Tim Can't Keep Hold Of Poisonous Tiger Snake Babies! | Full Episode | The Wild Life Of Tim Faulkner

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Tim Can't Keep Hold Of Poisonous Tiger Snake Babies, the fourth most toxic snake in the world!! Follow the exciting adventures of Tim Faulkner at the Australian Reptile Park.
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Sabinka 5 kun oldin
I had no idea those Crocs made that noise! That's unreal! I'm so thankful for people like you. I recognize the importance of the work you do and believe in the conservation of all animals (yes even spiders, they have an important place in our ecosystem) but I just couldn't do the job. I'd rather deal with Covid-19 and gaping flesh wounds and ostomy bags (nursing student) than deal with snakes and the like. Hats off to you and those like you Bondi Vet!
susan Altorfer
susan Altorfer 5 kun oldin
Lol I love Tim he is just so cool
Vocal Armory
Vocal Armory 12 kun oldin
Who else has a pet peeve where the misuse of ‘poisonous’ and ‘venomous’ just straight up makes you disappointed? Nobody? Just me? Okay....
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 16 kun oldin
that croc is huge hes a scary animal but hes a beautiful animal
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 16 kun oldin
wow hugo is massive ive never seen anything this big in my life
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 16 kun oldin
i love when they make that little noise so cute
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 16 kun oldin
the tiny crocs are so adorable
Kari Cooper
Kari Cooper 16 kun oldin
This guy walking ankle deep in croc-infested water in the middle of the night... The cojones this man has haha
Jordo 17 kun oldin
You mean venomous tiger snake baby’s?
Michael Reece
Michael Reece 18 kun oldin
Wish you’d learn to say the word “data.” There’s no “r” in the word.
anna Nardo
anna Nardo 19 kun oldin
Fruitpunchmouth 20 kun oldin
those adorable death noodles are escaping D8
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade 20 kun oldin
The noise these babies make is so cute- they are really cute themselves who’d believe how big and scary these little crocs become
gaby paty
gaby paty 21 kun oldin
I feel so bad for them tbh...he tape there mouth and looked soo sad😭
lachimolala mochi
lachimolala mochi 24 kun oldin
Meeh meeh meeh
Sunrise Sunset
Sunrise Sunset 24 kun oldin
8:58 Did this tortoise just roar?
Sunrise Sunset
Sunrise Sunset 24 kun oldin
Yup... it's a freaking dinosaur with a shell.
K-Canna Queen
K-Canna Queen 24 kun oldin
4:40 croc: ayyy ayyyy ayyyy mateeee... AY
Kevin N
Kevin N 25 kun oldin
Steve is dead. No one will ever be like him. Stop trying.
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 25 kun oldin
Everybody & everything to these Ausies is MATE
Yankee _with_No_Brim
Yankee _with_No_Brim 27 kun oldin
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon Shepherd 27 kun oldin
VENOM! this is such a pet peeve of mine. Snakes are venomous not poisonous!
marcus street
marcus street 27 kun oldin
The new croc keeper seemed a little to soft to be put in with crocs he’d be more comfy in with the turtle or something lol
Irongate25 School
Irongate25 School 27 kun oldin
14:11 "get it girl" ???? girl boy ????
xMinI_fIlmSx 28 kun oldin
“These babies are priceless”
Jake Holder
Jake Holder 28 kun oldin
I've only just started watching this channel and I dont know a lot about crocodiles so could some one tell me the difference between a salt warter crock and a fresh warter croc
Seemslegit 28 kun oldin
Theres no way the channel made such a mistake lol... Venom from animals is injected... Poison is ingested.
starentityy 28 kun oldin
when the croc made the funny sounds at 4:45 it sounded like a weird minecraft villager noise
golden turtle the holy
golden turtle the holy 29 kun oldin
Hello!my name isn't that but...ok
Archie Flanagan
Archie Flanagan 29 kun oldin
There were 2 baby tiger snakes at my school
Natalie Oy oldin
364 lbs for anyone wondering.
Problem ?
