Owners Suspect Their Dog Has Eaten Hearing Aid Battery! | Bondi Vet

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Owners suspect their dog has eaten a hearing aid that's worth $4000! Dr Alex Hynes is on the case on this Bondi Vet clip!
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ShadowStorm 9 kun oldin
What kind of dogs were they
Taps Ars
Taps Ars 11 kun oldin
If this doggie has swallowed the battery of the hearing aid , it can be really dangerous . Batteries contain lead which is poisonous .
2 AM
2 AM 12 kun oldin
Should get a metal detector of some sort to check out Cookie or other pets. If metal was swallowed you could check the stomach or vomit. You might not need to xray then.
KeNFiS The Electroid
KeNFiS The Electroid 14 kun oldin
Love zaps from a Mixel chick in Yorkshire, UK
Grace Robbins
Grace Robbins 15 kun oldin
My brothers dog ate my hearing aide too!
XxdaringdogosxX :3
XxdaringdogosxX :3 15 kun oldin
I had a dachshund like cookie but she passed from old age in 2019, it was also on the night of my birthday.
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 15 kun oldin
Cookie is a cookie🐶💙💜🐶
Allen Wilson
Allen Wilson 15 kun oldin
If my dog ate a $4000 hearing aid , he wouldn't die from that , I'd kill him 🤣
nidz.vlogzs 15 kun oldin
all the vets are so amazing
Aleesha Wilson
Aleesha Wilson 15 kun oldin
Maybe, you should've just asked her. Surely she would've definitely heard you. 🤣🤣🤣
Lu Lima
Lu Lima 15 kun oldin
I am so addicted to Bondi Vet videos. I love every single vet and all the professional that helps animals from Australia videos. Scott, Chris, Danny, Lisa, Tim, Gerard, etc. Its so beautiful to watch all the love and compassion you guys have to all pets and owners.
Isabella Tran
Isabella Tran 15 kun oldin
When cookie throw up I threw up too
Frank Harris
Frank Harris 16 kun oldin
Uh oh... I hope the dog is oki
Moogie B
Moogie B 16 kun oldin
Ah yes. The infamous hearing aid eating monster.
join my adventures
join my adventures 16 kun oldin
What happened to Dr Chris?
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 15 kun oldin
He's has other television commitments , but still makes regular appearances
RUTHANN JOHNSON 16 kun oldin
Shouldn't you have taken an x-ray to see how many pieces other hearing aid is in her gut
Paula Mangiola
Paula Mangiola 15 kun oldin
They did
Loviekinz 16 kun oldin
I'm curious why not xray first? Making her puke if she may have swallowed nothing seems kinda cruel
Lucky 4leafedclover
Lucky 4leafedclover 10 kun oldin
Because that could take more time that they may have. All hearing aids have batteries, and some have metal and even wires, none of which would do well in a dog’s system. Not to mention think of the choking hazards, some dogs are even smaller then children which can make pretty much any foreign object that may get into their system, block their airways.
Paula Mangiola
Paula Mangiola 15 kun oldin
They knew she had swallowed something. She threw up the plastic tip
江河安娜 15 kun oldin
X ray makes more damage and cost more too
Tammy McIntyre
Tammy McIntyre 16 kun oldin
This appears to have been during Covid-19. How much did that effect the hospital?
Madam Vonkook
Madam Vonkook 16 kun oldin
My miniature Dachshund ate my Mam Maw's dentures both upper and lower..Luckily the syrup of ipecac made her vomit them up intact! LOL!
drmayeda1 15 kun oldin
Plastic dentures,I hope. Metal ones might not have gone down without some damage.
Gregory K
Gregory K 16 kun oldin
Clickbait... he did not...
ntamny 16 kun oldin
Those hearing aid batteries are so easy to lose. Especially as many hearing aid wearers are older.
Becky Hines
Becky Hines 16 kun oldin
My parents had the same kind of dog. My mom had hearing aids and their dog got them twice. She went through 2 sets of hearing aids. I'm guessing this is a lesson for anyone that has earring aids don't get this type of dog.
drmayeda1 15 kun oldin
@Micky Deery The best place for hearing aides is a metal box with a lid. like an older cashbox.
Micky Deery
Micky Deery 16 kun oldin
@Glamam and then be surprised when the dog proves you wrong?
Becky Hines
Becky Hines 16 kun oldin
@Glamam They thought they did. 🤣
Glamam 16 kun oldin
Or just put your hearing aids in a place they can’t get them
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 16 kun oldin
Why does cookie look like a literal cookie :']
Ivy Kelley
Ivy Kelley 16 kun oldin
Sike april fool's
Ivy Kelley
Ivy Kelley 16 kun oldin
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 16 kun oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼.....
