Owners Suspects Pug Ate OPEN Safety Pin! | Bondi Vet

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Dr Chris Brown from Bondi Vet helps a pug after the owner suspects he ate an OPEN safety pin!
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Glamam 15 kun oldin
You may say he’s fine but he’s definitely looking sus 2:36
Claire Li
Claire Li 25 kun oldin
My dog ate a rubber band before but he threw it up so we didn't have to go to the vet
Sakana Kaizen
Sakana Kaizen 25 kun oldin
One more thing I have to worry about with my dog. *welps*
Redd. xd 赤
Redd. xd 赤 29 kun oldin
MJAngelLove 29 kun oldin
No safety pins 🧷 for baby 🍼
brain Brian
brain Brian Oy oldin
Chris kinda looks like superman
Claire J
Claire J Oy oldin
Always upvote Vet Chris
A Savannah
A Savannah Oy oldin
I love the close up shots of the adorable pugs face ❤❤❤❤
Brenda Crockatt
Brenda Crockatt Oy oldin
I just love how you have so much compassion for all the animals, you can tell you are genuine
Suzie Que
Suzie Que Oy oldin
All the animals have a champion in Chris. Wonderful to watch.
William Oy oldin
My dog pulled a scrunchie of my sister's wrist and swallowed it
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Oy oldin
I guess my weakness is animals 😂
PuertoRicanPrincess Oy oldin
The main problem are collar related injuries that come as a consequence of collar cutting into your dog’s neck when they're pulling the leash, or when you pull the dog to stop them. Contrary to popular belief, our dog’s neck is similar to ours in its anatomy, strength and sensitivity.
AnCore Oy oldin
"pugs do..... funny things...."
AnCore Oy oldin
Chris is the Australian Henry Cavill
hannah523 Oy oldin
completely not what this vid is about but this dog makes the funniest faces. I was chuckling at 2:38 cuz of the way he was sitting
lizzy lizard
lizzy lizard Oy oldin
I swallowed a needle 33 years ago running from a pervert under the bridge on my way to school... I never told anyone till now....
567 Oy oldin
Thank you
Leanne Rose
Leanne Rose Oy oldin
The owner did the right thing bringing him to the vet. Better safe than sorry. I'm glad he is okay!
Good Hii
Good Hii Oy oldin
Ewald Schäfer
Ewald Schäfer Oy oldin
Gail Sustare
Gail Sustare Oy oldin
Super cute little doggie!
Tai Williams
Tai Williams Oy oldin
I’m so glad he’s ok he’s so cute
Jory Llenas
Jory Llenas Oy oldin
Cute dog
Star Rat
Star Rat Oy oldin
We have a black pug name pearl and im getting a boy black pug in 7 days from a long way
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear Oy oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼.....
Xavier Melins
Xavier Melins Oy oldin
Ive had a pet dog before and her mouth was very crooked and i found out her jaw was broken but then she started to swollow lots of bad things and she once swollowed a peice of glass and she ended up dieing... :( i miss you ashley♡ R.I.P Ashley...
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 29 kun oldin
@JustA Pug You’ve been acting more like a 5 year old than me. Using “u” all the time (i did that when I was around 5- i don’t like to anymore and Im over double that age) and you, like my little sister used to all the time, think you’re right when you’re wrong. My little sister still does that a little, and nobody will like you for it. You made yourself look like a dumb bot earlier repeating the same phrase saying I’m the one who’s wrong. But people like you always think they’re right even when they get proven wrong by so many things. Im not even gonna reply anymore, you’re ignorant and your comments are dumb
JustA Pug
JustA Pug 29 kun oldin
@Cupcake Kitten U must be high
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 29 kun oldin
@JustA Pug Cause you were wrong. Why would I believe something obviously wrong? Have you been living under a rock for your whole life since you never heard people say pet dogs?
JustA Pug
JustA Pug 29 kun oldin
@Cupcake Kitten because u weren't getting it through ur skull
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 29 kun oldin
@JustA Pug No one? Then why does the original comment say pet dog? Then why do a lot of people I see call them pet dogs? I don’t call them that, but other people do. And you have something better to say? If you do, why did you constantly say the same thing before?
Edie Koller
Edie Koller Oy oldin
So cute. Glad Ox is ok ,
Lucian Oy oldin
Thank god he ok
Jada Sims
Jada Sims Oy oldin
Dr. Brown is smart, caring, helpful, handsome, and a gifted vet. He's an inspiration to all animal lovers.
MichaeIJackson7 Oy oldin
aww his so cute
Carlos Rodis
Carlos Rodis Oy oldin
Mine eats anything bugs flys cement you name it he eats it
Linda Moulton
Linda Moulton Oy oldin
Poor Ox looked soooooo guilty and sad when Dr. Chris was looking at the X-Ray. But you gotta love how friendly and compassionate Dr. Chris was with him.
Chase Martinson
Chase Martinson Oy oldin
2:37 The pug was like "Thank God"
Ariana Hale
Ariana Hale Oy oldin
Thank god he didn’t really swallow the safety pin! Omg, that would’ve been terrible... 🤭‼️🐕
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield Oy oldin
What is it with Australian pets eating terrible objects. Spoons, needles, bikinis, ribbons, safety pin near miss!