Problem ? Oy oldin
4:11 my guy really be in the river with a car battery xD
Esa Fortune
Esa Fortune Oy oldin
In a quantum they use those vans as taxi's here in South Africa
It’s Harr1s0n
It’s Harr1s0n Oy oldin
I swear he said the s word it watched it 10 times back but he said shid
pixelTox GG.
pixelTox GG. Oy oldin
hugo. the gentalman that he is said to his date...you can keep that whole carrot for you self for the evening :P but bring it back the next day dear !
miss miou
miss miou Oy oldin
''give him a kiss'' girl : I don't kiss on the first date : )
Bharath Tony
Bharath Tony Oy oldin
This episode reminds me swap attack game.
Matt Sinz
Matt Sinz Oy oldin
Fix the title, Snakes are venomous not poisonous.
Wathsun Ramesh
Wathsun Ramesh Oy oldin
3:32 frog minding its own business
Nick Hall
Nick Hall Oy oldin
Lol your light man has to carry an automotive battery as well?!
Jordan Chen
Jordan Chen Oy oldin
God damn it Australia....
Will Page
Will Page Oy oldin
So you leave the boat and wade around in the water ... OMG!
TechMantra Oy oldin
Those crocs seem really surprised when they get caught. "Wow!"
Sophia .Chung
Sophia .Chung Oy oldin
12:27 right after He said We have all the equipment for this very special job you can see a forklift driving out and behind him you see a kid on his bicycle that made me chuckle
XxsolarixxX Oy oldin
2:23 4:18 your welcome ^^
MrMisterMan Oy oldin
snakes are VENOMOUS, idiots
Trey Oy oldin
Y’all it’s venomous not poisonous
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Oy oldin
You think they have big fangs I have 14 tarantulas all girls and all different and they are very big and there fangs are 4 times the sizes and when they rear up they mean to bite you but if you just let them be and let them come to you they are all good and they are perfect killers to catch there insects and small mice
Sparrow Oy oldin
How does a vet channel not know that snakes are venomous!? Shame.
Snackn Oy oldin
Poisonous Tiger Snake Babies LOL & you call yourself bondi vet.........
E m m a
E m m a Oy oldin
Did they catch me swimming Lol jk
Emanuel Sheng
Emanuel Sheng Oy oldin
The sound that the croc you caught, it’s soooo cute!
Platinum Tea
Platinum Tea Oy oldin
Omg yes, i couldn’t get over the little ëugh sound it made!
Mooncatt Oy oldin
I just came here to comment. I'm not even gonna watch the video. Why make a wildlife video and call a snake poisonous? Makes you look incompetent
4:08 old mate just crusing through with his car batterey
Ulfr da wolf
Ulfr da wolf Oy oldin
Some body american the weights for me was born in weird math country
Jon Groom
Jon Groom Oy oldin
Snakes are venomous not poisonous. Might to want get you facts right.
jimmy le
jimmy le Oy oldin
this guy is like gordon ramsay but animal version
Cheetaspot Aj
Cheetaspot Aj Oy oldin
Just a quick note for the title: poisonous: if you bite it, you die. Venomous: if it bites you, you die
Derp Derp
Derp Derp 12 soat oldin
@Sparrow’s Call it voodoo (I get the reference XD)
Matt Wyrick
Matt Wyrick 28 kun oldin
@Sparrow’s Call Then you are "A person of interest."
Thecoolperson30 29 kun oldin
@Sparrow’s Call that’s correlation
Sparrow’s Call
Sparrow’s Call 29 kun oldin
What if it bites me and someone else dies?
Luca Dreissger
Luca Dreissger Oy oldin
gabriel syriaa
gabriel syriaa Oy oldin
Who came here for kyle….😳😳
Cee Nubri
Cee Nubri Oy oldin
😍😍😍😍😍😍. The baby crocs. Their little tiny teeth and The baby noises.
Pierson Ellis
Pierson Ellis Oy oldin
I didnt know snakes were poisonous i thought they were venomous
Pierson Ellis
Pierson Ellis Oy oldin
@Griffin C i know i was kidding sorry that wasnt clear lol
fuckwitt007 Oy oldin
I do miss steve irwin rip bro
LucineBlue Oy oldin
Crocodile: 8V EEEH, EHHH!!!
