The Devastating Effects Of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumours | Full Episode | Wildlife Of Tim Faulkner

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Tim breaks down what Devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) is and how it affects the Tasmanian Devil population and what Devil Arc are doing about it! Enjoy this full episode of The Wildlife Of Tim Faulkner
Follow the exciting adventures of Tim Faulkner at the Australian Reptile Park.
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bullet 3 kun oldin
Sorry but if I saw a devil like that I'll put it down.
Viccolas Vic
Viccolas Vic 11 kun oldin
how do the tumors work?
Mhmd Hori
Mhmd Hori 13 kun oldin
that's Komodo from Indonesia right?
Mhmd Hori
Mhmd Hori 13 kun oldin
Anying gua kaga ngerti pada komen apa pada make bahasa Inggris semua
HannahRachel Xo
HannahRachel Xo 13 kun oldin
WHY are the twins talking like that???? Just let one speak then you can go!! lol.
Tim Bossard
Tim Bossard 21 kun oldin
I loved everything about this video, but was I the only one that got extremely irritated about the twins saying everything at the same time 🤣🤣 I know they're trying to be cute and everything, But that echo was annoying as all hell 🤣
Clancy Pratchett
Clancy Pratchett 23 kun oldin
I love animals that I donated $50 to an animal dark
18blohsh 23 kun oldin
Not the twins again..
melancholyhill 23 kun oldin
goddamn i can’t wait to visit one day! i fucking love the way this man talks!
Danél Le roux
Danél Le roux 24 kun oldin
HyperBolt 1600
HyperBolt 1600 24 kun oldin
I can’t believe that these diseases have made the population of these animals so low that I never knew that they even existed until now!
Green Apple
Green Apple 24 kun oldin
I never noticed that ring around a komodo's pupil until now.
Aubrey Hunt
Aubrey Hunt 25 kun oldin
We get it. Your twins stfu. Made this video so hard to watch
Wyatt Rownd
Wyatt Rownd 27 kun oldin
They sound like and look like a chihuahua lmao and the twins are attention seeking children
Nctrnl Mjsty
Nctrnl Mjsty 27 kun oldin
Kinda skipped through this what causes the tumours and did it recently start happening... Cause i doubt its been like that throughout time. I wish i had a job half as important as all these people.
Manuel Pebe Pueyrredón
Manuel Pebe Pueyrredón 29 kun oldin
8:23 How does it feel like? A bit like a crocodile *HOLD UP*
Ladonna Rowan
Ladonna Rowan 29 kun oldin
Couldn’t you try chemotherapy on the Tasmania Devils?
tabasdezh 29 kun oldin
Were those twins saying the same thing at the same time? Or it was the sound echo?
Devin Balfour
Devin Balfour 29 kun oldin
The twins talking is soooo annoying. They’re literally both speaking over each other. Good lord
Stanley C
Stanley C 29 kun oldin
Oh great. The echo twins. Skipped that part.. -.-
Watch out he could atack at any moment
Seale Family
Seale Family Oy oldin
It can be annoying when twins speak at the same time not only for the people their speaking too but because we tend to just pauses and wait for the other to finish talking and because we think that the other is not going to finish their thought it normally leads to us speaking at the same time again. We can't really help it and what really pisses off us the most is that alot of people don't even ask if were doing it on purpose or not they think we just need to let the other one speak and have patience, we can't help it, most people don't try to understand that it's not an option it just happens out of the blue.
Adam Larmond
Adam Larmond 28 kun oldin
Alonna Greanlea
Alonna Greanlea Oy oldin
The twins are trying too hard to be cute. Their echo antics are just irritating. It reminds me of the raccoon twins from Animal Crossing ;;
ghost 1828
ghost 1828 Oy oldin
If an species dies from a non human disease it’s just natural selection
matty4z Oy oldin
*I thought they called the male 'Crack Head" at first haha XD* 7:37
ImSwedski Oy oldin
I remember watching this on Animal Planet when i was a kid. Im so glad this is on youtube.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Oy oldin
an d those twins need a slap
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Oy oldin
poor dragon get dragged around like some kind of toy smh...
