Tim Faulkner Saves Large Snake From Getting Crushed! | Full Episode | The Wildlife Of Tim Faulkner

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21 kun oldin

Follow the exciting adventures of Tim Faulkner at the Australian Reptile Park.
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601salsa Kun oldin
Jeez....... your sound engineer should have balanced that music better to the speaking voice....
human cattoy
human cattoy 2 kun oldin
Thanks Tim. You are definitely awesome.
Galilla Sinatra
Galilla Sinatra 3 kun oldin
Tim! No life vest on the boat? Shame on you!
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 4 kun oldin
They killed the cats on Tasman??
lucieclayton10 6 kun oldin
Getting excited about poisoning cats. I just went off this guy
christine birch
christine birch 6 kun oldin
I love watching Tim. Full of information, expertise and enthusiasm.
Monique. Coleman
Monique. Coleman 6 kun oldin
I don't understand why they couldn't have relocated the cats rather then point them. Yet again humans introduced cats to that island and they paid the price in then end very sad
Monique. Coleman
Monique. Coleman 6 kun oldin
Poison them
dutchigirl 10 kun oldin
did I hear that well?? they poisoned all the wild cats on tasman island????????????? (at 23.00 mins in the video)
Dee Strange
Dee Strange 12 kun oldin
Love the show! But the music behind the narrative is to loud.
Seana Bondy
Seana Bondy 13 kun oldin
Absolutely no reason to kill those poor cats. They were left there by humans. Move them to a safe cat colony after gaining their trust. Cats are no less important than any other animal. Disgusting!
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 14 kun oldin
Made me jump when it almost attacked him
john cameron
john cameron 15 kun oldin
Sad that you posioned the cats instead of captured them.
Sneaks 5 kun oldin
@Co Kyle Christian B. Many feral cats can and are rehomed and live quite nicely as house pets. I have two right now who sleep with the dog and the other cats.
Co Kyle Christian B.
Co Kyle Christian B. 5 kun oldin
Capture and then what, give them away for adoption? They're feral cats and they will not be suitable as house pets.
Sneaks 15 kun oldin
Saddened, sick, angry. No excuse for such inhumane behavior.
john cameron
john cameron 15 kun oldin
Music was too loud. Could not hear the vo
Meghan Pappas
Meghan Pappas 16 kun oldin
I love you guys I really do. I watch every day. But you guys poisoning and killing these poor cats instead of trapping them and relocating them, makes me physically ill!!! 😔🤢🤮😰😭🤬
Julie Reis
Julie Reis 16 kun oldin
Love Tim and all the work he and his team do, might I ask that the music that plays while he talks be not as loud though. At times it is very difficult to hear him.
Ami Offenbacher-Ferris
Ami Offenbacher-Ferris 16 kun oldin
I love Tim and everything he does. I do wish the editing was a bit better though. The music is so loud that I can not hear what Tim is saying. Hey editor, turn down that music volume please! Thanks and good on ya!
Fuzzy Navel
Fuzzy Navel 17 kun oldin
I'm sorry but killing the cats was just wrong Tim
Old Hag73
Old Hag73 18 kun oldin
sound editor needs a slap. Music louder then the talking and voice overs over the video voices and so on. Normally love watching Bondi Vet but the sound editing has not been good lately.
Peta Van Der Wal
Peta Van Der Wal 18 kun oldin
Music is too overpowering!! Show is great!!
Gavina Stoddard
Gavina Stoddard 18 kun oldin
Tim, I respect what u believe in I love lizards they so funny looking if it was not for u all we wouldn't have the anotdote to help us when we get snake bit it's hard WK so I pray for u u have been bless with strength, courage an u have a wonderful team I have to say mate okok blessings to ur u an ur team okok
Billy Graham
Billy Graham 18 kun oldin
DellJankowski 18 kun oldin
Just curious how long did it take to catch all the Roo's?
Kyle Georges
Kyle Georges 18 kun oldin
I'd rly rly love to volunteer to work with Tim and his crew with all those amazing animals. 😍
erika stiesch
erika stiesch 18 kun oldin
Awesome! Tim rocks!
KnightDragon 18 kun oldin
Next time please don't play the music louder then the person talking. I have a hard time hearing it. sorry I don't mean to criticize, but I'm losing my hearing and it's already heard to hear.
Dragon Deothas
Dragon Deothas 18 kun oldin
Poisoning cats? That sounds a bit harsh and cruel... Why not capture and then put down humanely?
Ann Colvin
Ann Colvin 19 kun oldin
The music is a little overpowering at times. Sometimes you can't hear the dialogue. Love the show!