Sploofy Gaming
Sploofy Gaming Oy oldin
You would think a vet channel would know Tiger snakes are venomous.
Science_is_Never_Settled Oy oldin
Why are the freshwater noises so CUTE!? 😭😍
Luca Dreissger
Luca Dreissger 29 kun oldin
Cute babS!
Platinum Tea
Platinum Tea Oy oldin
Ikr! 🥰
Amy T
Amy T Oy oldin
He trusts a glove to protect his hand from a tiger snake. Wtf. Might not be safe. Garden snake sure but a tiger snake. God no.
Wxlfc ᵎ YT
Wxlfc ᵎ YT Oy oldin
Tell me about it
Nikki Arko
Nikki Arko Oy oldin
Why didn't you get a portable scale or put one in the box of the van...two birds one stone.
Sapphiregriffin Oy oldin
If it's just poisonous then he's 100% fine unless he eats one.
Ive Chang
Ive Chang Oy oldin
The fresh ones seem a little chatty. I like to talk and can appreciate that! I had wondered about enrichment for reptiles especially crocodiles. The keepers as their toys? Um yeah just not the snacks! 'K? Laughing with healthy fear. ♡
LinkaBell GAME
LinkaBell GAME Oy oldin
I almost feel like Elvis was judging the new guy. Croc's are so smart omg.
Platinum Tea
Platinum Tea Oy oldin
LinkaBell GAME
LinkaBell GAME Oy oldin
Venomous* Bondi, Venomous. XD
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf Oy oldin
I really like that Tim & the other park workers are honest about the fear they have when working with large crocs, venomous snakes/spiders, etc! So many of the people seen on TV & *especially* on UZpost send the message that there is “no reason” to be fearful of dangerous animals. Which is *EXACTLY* the type of attitude which causes people to be hurt or even killed by such animals! Which in turn can end up making the animal species responsible hated by even more people. You don’t have to have phobia level fear of any creature *but* a healthy mix of respect & fear concerning the risks involved in getting up close & realization of the damage it can cause is a good thing. - I realize that at least some of those behaving as if there is nothing to fear from such creatures with “proper handling” are trying to take away some of the fear people have. The reason is simply the fact that it’s common for people to end up hating the things they are afraid of. And then it’s only a short step to wanting to destroy the thing they hate. Which of course isn’t good. Yet at the same time such handlers also need to be aware of the message they are sending to those who want to handle such creatures...either out of love/fascination with the animal or worse..the desire to “look cool/tough” handling it. Sending the wrong message to such people can easily end with them getting seriously hurt or even killed. Which is horrible on its on but...such instances also typically make headlines & thus typically end up causing more people to fear, hate & want to destroy the species of animal that caused the damage/death *even more*. Which is exactly the opposite effect that many of those acting as if such animals shouldn’t be feared are desiring. Of course *some* of those acting as if there is nothing to fear “if you know what you’re doing” are actually doing it just to look cool/tough &/or to make money. Those are often the type later reveled to be keeping their animals in horrible unhealthy, unsafe, inhumane conditions.😡 For such individuals the animals only purpose is to boost their image &/or make them money. They couldnt care less about the welfare of the creatures under their care...much less the species as a whole!😡 - So seeing responsible keepers being honest about not only the dangers/risks of being close to such animals but also showing/plainly stating their own personal feelings of anxiety, apprehension & fear when working with them...truly helps keep people from getting the idea that they too can handle such creatures to “look cool/tough” in photos/videos on social media! Or simply bc they love & are fascinated by the creature. Which fewer such overconfident amateurs &/or arrogant idiots getting maimed or killed helps the conservation efforts by less bad press associated with the creature in question. It *should* be common sense that highly venomous reptiles/spiders, gators/crocs, etc are extremely dangerous & thus should be given their space in the wild & *ONLY* handled by trained experts. However common sense is not common anymore & seems to be growing increasingly *less* common every year concerning not only this topic but many, *many* others as well.😕😕🤯🤦🏻‍♀️
Angel Finley
Angel Finley Oy oldin
My gloves would be up to my armpits. Ok who am I kidding, I’d never touch them. Good on you Tim!