REPAofmadness 14267
REPAofmadness 14267 Oy oldin
Those twins are clearly faking one waits to hear the sentence or one just says one of a couple of one syllable words to keep the illusion going its so tiresome and just ruins the experience
Santiago !Aebeb
Santiago !Aebeb Oy oldin
daenerys / khaleesi 🤗❤
News Now Security
News Now Security Oy oldin
Twins constantly talking over each other was awesome lol
I upload random sh*t
I upload random sh*t Oy oldin
Those twins are fucking annoying
Nnif Oy oldin
Since when were Komodo dragons that jacked??
Xxmilkshake202xX Oy oldin
The twins mimicking each other is a problem.
Xxmilkshake202xX Oy oldin
But they also seem sweet and they do great work.
Jw Poeschmann
Jw Poeschmann Oy oldin
is the cancer a mutation and hereditary?
Ramon : Ozqx_
Ramon : Ozqx_ Oy oldin
Don't say forever XD. Some people want to bring is back with cloning and after that start Making jurassic park
Becky Hines
Becky Hines Oy oldin
Most identical twins talk at same time. Skip past them if you don't want to hear them talk.
Megan Lane
Megan Lane Oy oldin
Most identical twins talk at the same time?? What-
AreEssGaming RS
AreEssGaming RS Oy oldin
Bahaha seen a few comments about the twins they koo but ya that dam “trying” to talk together is def annoying
Korita Oy oldin
Im so proud to see komodo in this. Heeyy im from Indonesia, please take care our komodo❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shadow Oy oldin
Can tell the twins spent 100% of their with each other, learning the same thing with same personality
EABA EndAllBeAll
EABA EndAllBeAll Oy oldin
Super weird how the twins talk at the same time.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Oy oldin
the twins--
Cheese Cucumber
Cheese Cucumber Oy oldin
I know they’re twins but they don’t have to be talking at the same time
brenda muscat
brenda muscat Oy oldin
Are you guys in Australia😱🤠🤠
Cindy Hazelton
Cindy Hazelton Oy oldin
Isn't there some place you can send samples of the disease where they can figure out what going on???
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch Oy oldin
You Aussies are crazy *AND I LIKE IT*
Zelia Eastman
Zelia Eastman Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that Dingoes look like a Shiba Inu
EscVinc Oy oldin
When I listened to the twins I thought there was a problem with the audio omg😂😂their minds work at the same time
Lana OBrien
Lana OBrien Oy oldin
I feel him! Literally
Isidora Espinoza
Isidora Espinoza Oy oldin
me, seeing Tim with long pants: 🤨😨
InsomniacJosh Oy oldin
InsomniacJosh Oy oldin
InsomniacJosh Oy oldin
Yeah Moooo
InsomniacJosh Oy oldin
InsomniacJosh Oy oldin
Yeah Mooooooonononiooo
Ana Marie R
Ana Marie R Oy oldin
Why are those woman talking at the same time 🤔😐😖😵 LOL
Sweet Cyanide
Sweet Cyanide Oy oldin
They’re so cute. Poor Thing😞
Kelley Marie
Kelley Marie Oy oldin
Why are the twins saying the same thing at the same exact time? It's really weird freaking me out.
wasteland bunny
wasteland bunny Oy oldin
twins are cloned in the egg, and when birthed they have exactly the same genetics as eachother and i mean copy paste genetics, they obviously spent everyday and every second together that they learnt what eachother thinks, not only twins basically have the same brain lmao
Sploofy Gaming
Sploofy Gaming Oy oldin
You probably should mention to the people touching him that Komodo dragons are venomous.