Gwendoline Merrick
Gwendoline Merrick 19 kun oldin
Couldn't believe what I was hearing, are u all mad? - this is medieval stuff , I'm in tears. =^o^= what exactly is meant by 'eradicate'? If you can care about birds then the same can be applied to cats!
lytken 19 kun oldin
you really need to turn that music off so we can hear what Tim is saying
CrazyGaming 19 kun oldin
Hhnj ii ughoiyg
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn 19 kun oldin
ummm - they poisoned the cats!? like what? all you needed to do was catch them. very disappointing :| 🐈‍⬛😧
Gavina Stoddard
Gavina Stoddard 19 kun oldin
I cee a word for I'm.. from Gabby Stoddard I feel sad for you it is a year of 9years of our darkness for everyone that poison, cats trust me u should ask urselfs how is my life SENCE I got rid of the cats that eat seguls yes think about it God bless you all
Mariz esparcia
Mariz esparcia 19 kun oldin
Im so nervous when it comes to snakes 😭😭,,but how do u hndle not to scared 🙅🙅🙅
Equine Girl
Equine Girl 19 kun oldin
I’m sure it doesn’t hurt when they grab the tails but I can’t help thinking it does
Jay M
Jay M 16 kun oldin
You’re correct, it doesn’t
Bianca Schulz
Bianca Schulz 19 kun oldin
I love this Show, but man, the soundmixing in this can be awful.
Pythonaria 19 kun oldin
Thank you for making sure that beautiful snake was safe.
Allyce Povick
Allyce Povick 19 kun oldin
The music gets too loud and drowns Tim out!
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 19 kun oldin
Keep your fucking cats inside the house, idc if they are mad at u for doing so or not, just keep them indoors!
Katherine Lawrence
Katherine Lawrence 19 kun oldin
Sick to my stomach hearing that they killed the cats. Trap, spay/neuter & release somewhere safe. The guy, not Tim seemed very happy that he gained the cats trust and then killed them.
Co Kyle Christian B.
Co Kyle Christian B. 5 kun oldin
You can't rehabilitate feral cats.
Uielyave 8 kun oldin
Unfortunately, the needs of the birds who were there naturally and being slaughtered en masse matter more than the cats... It was irresponsible of the owners to leave them behind, but when they are truly feral, they can't be really tamed, and you can't re rerelease them. Thats the point. They unfortunately have to be culled in order for the natural life to flourish. Australia's ecosystem is being destroyed by animals like cats, rabbits and cane toads. You gotta cull them to thin their numbers. They have no natural predators in Australia. Humans have to intervene. (we started the mess anyway.)
Lee Atkin
Lee Atkin 18 kun oldin
Unfortunately, you can't release cats somewhere new. So trap and euthanize (rehome those who happened to be friendly enough) would have been much kinder to do.
tan ye siang
tan ye siang 19 kun oldin
there is no somewhere safe in aussie. even on the mainland, feral cats are a pest that kill off native species. to aussie, its an invasive species.
Robyn Drake
Robyn Drake 19 kun oldin
Tim's love of his job and the animals and his enthusiasm reminds me of Steve Irwin. Rip Steve.
tim jeude
tim jeude Kun oldin
I hadn't realized that connection. thank you for pointing it out. Beautiful! Now I'm understanding why I enjoy him so much.
Rosanna Pace
Rosanna Pace 3 kun oldin
Have a good nightmares
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 18 kun oldin
Thankfully he doesn't have the drama of Steve though.
Ginger Moore
Ginger Moore 19 kun oldin
Tim, you are outstanding.
Barry McG
Barry McG 19 kun oldin
That baby wallaby is beautiful, and they are so fast no agile. I’d love to visit Australia one day for the wildlife!
Megan Case
Megan Case 20 kun oldin
571st like
Joanne Ganon
Joanne Ganon 20 kun oldin
Tim , your a Brave Man 😱 JO JO IN VT 💕😄 🇺🇸
Lisa F
Lisa F 20 kun oldin
Well it definitely is inhumane to kill the cats with poision. It isn't their fault they got left behind. They probably kill the birds because they do need to eat to survive.
Lisa F
Lisa F 8 kun oldin
@Angela Smitheven with rodents i have caught a few and let them go.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 19 kun oldin
I know!! I thought they were going to catch them in the cages and take them somewhere else, where they would be looked after. Unbelievably cruel, cats are not rodents.