KunoichiHawaii Oy oldin
He's got his own show?! AWESOME!!!☺
KunoichiHawaii Oy oldin
@Bee oh, really, bummer, he definitely deserves his own show, him and Chris, I could watch them all day😍
Bee Oy oldin
I think it’s just a segment in Bondi Vet
Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton Oy oldin
Love this show ❤️💯👍🇦🇺
Sasheena Oy oldin
Stupid headline. Are they venomous or poisonous? Venomous means they bite you and make you sick. Poisonous means you ate them and they made you sick. What's this guy doing eating snake babies???
daban yaseen
daban yaseen Oy oldin
We should all care and love our innocent animals,
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat Oy oldin
Pleeeez stop calling them poisonous. They are venomous, not poisonous. Poison is ingested, when it is eaten, so if you are eating the snakes, and they poison you, then you can call them poisonous. When they bite you, they inject venom, not poison!
Alex Hendel
Alex Hendel Oy oldin
you can drink venom & not suffer any consequences so long as you have no sores or open wounds inside your mouth/throat, so no, there is no way you can call a venomous anything poisonous. however, poison is also used to refer to anything toxic that can and will kill you.
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat Oy oldin
@tommot94 🤣You have no idea...... 🤗🌹💕
tommot94 Oy oldin
You sound like fun 😂
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann Oy oldin
Tim would be mortified to see that you called Tiger snakes 'Poisonous'
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 18 kun oldin
@Diane Greene well yea, frogs are poisonous and would probably kill you if you licked them
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 18 kun oldin
@Cheesus Sliced I'm still not licking any frogs.
Jumin Travis
Jumin Travis 20 kun oldin
@Cheesus Sliced good to know
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 20 kun oldin
@Jumin Travis "Venoms are generally not toxic if swallowed, and must be injected under the skin (by snakes, spiders, etc.) into the tissues that are normally protected by skin in order to be toxic. However, we do NOT recommend drinking venom!" from the venomous snake faqs, university of florida, department of wildlife and conservation. First google result if you search "eating venom". I have been studying biology for fun since I was 13, and am personally qualified in several areas related to it.
Jumin Travis
Jumin Travis 20 kun oldin
@Cheesus Sliced bruh venom and poison are both deadly and dangerous, venom is not safe for consumption not sure where tf u got the info from. like that person said, venom has to be injected. it needs to enter the circulatory system. Poison causes damage through ingestion or contact. There is a reason there are two terms, cause they are two different types of toxin.
HailingHayles Oy oldin
You might wanna change the title, snakes are venomous, not poisonous...
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 22 kun oldin
@DarkPhoenix well, you're right about one thing. I made a mistake. The person a replied to meant they were coming to also say that venom and poison are different. On the other hand, the video is not about keelbacks so the few poisonous snakes that exist are irrelevant.
DarkPhoenix 22 kun oldin
@Cheesus Sliced That's not what they were saying, they were talking about the Rhabdophis keelback. Which is both poisonous and venomous due to the snake storing the toxins of the animals it feeds upon.
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 27 kun oldin
@Skeboop Bawp no, we don't. They made a mistake
Skeboop Bawp
Skeboop Bawp 27 kun oldin
Maybe Aussies say it differently?
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 27 kun oldin
@Samantha White they are absolutely not the same. Venom needs to be injected, poison needs to be ingested. If it bites you, and you die, its venomous. If you bite it, and you die, its poisonous. If it bites you and it dies, you're poisonous. If you bite it and it dies, you're venomous. If you bite each other and neither of you die, its kinky.
Becky Young
Becky Young Oy oldin
Ok. He's had his weight and health check done since last year, so WHEN do we get to see his new girlfriend? Been waiting with baited breath to see her, how things progress with them together, and to finally see new babies!
Jade Estro
Jade Estro Oy oldin
The guy that was 167 was only 2 off
Jade Estro
Jade Estro Oy oldin
Oh maybe I miss seen it then
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Oy oldin
He changed it lol
Fallen Sway
Fallen Sway Oy oldin
He was the one who had 1200kg that’s why they said he fudged the numbers. Because he’s the accountant.
Fudder muccer I
Fudder muccer I Oy oldin
is that the actual soubd galapagos tortoise makes or has it been enhanced for tv?
