started crying upon playing the video. I hope he heals well enough for such an old boy. I hope Graham, slowly forgives himself as much as anyone in that situation can!
Kayley Cronen
Kayley Cronen 26 kun oldin
CATS DO NOT BELONG OUTSIDE!!! I understand accidents happen, but this could have been avoided if the cat was kept indoors! Cat's are domestic creatures, not wild bobcats. They hurt the ecosystem by killing birds and small animals, and can easily be attacked by other animals or hit by vehicles! Please let this be a lesson to keep this poor baby inside. If you want your cat to experience the outdoors, make a catio, or even a small caged enclosure attached to a side door or a window! Keeps the animals outside safe and your kitty safe. Lots of youtube videos online to either make one yourself, or there are contractors who make them special just for you!
Dean Lang
Dean Lang 26 kun oldin
I’m so glad that this cat will get much better, I’m so thankful that there are people in the world that support others including other species.❤️👑🙏☺️
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