Noralee Stone
Noralee Stone 20 kun oldin
I'm rather distressed that 16 feral cats were poisoned rather than trapped, neutered, & released on the mainland. It wasn't their fault they were on the island. Humans are monsters; we do more harm than any other living thing. :/
Lotus 16 kun oldin
Cats kill to eat and for sport. So TNR in a country where they are killing endangered native species isn't an option. I'm always in support of TNR, but it just wasnt an option as 16 feral cats can wipe out /a lot/ of animals quickly.
Deanna Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler 18 kun oldin
@Noralee Stone You are right, TNR is the way and with that comes you have to feed them, if they are fed they won't have to kill birds. Some people just do not care, pure evil. I am in US and we KNOW that MURDER is NOT the answer.
Noralee Stone
Noralee Stone 19 kun oldin
Clearly I was misunderstood. We have an issue with feral cats in Canada as well. But we don't go around poisoning them. Concerned citizens get together to form TNR groups (trap, neuter, release). That way, the cats are fed on a regular basis, and not reproducing. I know those cats needed to be removed from Tasman Island; I just don't agree that poisoning was the ONLY option. Where is the humanity in that? Okay, everyone? Thank you.
tan ye siang
tan ye siang 19 kun oldin
feral cats are still pest in australia mainland. its not just the island
Bianca Schulz
Bianca Schulz 19 kun oldin
Cats are also pest on the mailand. They would also kill everything there.
Lisa Ramsey
Lisa Ramsey 20 kun oldin
I do not believe you just poison the cats. I'm done watching this show.
Deanna Wheeler
Deanna Wheeler 18 kun oldin
Me too, I will NOT watch this crap EVER again!!
The Scarlet Arachnid
The Scarlet Arachnid 20 kun oldin
AGAIN... The music interferes with the commentary. Don't you check these before posting?
Arthur Cortright
Arthur Cortright 20 kun oldin
I caught rattlesnakes for the Nature Trail in high school. Been there. Roo? Walabee? Are the same?
Charm Larritt
Charm Larritt 13 kun oldin
Roos and wallabies are from the same family, Macropoda.
fidget master / slime master
fidget master / slime master 20 kun oldin
bondi vet you have inspired me to become a vet when I grown up, thank you soo much for posting these videos I apreshiate it . i have 3 cats and when they are hurt I can find out whats wrong with them because you taght me. thank you . and if you see my channel I have my cats posted on there so u can see them ! my channel is fidget master / slime master . thank you again for posting. and one more thank you for taking care f animals in need . you have saed so may lives , even thought they can be scarry or dngorus they are still worth saving . i hope every one reading this has the best day ever !
ChargerfiscoGaming 20 kun oldin
The snake is so beautiful.
Chris Witmer
Chris Witmer 20 kun oldin
Poisoning the cats....what!?!?? How cruel and painful! Not the cats fault they were left behind to fend for themselves. 😢
Chris Witmer
Chris Witmer 14 kun oldin
@Meghan Pappas : Me too. 😢
Meghan Pappas
Meghan Pappas 16 kun oldin
@Chris Witmer I rescue and adopt cats and kittens and have been for 4 years. I can't believe they were so cruel. It wasn't the kitties fault that pos people left them there to fend for themselves
Meghan Pappas
Meghan Pappas 16 kun oldin
I agree. It pissed me off and makes me physically sick!!! 😤😭🤢🤮🤬🤬🤬
Chris Witmer
Chris Witmer 16 kun oldin
@Lotus : I did rescue and TNR plus took care of a cat colony for years. If the cats would've been helped years ago...but instead were allowed to live on the island with little food source but birds, mice etc. Still very cruel to gain their confidence and then poison them. 😢
Lee Atkin
Lee Atkin 16 kun oldin
@Lotus so rather set traps with food and no poison that wont close. Then once the cats are used to the traps and food set them with food and no poison BUT the trap activates. Take the cats off the island and adopt or euthanize them.
pete t. ling
pete t. ling 20 kun oldin
good job tim and team. keep it up. stay safe always.
Richard L. Mcglasson
Richard L. Mcglasson 20 kun oldin
People who poisoned the cats instead of rehoming them are lower than a piss ant they have every right to live their life as you and I and those birds stop being so lazy and do the foot so work and rescue those poor abandoned cats fine the owners of don't see punish innocent cats right now I feel you are a murderer of cats or anything else you don't want not a good person in my book😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Esme Marion
Esme Marion 20 kun oldin
Really neat seeing the Bondi Vet team having their own shows. Tim's always been one of my favorites! c:
SavageAngel Wolf
SavageAngel Wolf 20 kun oldin
Catching the small kangaroo looking cuties I have no clue what there called but cheating them looks hard and a lot of fun.