Sploofy Gaming
Sploofy Gaming 20 kun oldin
@Sharon Bodimeade check out Dr Bryan Fry. He's the one who studied and figured out that there are alot of venomous lizards. Asian water monitors,komodo dragons etc. His work is great
Sploofy Gaming
Sploofy Gaming 20 kun oldin
@Sharon Bodimeade no that's what they thought. But it actually turns out they are venomous. Which is modified saliva.
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade 20 kun oldin
I watched a documentary once and I think they said it is a bacteria in the mouths of the dragons that is the danger. Is it that that is venomous?
Sploofy Gaming
Sploofy Gaming Oy oldin
@Shadow they are quite impressive to say the least!
Shadow Oy oldin
Mate they would think twice of touching the adults. Their size is intimidating
Jodi Stanton
Jodi Stanton Oy oldin
I swear I remember watching this over a year ago...
Richard Oy oldin
Can those twins stfu
V G Oy oldin
I couldn't concentrate on the twins. I wish they would only have one in there at a time talking. I wonder how they have a conversation with each other, considering they both want to say the same thing at the same time.
Snaz 4 kun oldin
@Mohdan99 they’re not attention seekers? Don’t know how you think that. Some twins say things at the same time, it’s almost normal for twins to do that, ofc you and others wouldn’t know that. You and no one else has any “proof” to them being attention seekers, if anything people like you act jealous. You nor anyone is perfect so get off the internet, look in the mirror and change whatever is wrong with you before you judge others that can’t change how they communicate etc. Me and my twin speak at the same time, yet I hate attention so does my twin, oh guess were attention seekers either way? What about people that reply the same time with the same thing because they know the answer? Whoops attention seekers. Guess you and everyone else that agrees with them being “attention seekers” are also attention seekers? Since you all thought the same way, and replied with similar stuff.
Mohdan99 Oy oldin
@Tabitha Six You are right... they just do it as an attention seeking behaviour, and it's stupid
Tabitha Six
Tabitha Six Oy oldin
They wouldn't have an audience for a private conversation. No need for the annoying attention seeking when they are alone.
Татьяна Серова
Татьяна Серова Oy oldin
Жаль, что нет субтитров на русском языке...
Mila Ignacio
Mila Ignacio Oy oldin
Sherri Anderson
Sherri Anderson Oy oldin
Ok the twins talking at the same time is very aggravating. Let one talk without being an echo. Have to miss have the video because of them
lumiesgotcha 16 kun oldin
Exactly. maybe that was cute in elementary school, but not as an adult. Maybe they should work different shifts. They dont have to help each other talk. jeez, this is too much.
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes Oy oldin
🤣😂😅 those twins, those twins😂🤣😅
Michelle Werries
Michelle Werries Oy oldin
The twin thing is something that occurs with some twins. They aren't putting it on, it's just something that happens. Give them a break.
Tropic L3mon
Tropic L3mon Oy oldin
I mean, it's pretty obvious that one is watching/listening to the other speak and then trying to predict what will be said and repeating it.
Tifa shepard
Tifa shepard Oy oldin
Does anybody know what causes the tumors on the devil's
sinneadfert Oy oldin
Sounds like they have to let the wild devils die off from the tumours, and after a while reintroduce the healthy stock :'(
PriVAcY pLeAsE
PriVAcY pLeAsE Oy oldin
@towels towels yeah, but it think think could be from a few years ago so maybe they are doing it now?
towels towels
towels towels Oy oldin
@PriVAcY pLeAsE I’m sure if it’s possible they would be doing that.
PriVAcY pLeAsE
PriVAcY pLeAsE Oy oldin
Or maybe they could quarantine sections at a time and pick out the ones with tumors? Maybe not kill them but keep them from the healhy population
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
That enclosure did not look big enough for two of them full grown
Jayknee Garner
Jayknee Garner Oy oldin
It’s not a permanent enclosure. They have to quarantine all animals that come into the facility. They will get a properly sized enclosure later.
Ana Felix
Ana Felix Oy oldin
They are Monster gaint lizzer🦎 do they attack humans or can we out run them when they grow like that.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths Oy oldin
They're pretty quick. All it takes is one bite. These lizards take down deer and water buffalo in the wild. (Jan Griffiths).
