SHOCKED Vets Pull Spoon Out Of Dogs Stomach | BRAND NEW SEASON | Full Episode | Bondi Vet

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ENJOY THIS BRAND NEW EPISODE, starting with SHOCKED Dr Alex and Dr Gerado pulling a metal spoon out of a dogs stomach!
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Blue Greenglue
Blue Greenglue Kun oldin
Me, every time I watch a croc swimming with its arms at its sides: [crock voice] "doot-doo-doo..."
darknessbloodmoon 4 kun oldin
I have never seen a spoon inside a dog I have a dog who is a half Fench bulldog and half pug and when he was little he broke one of his back leg real bad so now he is 8 like my little sister and he has to wear a cast now because he started limping again a year ago and he still wears on ps thanks so much for helping animals I really appreciate it SO MUCH 😄😊
Joshua Jefford
Joshua Jefford 5 kun oldin
Am i the only one seeing the green flashes every like 3 minutes? Just a green frame for 2 or 3 frames
Andrea Tapia
Andrea Tapia 6 kun oldin
I. Love these videos 😁 but some make me sad
Ellie Mello
Ellie Mello 7 kun oldin
you guys make me want to be a vet
Julianne clarisse
Julianne clarisse 7 kun oldin
I'm so happy that these animals are getting healed
Julianne clarisse
Julianne clarisse 7 kun oldin
I can't look while they take the spoon
Colette Steel
Colette Steel 8 kun oldin
Whats with all bloody adverts man
iimunchy Roblox
iimunchy Roblox 8 kun oldin
I remember Danny s dog bear I think and it was having a seizure 😖
Derya Dinc
Derya Dinc 10 kun oldin
Enfected, apse,
Derya Dinc
Derya Dinc 10 kun oldin
Siyam kedileri çok uysal, çekingen ve dünya tatlısı olurlar🧿
Derya Dinc
Derya Dinc 10 kun oldin
Bu kaşığı nasıl yuttun ufaklık 😔
Derya Dinc
Derya Dinc 10 kun oldin
Klinik çok başarılı tam teşekküllü hayvan hastanesi, fakat Avustralya ın yanmasını engelleyemedi
Sandra Bagayas
Sandra Bagayas 11 kun oldin
Honey honey oh 🍯
Malakai Beggs
Malakai Beggs 14 kun oldin
Me: wonders how Minecraft gets the panda death sound Bondi vet: 👀
Laria818d 14 kun oldin
Wait Wilbur???? 33:25 Wilbur is that you :O
Hermoine Granger
Hermoine Granger 14 kun oldin
Its kinda weird that my wifi is *that bad* i cant even watch the video-
Shivang 15 kun oldin
21:16 , this sounds like Tim pain is encouraging his mates😂
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 16 kun oldin
No good outcome from a croc
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 16 kun oldin
I read "Blonde Vet" at the first glance. 😒
Kathy Cameron
Kathy Cameron 16 kun oldin
I can believe this bulldog ate the spoon!My Granddaughter’s dog eats everything just swallows it whole!
Kathy Cameron
Kathy Cameron 16 kun oldin
He is a bulldog also
Nicolás Muñoz
Nicolás Muñoz 17 kun oldin
Isn't this supposed to be educational? Then why are injuries censored? This is not morbo, this is animal health!
Danielle picard
Danielle picard 19 kun oldin
A norae Mous
A norae Mous 19 kun oldin
i gasped together with the vet when that x ray came out on screen lol
Lilly Vendela
Lilly Vendela 21 kun oldin
That's the biggest spoon I've ever seen
If the spoon can go down it can come back up!😂
Teddysarah 89
Teddysarah 89 22 kun oldin
Loving Honey... just had surgery and gave the vets an absolute headache to remove the spoon. She’s taken back to her gorgeous family and when mum gets the spoon right nearly dives into the bag after it.... I know spoons and honey go together usually but not this Honey!!
Emy Lou Lou Loulou
Emy Lou Lou Loulou 23 kun oldin
All I gotta say is surgery sucks especially when it’s a tumor, I had one in the knee it hurt it turned colors like green pink blue, then I got tonsels taken out
Charlye Edgehill
Charlye Edgehill 24 kun oldin
The world of the universe عالم الفضاء الصغير
The world of the universe عالم الفضاء الصغير 24 kun oldin
Hi I like cats I like your videos very much I have a cat it is a male my cat,s name is speeder
Mia Freeman
Mia Freeman 24 kun oldin
Is it just me or I’m just wondering how did a dog eat a whole spoon
The Mesick Family
The Mesick Family 24 kun oldin
Do not feed your dog spoons or do not feed a dog 1 spoon
The Mesick Family
The Mesick Family 24 kun oldin
The Mesick Family
The Mesick Family 24 kun oldin
What is a dog plus a spoon a sog hahaha aha ha ha ha aha
The Mesick Family
The Mesick Family 24 kun oldin
Poor dog he should not have done that
Hailey Page
Hailey Page 24 kun oldin
Tbh you learn something new everyday littearly
alfpolo29 25 kun oldin
Lovely Vet .