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 15 kun oldin
Big koala bear hug back to u granny bear love from Australia 🐨💕💙💜
Fruitpunchmouth 16 kun oldin
i needed this today thank you stranger.
susan Altorfer
susan Altorfer 16 kun oldin
Omg cookie is sooooooooooo damn cute I love dachshunds
Mad9977-RC and HOBBY
Mad9977-RC and HOBBY 16 kun oldin
people should keep such small items out of reach of children and puppies...
Lucky 4leafedclover
Lucky 4leafedclover 10 kun oldin
Tbh children are much better about that sort of thing. Can say that from experience. Even though I got my hearing aid at about 12-13 I always had the case on me at school, on my desk. At any point kids around me could’ve taken it from it’s case and played with it (hint, they know better). If your curious why it would be in the case, sometimes it does cause me headaches because the hearing aid sits directly on top of a scar I have.
Holly Milo
Holly Milo 15 kun oldin
You can put everything high up but somehow they get them !
drmayeda1 15 kun oldin
That depends on the dog. Dogs are smart. a small dog can easily jump 3 ft, from, floor, to bed, to night stand, easy.
Katmandu Dawn
Katmandu Dawn 16 kun oldin
I’m always curious about the competition to be “ first” in the comments. It’s not usually a real comment just a form of “counting internet coup”, I suppose. I don’t really see the point but I see it in many comment sections. Could someone explain? It seems a little silly to me. Thanks.
Deb Moore
Deb Moore 16 kun oldin
I agree, it seems silly, especially when the comment is not relevant to the video and just says "I made the first comment "
WarriorOfTheHeavens 16 kun oldin
Bloody hell! A 4000 dollar hearing aid!? I knew they were expensive, but that's just excessive! o.O
Olivia Barnes
Olivia Barnes 6 kun oldin
In Australia it is free up until you are 26. You can pay extra, but it is mostly free.
Lucky 4leafedclover
Lucky 4leafedclover 10 kun oldin
Yeah, can say that from experience that they are very expensive depending on how much hearing damage you have. Personally I got mine when I was about 13-14 because I was born half deaf, and insurance would not cover it. 5,000$ for the hearing aid itself, but in order to use my specific type of hearing aid I had to get a surgery to implant a magnet in my head, near my ear, not even going to mention the price of that one cause that would be a heart attack in itself to think about.
BlindLemon FishStix
BlindLemon FishStix 13 kun oldin
They are absolutely ridiculous in price. A lot of us older people just go without because of the price.
merrily08 16 kun oldin
Cookie is so cute!
RokSimmer (gal4God)
RokSimmer (gal4God) 16 kun oldin
It’s awesome that cookie and star are safe!!!
Dirtdiggingff19 16 kun oldin
Good job cookie you did so good your a puppy warrior 💞💞
WolfGieGamer 16 kun oldin
12 minutes early
Vang 16 kun oldin
Top 10 comments :D Great vid
riri _ that girl
riri _ that girl 16 kun oldin
I have never been this early.poor puppy they should be more careful.
Kate Kate
Kate Kate 15 kun oldin
I am sooo careful, but this week my 3 month old dachshund ate glass! It was the neck of a broken beer bottle. We couldn’t find it on X-rays, but he passed it the next day in two pieces with minor bleeding. I have no idea how he managed to find it, pick it up and swallow it as I attempted to retrieve it. Now my bf is afraid to walk the dog alone. It happened so fast.
Micky Deery
Micky Deery 16 kun oldin
i doubt they weren't, but have you seen some of the bs these dogs can get into? worse then toddlers at times...
Madam Vonkook
Madam Vonkook 16 kun oldin
It hard because the dogs are smart...My little dog climbed onto stuffed animals she piles up to get to my Mam Maw's dentures...lol
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays 16 kun oldin
This is the best job to have! By far. I don’t know what if so if I didn’t want to be a vet! ❤️
Kiki-987 16 kun oldin
In never this early but I love your vids one they are amazing
kacper 16 kun oldin
Great video as ussual the doctors do a great job
big G
big G 16 kun oldin
Who else clicked the video as quick as possible just to comment early ?
big G
big G 16 kun oldin
One of the top 100 comments
Carbon __
Carbon __ 16 kun oldin
Naitram Ramcharitar
Naitram Ramcharitar 16 kun oldin
60 late seconds also second place
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel 16 kun oldin
ᶜᵒᵒᵏⁱᵉ ⁱˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵒˡˡˡ
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel 10 kun oldin
@spacewolfliz gaming with an app called fonts:)
spacewolfliz gaming
spacewolfliz gaming 11 kun oldin
Raj Ashwin Jaywant
Raj Ashwin Jaywant 16 kun oldin
First comment
Nicole Shaffer
Nicole Shaffer 13 kun oldin
It’s not relevant but it makes them feel good
Deb Moore
Deb Moore 16 kun oldin
How is this relevant to the video?
big G
big G 16 kun oldin
Good 4 u
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