Benji Bandito
Benji Bandito Oy oldin
oh god the fucking twins
Edie Koller
Edie Koller Oy oldin
I feel sorry for these animals getting sick.
Darth Yoda
Darth Yoda Oy oldin
I wish Dondi Vet would STOP reusing and reuploading OLD clips in new packagings.. All those clips in this "Episode" Have been aired in Bondi Vet proper.
Helge ron
Helge ron Oy oldin
The twins speak in unison, which can be so annoying depending on the circumstances. They seem really sweet but it would do my brain in being there all day.
Tim Bossard
Tim Bossard 21 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one! That talking at the same time crap irritated my whole spirit and you could tell they were doing it on purpose🤣
Reagin Karl Caldeo
Reagin Karl Caldeo 23 kun oldin
All i hear is echoing twins and it’s really triggering me hahah
Typical Koala
Typical Koala 23 kun oldin
I thought I was just going insane didn’t know that actually was really happening lol
Seale Family
Seale Family Oy oldin
It can be annoying when twins speak at the same time not only for the people their speaking too but because we tend to just pauses and wait for the other to finish talking and because we think that the other is not going to finish their thought it normally leads to us speaking at the same time again. We can't really help it.
Hamidi Maqtal
Hamidi Maqtal Oy oldin
I Agree, they should talk for themselves and not for each other.
Amanda Mandigo
Amanda Mandigo Oy oldin
I absolutely love that Julies picked Danenerys for the female Komodo dragons name!! I Absolutely love Game of Thrones and completely agree the name fits perfect. Also love Krackens name as well. My new favorite animals at the animal park now are Danenerys and Kracken for sure. I absolutely love reptiles!!!
AdinaK71 Oy oldin
Bless you!!! Your work is awesome
CrumbleBread Pie
CrumbleBread Pie Oy oldin
I love this show ♥️
John Nedd
John Nedd Oy oldin
Why do the twins just act like they are echoing? Like it’s just for the cameras?
Genna Sharples
Genna Sharples Oy oldin
The females name is from game of thrones. I read the books
Peta Visinko
Peta Visinko Oy oldin
Its so devastating that they a going exstict they a one of my fave rite animals
Olivia Loh
Olivia Loh Oy oldin
I love Tim and the tessi devils
Meg Webster Art
Meg Webster Art Oy oldin
Yay! Finally not only crocs but other animals too. Can you make more vids like this please? :3
Lou Ann
Lou Ann Oy oldin
Tell the girls to talk one at a time please.
Ashk—AK AK
Ashk—AK AK Oy oldin
The twins talking is like listening to a echo, it’s so disorienting.
Keisha Smith
Keisha Smith 27 kun oldin
It's so annoying
alfpolo29 28 kun oldin
Talking in stereo 😂😂
Zach P
Zach P Oy oldin
Coocoo crazy women
Gwenhwyfar Bell
Gwenhwyfar Bell Oy oldin
They were definitely one egg at conception.
Jodi Stanton
Jodi Stanton Oy oldin
I've seen them on Bondi before and one actually waits to hear what the other is going tos at and then says it too, but they pretend they are saying the same thing without knowing. They really go crazy in front of Chris the vet.
Gitta Pierro
Gitta Pierro Oy oldin
That’s funny you named to Albatross “Percival”. There was a wild turkey around here that wanted to join the chicken flock, and we named him Percy, short for Percival. No, we didn’t encourage his domesticity.
Jan P
Jan P Oy oldin
Pretty sure that is a reference to Storm Boy. Great Aussie flick about a boy and his pelican. Havent seen it for decades but he named his bird Mr Percival.
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres Oy oldin
(I actually do a righteous devil impersonation.)
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii Oy oldin
honestly the double talking twins thing got old real fast, especially when its done anything but perfect and all the time. Overall the episode was super good and informative but the twins part was so temping to skip.
human cattoy
human cattoy Oy oldin
Kraken and Denerys are beautiful. I'm so happy for y'all.