alfpolo29 25 kun oldin
24:16 😂😂
alfpolo29 25 kun oldin
2:19 the face on this animal are amazing funny :)
stukkiii shima simp
stukkiii shima simp 25 kun oldin
My cat is 3 my second dog is 4 my third dog is 9 my fourth dog is 11
kaitlynn eure
kaitlynn eure 26 kun oldin
I'm so happy y'all are vet's
Garthdon 26 kun oldin
Why is the cat face blurred out for a bit?
All india
All india 26 kun oldin
Can you help me plz mam My dog stomach in a neddal what i do plz reply me
wheelspk fails
wheelspk fails 26 kun oldin
So many Ads 🥶
SEEMA PAL 26 kun oldin
I hate the part when they show different different animal first show full one animal than another not half and half
Gamer Squash
Gamer Squash 27 kun oldin
5:43 kitty be like let me out aww cmon men
Skeboop Bawp
Skeboop Bawp 27 kun oldin
Only a spoonful
daaisydiannaa buitron'97
daaisydiannaa buitron'97 27 kun oldin
Is it a good idea to have pet insurance?
daaisydiannaa buitron'97
daaisydiannaa buitron'97 21 kun oldin
Hmm 🤔
Cait Cat
Cait Cat 27 kun oldin
Hannah Lopaz
Hannah Lopaz 28 kun oldin
God they had to blur out the cats mouth 👄
uwusau123 28 kun oldin
i love this
Elena Ortiz
Elena Ortiz 28 kun oldin
This is my new fave show ❤️ thank you guys for all that you do !
Tina Harris
Tina Harris 28 kun oldin
My cat had the same problem as that cat and it was due to an infected scratch from another cat and the day before he went to the vet it burst it stank but because it burst the vet just gave him antibiotics and flushed the rest with a saline flush.
Kaylie Lobe
Kaylie Lobe 28 kun oldin
I need a wombat now
Trinity Todd
Trinity Todd 28 kun oldin
I love this show
Charles Patton
Charles Patton 29 kun oldin
So you started a figjt with your dog over food she found... And are surprised that she would swallow that?
mai212 29 kun oldin
10:35 “kidney enzymes”? 😂 well that is nonsense... also, just giving less anesthetic doesn’t do much - the foremost risky factor in CKD patients is the kidney’s decreased perfusion rate, which happens in any anesthesia no matter which/how much anesthetic is administered. Also, you shouldn’t just send her home after anesthesia but keep her on i.v. fluids for a few days to prevent azotemia... and preferably check crea/bun/sdma again after that. And no x-ray despite a tooth abscess? 😱😬 FORL prevalence is 50% in cats, she might have needed more extractions, otherwise she might be back pretty soon with another abscess... 🙈 This vet is a bit sketchy to me...
Moch Refki Febriani
Moch Refki Febriani 29 kun oldin
08 we
Amalie Henriksen flaten
Amalie Henriksen flaten 29 kun oldin
Wilbur soot
pb gd
pb gd 29 kun oldin
24:36 I love how she explains everything to her patient
Sandra S.
Sandra S. 29 kun oldin
In germany we say “den Löffel abgeben“ meaning to die. It means “to pass over the spoon“ This dog passed the spoon over bit he lives!
SlyRocket Airsoft
SlyRocket Airsoft Oy oldin
Some of the blood is censored and some is not
Dminiongaming Oy oldin
Honestly I love bondie vet simply bc they upload full episodes
Erica Spearman
Erica Spearman Oy oldin
Lady would u stop talking the cat can’t breathe on its own u talking like this cat isn’t in bad shape being under
Hello hi:P
Hello hi:P 12 kun oldin
Shut up cause you cant even talk
TheNoobyVibes _xX
TheNoobyVibes _xX Oy oldin
Is this like a new show that cam out because I’m already hooked to it after watching a vid yesterday.
Dark On Yt
Dark On Yt Oy oldin
Elvis doesn’t want audience RN I guess
robyn wilson
robyn wilson Oy oldin
i love watching these because its so nice to see vets actually doing they job...can u come to uk to work here?