Byvenic Oy oldin
It's venomous. Not poisonous. You'd expect @Bondi Vet to know the difference.
KeepCalm YouExist
KeepCalm YouExist Oy oldin
Guys, I love you, but an animal channel confusing poisonous and venomous? Come now. On a happier note, what was that cow-like creature on the riverbank?!
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Oy oldin
@Bee yea lol sorry I have the worlds worst memory, it was guess on the name
Bee Oy oldin
@Mad Dawg no it’s a water buffalo. They’re pretty common here in Australia
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Oy oldin
Probably on oxen
KeepCalm YouExist
KeepCalm YouExist Oy oldin
@Fallen Sway Sweet, classic Australia. Thanks :)
Fallen Sway
Fallen Sway Oy oldin
Extremely dangerous and feral.
AestheticWaif Oy oldin
Love this channel!
Bailee Oy oldin
Ok real quick question, when you think of the state Virginia, what do you think about? For example like saying you’re thinking about Texas you think about rodeos cowgirls cowboys, or for California you think a big cities big fancy people big rich houses. What are y’all think about when you think about Virginia?
Howard The Duck
Howard The Duck 16 soat oldin
Plantations (Although there are other states better known for such)
Donna Watkins
Donna Watkins Oy oldin
Georgia girl here, met a few Virginians---well may I say they are different, a little odd and perhaps a tinge neurotic. On the plus side, they do what they say, no beating around the bush.
Bailee Oy oldin
@Mad Dawg lol not very fance
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Oy oldin
Uhm small. Old ppl. Fancy schmancy.
Bailee Oy oldin
@bittersweetrainbows why 😂, what do you imagine the people to be like?
Jada Sims
Jada Sims Oy oldin
I actually guessed that Hugo was 165, and I was right lol.
Jada Sims
Jada Sims Oy oldin
@Neko Gami Well, I'm not from Australia so I didn't know. But I was right about it being 165.
Fallen Sway
Fallen Sway Oy oldin
I guessed 160kg although I was hoping for 200kg. . . . Don’t know why lol
Neko Gami
Neko Gami Oy oldin
We use Kilograms in Australia. So your statement is incorrect. If Hugo weighed 165 lbs he'd be 74.8kg.
Danielle S
Danielle S Oy oldin
I think they're using kg not lbs
Debra Walker
Debra Walker Oy oldin
That was very dangerous it kept you sitting on the edge of your seat those guys have hell of a lot of Guys yes they do and God bless each and every one of them
Vanessa Human
Vanessa Human Oy oldin
Hello Hugo
Dshappystuff Oy oldin
Hopefully not "crunch time for Kyle"😉
Heather Garnham
Heather Garnham Oy oldin
The baby snakes are adorable.
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
The tortes getting weighed is old. Saw it at least a year ago.
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
@Griffin C I work every day during covid. Nothing has changed in my life. Not a thing.
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
@Griffin C my sister is a vet and they have plenty of cases every day to pick and choose videos instead of sneaking old ones we have seen 20 times. Don’t they wear there safety mask and social distance every day with every patient???? They are safe from covid. They won’t get it or spread it they are protected by the mask.
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
@Griffin C covid is an excuse. They are still working still treating animals. I almost died from covid but I’m still living my life. I was in two different hospitals. I had blood clots on my lungs and legs. Viruses are part of life. They always been there and will always be there. Look at history. I never had the fear. If I get it and die then that’s my destiny. I never wear a mask never social distancing. If those things worked they why are those who do those things still getting the virus.
Griffin C
Griffin C Oy oldin
@Linda VonHaugg You think that they film everything that they do? Also, COVID is a reasonable excuse to not film anything
Linda VonHaugg
Linda VonHaugg Oy oldin
@Rogue Wolf covid does not affect animals needing medical care. Covid said is an over used excuse.
Alysani01 Oy oldin
these snakes are venomous not poisonous. if it bites you and you die its venomous. if you bite it and you die its poisonous.