LadyGecko Oy oldin
Taz was always my favorite.
Moogie B
Moogie B Oy oldin
Oh no! Not the twins😳 Really, I think the work they do is wonderful. But dang, talking almost at the same time, copying one another, is the most annoying thing ever.
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade 20 kun oldin
It’s a wonder they don’t annoy each other with it and fall out
Seale Family
Seale Family Oy oldin
@A. K.-O. plz read the eighth comment and understand that twins can't help it.
Seale Family
Seale Family Oy oldin
@Insa T they have a accent they can't control that.
Seale Family
Seale Family Oy oldin
It is annoying when twins speak at the same time not only for the people their speaking too but because we tend to just pauses and wait for the other to finish talking and because we think that the other is not going to finish their thought it normally leads to us speaking at the same time again.
Aris Aulia
Aris Aulia Oy oldin
Haha me too.🤣
human cattoy
human cattoy Oy oldin
Tim Faulkner is the most heroic animal advocate. I have a great deal of respect for his work. Of course the fact that Tasmanian devils are so darn cute helps. I so hope you are successful. I wouldn't want to have a world without Tasmanian devils.
Angie Joshi
Angie Joshi Oy oldin
What beautiful family Tim has !! ❤️
Katmandu Dawn
Katmandu Dawn Oy oldin
I’m confused if it’s a cancer but it’s transmitted? That’s not how I understood cancers worked. Is it like human papilloma virus? A virus that can eventually change cells cancerous? I know it’s a huge problem.
karen annoyed
karen annoyed Oy oldin
12:54 Wow! Those twins are the talk at the same time with an echo each other. LOL they were so close
TheRealTimpa Oy oldin
No hate but those sisters saying the exact same thing at the same time was so annoying lmao
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths Oy oldin
They've been on before, with Dr. Chris. Yeah, they're kind of annoying, but the work they do with the birds is outstanding. (Jan Griffiths).
Shonda Jones
Shonda Jones Oy oldin
The twins that help birds make me nervous they try to talk together!!! Shew you may look alike but please don’t try to talk in sync
Random Randomson
Random Randomson Oy oldin
Not these twins again 😫
Patshhi4 Oy oldin
Tim, are you still seeing devils with the horrible facial deformities you showed at the beginning of this video? I wonder if you are able to find the devils before they get to that point. In watching your past videos I can tell you are taking their plight to heart and working hard to help them. I remember that in one of your videos you took some devils somewhere (university perhaps) for them to study the devils. Were they able to find out info you didn’t know about the devils?
Jan P
Jan P Oy oldin
Sadly still no closer to finding the cause / cure for this. Its been a fight for many many years and at the moment one avenue of fighting it is by building isolated communities throughout Australia to ensure there is sufficient disease free breeding stock when they finally eradicate it. But much like human cancer, the cure is much further than we would like.
David Ens
David Ens Oy oldin
I can't figure out how I was hearing twins in stereo or my ears were playing tricks on me at first it was disconcerting but I figure its pretty darn adorable
N M Oy oldin
I love those ladies that help the pelicans, they do some awesome work. Also Tim really needs his own new series, I did love that thing he did on rocks too.
Macaela Tice-Loma
Macaela Tice-Loma Oy oldin
no hate to the sisters but: your copycat talking is really annoying and i thought i had hallusionations hearing you girls speak good god!! i honnestly dont want to hear 2 going at the same time cause i want to understand what your talking about cause of that...
Hiram Rivera
Hiram Rivera Oy oldin
Tim did a great job
Vickie McKie
Vickie McKie Oy oldin
Tim is just so darn cute. I love watching him. He always makes me smile. And yes, i love the animals too.
Shirley Laboy
Shirley Laboy Oy oldin
I hope the program works it would be awful to have the devils go extinct. The komodo dragons are cute also. 🙂❤
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