Dark On Yt
Dark On Yt Oy oldin
Mary poppers might say a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down well maybe a spoon makes a dog choke and live in pain
GALACTUS Codm Oy oldin
Miss the Old Bondi Staff❤️😢😞 I Don't mean I don't like the present staff they are good but Old staff are like Childhood memories ❤️😍If u Understand me...😊
Mufudzi Kwenda
Mufudzi Kwenda Oy oldin
15:32 Spoon
MadalynGrace Adams
MadalynGrace Adams Oy oldin
My question is how did Honey even get that spoon down her throat I mean that spoon is so big just how
Ashley Oy oldin
Completely out of topic haha! But the owner with blue hair of the grey cat is definitely a Singaporean hahaha! The Singlish accent is definitely there. 🤣
this isME
this isME Oy oldin
dr. Kate is very beautiful 😍
Davy van Loo
Davy van Loo Oy oldin
Older people feed their animals untill they burst. And that is a fact. Every client my husband has are elderly people they feed their dogs or cats untill they pop.
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Oy oldin
Come on come on stay with us everybody loves you please
Vanessa Mallia
Vanessa Mallia Oy oldin
That's spoon is now worth a couple of grand!
Carmen van Rensburg
Carmen van Rensburg Oy oldin
Oh no Crocodile dangerous
Bob Gigggles
Bob Gigggles Oy oldin
The bad thing is my dog loves to grab spoons out of the dishwasher
Azalea Oy oldin
My 5 month old shih tzu puppy almost swallowed a dime today. Sheesh they'll eat anything.
Rob Adams
Rob Adams Oy oldin
The title was correct for once. The vets really were "SHOCKED."
Laila Plays
Laila Plays Oy oldin
I just found this channel today I’m addicted to it
Chris Watt
Chris Watt Oy oldin
owners: we saw the spoon go in, it was just too quick to stop vets: she is not showing discomfort, it is not going to be there me: *disbelief* and its cousin *denial* has entered the server xray: hold my beer Chris, I got you brother
jet animations
jet animations Oy oldin
I liked how before they were able to show the surgeries without having to censor them
Ahmed Al Dhahab
Ahmed Al Dhahab Oy oldin
glen judge
glen judge Oy oldin
for the 100 people who disliked this video have no heart or compassion
irene marie Belanger
irene marie Belanger Oy oldin
Irene from Montreal Quebec Canada Great watching!
irene marie Belanger
irene marie Belanger Oy oldin
My heart beat pretty fast a couple of times while you brave lads worked in the croc pool!
Nasif Oy oldin
Maybe it would come out the other way
Gurmail Saran
Gurmail Saran Oy oldin
How the hell did .... He or she swallowed a spoon like... Wow
Michael Oy oldin
UZpost needs to develop a filter for those squeeky women...
Mayur Suryawanshi
Mayur Suryawanshi Oy oldin
Respect to the doctors. Timestamp :17:15
Gail Bland
Gail Bland Oy oldin
27.05 she still wants her chichin
Assatta Lewis
Assatta Lewis Oy oldin
I cannot believe how big that spoon in the world did he swallow it? my lord...
Qian Hui Li
Qian Hui Li Oy oldin
I like chris i dknt like this season
cheryl baccino
cheryl baccino 26 kun oldin
l like chris i dknt like this Season xxxx😀
Mark Kenzo Ruga
Mark Kenzo Ruga Oy oldin
I love your Videos Bondi vet!
Ianna80 Oy oldin
Seeing how norm cats react wen their @ the vet/doing wound care on thm makes me realize just how lucky I was w/my cat Zuit. The only wound he didn’t just sit there & let me clean was wen his ear was split down the middle wen he was attacked by a dog. Tht 1 I had to burrito him. Even wen he got a small puncture wound on his cheek & I didn’t notice till it was swollen, he sat there while I re-opened the wound & cleaned all the gunk out. Which is weird you’d think it would be the other way around but no. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Emma Drew
Emma Drew Oy oldin
My dogs would always get socks but we never knew until it was in the intestinal track and by then they’d need surgery. My bullmastiff was done in by corn and the sepsis from the surgery.
duolingo Oy oldin
me when i saw one that had blood now i cant watch this but continues watching me now where blood
Dakota Estulin
Dakota Estulin Oy oldin
wow a cat that doesn't want cuddles **wow** *clap*
Cait Cat
Cait Cat 27 kun oldin
You've never owned a cat and it shows
Eric Czeczok
Eric Czeczok Oy oldin
the dog that ate the spoon that actually happened to my dog but he ate a coin and it actually started digging inside his stomach at least we got surgery and now he's perfect we fine
Iqra Hussain
Iqra Hussain Oy oldin
OMG that's sad
Iqra Hussain
Iqra Hussain Oy oldin
The stars
The stars Oy oldin
oh no
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