Jo Ann Nagy
Jo Ann Nagy Oy oldin
Thank you 😊
leslie barger
leslie barger Oy oldin
Kassie Dabs
Kassie Dabs Oy oldin
Kassie Dabs
Kassie Dabs Oy oldin
@Rogue Wolf they've had post covid videos. I know what covid is and dont need a lecture. Find something better to do. This isnt something new to covid.
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf Oy oldin
See...there is this thing you may have heard of going on all across the world called COVID-19?🤨 They are just trying to give fans SOMETHING to watch until it is both safe for them to film & *allowed* by local government restrictions. The health & safety of their animals comes first & exposing the staff & vets who care for the animals just to film a UZpost video isnt what’s best for the animals...or the staff/vets.Or even the filming crews for that matter! So maybe be grateful they are trying & not be rude. *No ones* entertainment is worth risking people’s lives or the welfare of the animals we all love. - Luckily Australia has done a better job combatting COVID-19 than most of Europe & the US so bondi vet has just recently been able to start filming again & just put out their first completely new video. So hopefully if COVID-19 remains under control there we will see more new videos soon.
Monster!Bendy Oy oldin
TymeRyder Oy oldin
Tim and his mates, just the best. Always look forward to more.
K M Oy oldin
I learn so much from Tim. I also like how Australians use nicknames like “freshies”.
Angela Pilliard
Angela Pilliard Oy oldin
Do Galapagos tortoises really make that noise? It sounds like a dinosaur! Also, at what age do crocs/alligators stop making the baby sound?
Angela Pilliard
Angela Pilliard Oy oldin
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf Oy oldin
Those tortoises DO actually make that sound. However it’s not actually as loud as they make it seem in these videos. Either they captured the sound with a very sensitive boom mic & increased the volume or they put a mic pack on him to catch the sounds. Most of the sound is actually *below* human range of hearing & can travel for miles to help find mates in the wild.
Amy Carter
Amy Carter Oy oldin
Wouldn't it be 'venomous tiger snake babies'? they aren't poisonous..
Cheesus Sliced
Cheesus Sliced 27 kun oldin
@Rogue Wolf eating venom is only dangerous if you have any cuts or damage to any of the tissue that the venom will pass by. It needs a direct path into your circulatory system to be effective. Eating venom is a bad idea because most people have ulcers or some other form of damage that would cause the venom to still be effective.
Dora Brooks
Dora Brooks Oy oldin
@Rogue Wolf Dart frogs are definitely *poisonous* . Poison is ingested _or absorbed_ through the skin, so it fits the definition perfectly! 😊 Jellyfish are *venomous* because when their tentacles brush against one's skin, their nematocysts (like tiny darts) pierce the skin and inject their toxin into that person. They aren't quite the same, but you could compare nematocysts to a bee stinger- which I believe is why we refer to it as a "jellyfish sting". Hope that helps! Cheers! 😄
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf Oy oldin
Well...I guess if for some reason you ate the head of the snake it could be poisonous.🤷🏻‍♀️ I know some rattlesnake meat can be poisonous during mating season when males are fighting & sometimes bite each other. But yes...in general snakes are venomous not poisonous. But many people confuse the two terms all the time. I know here in the US you rarely hear anyone say a “venomous spider” it’s always a “poisonous spider”. Same with venomous snakes here...people typically say “poisonous snake”.🤷🏻‍♀️ In all my time as a paramedic & ER nurse I don’t remember even one person who thought they had been bitten by a venomous snake or spider calling it anything besides “poisonous”. I realize it’s not the accurate terminology & that a wildlife show *should* use the proper terms. - Question...would poison dart frogs & other similar species be termed venomous or poisonous? Many can cause sickness or even death just from contacting the skin & thus don’t need to be eaten to cause illness/death. But they don’t bite or otherwise inject their venom/poison like spiders & snakes do. Just curious since I’ve also heard venom used in referring to jellyfish. Which I don’t think actually inject their venom but I know they do have tiny barbs which break the skin. Just curious as the correct term for creatures who deliver their venom/poisonous secretions without biting/stinging yet can still be dangerous/deadly just from contact with the skin.
Hope Klein
Hope Klein Oy oldin
@Bree Coke-Attewell there are some snakes that are both, yes.
Amy Carter
Amy Carter Oy oldin
@Bree Coke-Attewell It would be deadly
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