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield Oy oldin
I mean ours haven't had the best taste in objects, some have had soap, one had laces (Though these went in one way and came out the other, not to put to finer point on it) but spoon, or needles that's crazy!
RokSimmer (gal4God)
RokSimmer (gal4God) Oy oldin
Not a cool thing to eat, thank goodness that he didn’t but his owner did the right thing.
Joey Oy oldin
Well now I dont need to watch the video.. thanks haha
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank Oy oldin
That pug is sooo cute 😭
Kingslime Dude
Kingslime Dude Oy oldin
It's not funny It's sad😥
Summer Keeling
Summer Keeling Oy oldin
My dog eats the carpet but he's fine lol
Ryan Moody
Ryan Moody Oy oldin
Love black pugs......who am I kidding pugs in general give them to me!! NOW
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
Chris, thanks for being a vet, a vet who is kind and helpful. Not every vet is as caring, and dedicated as you. Stay safe
cellogirl11RW 29 kun oldin
@Drake Sorrento Veterinarians often use a type of catheter that is NOT indwelling to collect urine samples because it minimizes the risk of contaminating the sample. They may also perform a cycstocentisis, where the urine is drawn out of the bladder with a fine needle and syrenge with the guidance of a sonogram.
Drake Sorrento
Drake Sorrento Oy oldin
Found that out when they offered to charge me $1800 for a catheter( my cat that had a UTI) instead of doing a UA. I've had a lot of boy cats and knew he wasn't blocked. I had a good hunch It was a UTI. Asked for a UA instead and they said I had to do it myself..... So I brought them my cats pee I collected with my own tools and they confirmed it was a UTI. Lol. Some are just there for money, some rather be surgeons, some want to be exterminators, unfortunately. It's hard to find a good vet, bless you and hope you have nothing but an easy weekend.
Joyce Hancock
Joyce Hancock Oy oldin
I don’t like these little short stints. Prefer and really love your full episodes.
Kaeden Kasper
Kaeden Kasper Oy oldin
So cute
Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker Oy oldin
Is it just me or does ox kind of look like Dobby the house elf when he is sitting on the X-ray table? It truly blows my mind what pugs can get into
Belly Button
Belly Button Oy oldin
I love pugs and bondi vet, good mix :)
uuekene Oy oldin
It was only half of dogs body on the picture.
Lajos Tóth
Lajos Tóth Oy oldin
OK. VIVA AUSTRALIA 2021!!!!!!!!!!!........................
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Oy oldin
I love pugs so sad
Anna Karlsson
Anna Karlsson Oy oldin
Kiara Fletcher
Kiara Fletcher Oy oldin
You guys have inspired me to work with animals. There's a pet store near my house that I'm currently volunteering at and I'm helping their animals get home by posting on fb about it. I'm hoping to get a job there when I turn 16. I would probably be mindlessly sucked into the internet if it weren't for your guys's videos ❤️
Andy Contento
Andy Contento Oy oldin
I'm so glad Marky was ok. Our pets are very much part of the family. I wish you all the best on your future as a vet Madeline. 👍👍👍😁😁😁
Bunnydog Aka Madeline
Bunnydog Aka Madeline Oy oldin
I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since i was in 3rd grade and when I was in 6th grade my dog Marky got a tumor and that made me want to be a veterinarian even more also if you were wondering the tumor was not cancerous
Kiara Fletcher
Kiara Fletcher Oy oldin
@Andy Contento thanks
Kiara Fletcher
Kiara Fletcher Oy oldin
@Andy Contento LMAO it's so weird when people use my actual name
Andy Contento
Andy Contento Oy oldin
You go for it Kiara. Good luck to you with that. 👍👍👍😁😁😁
Maeve Kelly
Maeve Kelly Oy oldin
Fun Fact: no one has watched the video yet
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank
Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank Oy oldin
I have 😂
E E Oy oldin
Uhh actually-
Natalie Garza
Natalie Garza Oy oldin
I hope my pug doesn’t do this 😅
•{XxskylerxX}• Oy oldin
Elizabeth Alderman
Elizabeth Alderman Oy oldin
I always worry about this happening to my cat if I’m sewing
Lilmay t.
Lilmay t. Oy oldin
Title: pug swallows open safety pin Me: pug swallows open donut Like what
Asha Rennie
Asha Rennie Oy oldin
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel Oy oldin
idk why but it looks like more and more animals eat strange things😂
GEP Oy oldin
My dog goes for moths. He loves them and swallows them whole.
Jay WhoLovesEveryone
Jay WhoLovesEveryone Oy oldin
Just like kids. They put everything in their mouths! ...pennies, batteries, keys, etc. There's another video on YT where a puppy ate a plastic alien doll but fortunately he threw it up at the vet's office.
It's Asiah
It's Asiah Oy oldin
True lol 😂
ItzFinleyPlays _YT
ItzFinleyPlays _YT Oy oldin
Oh no
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