Charm Larritt
Charm Larritt 13 kun oldin
Those were Yellow-footed rock wallabies. Wallabies are from the same family as kangaroos, but quite a lot smaller and much more agile
SavageAngel Wolf
SavageAngel Wolf 20 kun oldin
Catching them not cheating.
Heather Lewis
Heather Lewis 20 kun oldin
Nice grab, Tim! Those wallabies are really tricky!
Denise Carpenter
Denise Carpenter 18 kun oldin
And fast, really fast! 😂
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee 20 kun oldin
music too loud, can't hear Tim talking very well.
ForReal ISwear
ForReal ISwear 20 kun oldin
THE MUSIC ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗᵃᵗᵒʳ
Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens 20 kun oldin
Tim is way more interesting that the music, after all. I came to listen to Tim, not the music!
Hannah Welch
Hannah Welch 20 kun oldin
Why do I feel so bad for the cats:(
Amanda Pablo
Amanda Pablo 19 kun oldin
Because the cats were left on an island, to fend for themselves. So birds in a cage is the way they survive. Like snakes in a fruit tree eating fruit or fruit bats! But the concern is for snakes, can’t feel the same for abandoned cats, they are poisoned with little thought of saving them. They poison cats here in Brantley County Georgia for trying to live off scraps in garbage dumpsters.
Amanda Alexander
Amanda Alexander 19 kun oldin
@Hannah Welch right that's foul frfr
Hannah Welch
Hannah Welch 19 kun oldin
@Amanda Alexander yeh they were just trying to survive
Amanda Alexander
Amanda Alexander 20 kun oldin
Me too I don't think poisoning them is the best solution
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 20 kun oldin
I love Tim and his enthusiasm for all wildlife ❤ Hd lives a very interesting and fun life, but I'm sure it's very trying too when he has to be a surrogate mommy for one of the pouch animals from the ark or the zoo. It's not always fun to feed every 2 to 4 hours and then run around with them all day lol 😆 But he's doing a amazing job and I'm happy he got his own little show here on the Bondi Vet channel 😀
tristen solock
tristen solock 20 kun oldin
Not a fan at all of snakes, but don't want to see them hurt.
Halfie 4 Tailed Fursuits
Halfie 4 Tailed Fursuits 20 kun oldin
I'm loving this Tim Faulkner focused show!!
Kathy Godbeaux
Kathy Godbeaux 20 kun oldin
That snake was saying "but I was going to the other side of the road!"
paranormal encounters
paranormal encounters 20 kun oldin
Yeah, but he was also saying “thanks for not running me over, Tim!”
Jean Hess
Jean Hess 20 kun oldin
Maybe instead of killing all the feral cats create a cat colony. Spay and neuter them and adopt out kittens from the incoming cats. It works in other parts of the world.
Lee Atkin
Lee Atkin 18 kun oldin
As a cat rescuer I would generally agree with you, but in this case TNR would not have worked as they needed the cats gone and to have them stop attacking the local native wildlife.
tan ye siang
tan ye siang 19 kun oldin
in aussie it dont, the have a feral cat infestation even on the mainland.
Josefina Herreros
Josefina Herreros 19 kun oldin
But in the meantime they will keep on killing the endangered species. We just have to accept that in this case, that cats are a dangerous pest
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 20 kun oldin
tim is amazing at what he does
Lucas Jnr
Lucas Jnr 20 kun oldin
Abby Gillespie
Abby Gillespie 20 kun oldin
So happy the Wildlife of Tim Faulkner is finally available for viewing in the United States.
BlackForestWitch 15 kun oldin
I watch it from Switzerland 🥰
Melissa Jarvis
Melissa Jarvis 18 kun oldin
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn 19 kun oldin
and about time!!!!!!! :)
TA Outdoors
TA Outdoors 19 kun oldin
Same! We need much more!!!
Virginia Blizzard
Virginia Blizzard 20 kun oldin
Tim should have his own channel 😐i mean I enjoy the content, but I just think he deserves his own channel.
Flower Filly
Flower Filly 20 kun oldin
The music overwhelms the people talking sometimes :(
Flower Filly
Flower Filly 20 kun oldin
@Kathi Morrical Yes!!!
Kathi Morrical
Kathi Morrical 20 kun oldin
Agreed! Need a better trained sound person/editor,no continuity. Otherwise excellent show!! GO TEAM BONDI!
Phoebe Harris
Phoebe Harris 20 kun oldin
12:15 it’s 9:30 in the night I’m tired and I just lost my heart bc if that beat 😭
WolfGieGamer 20 kun oldin
19 minutes early to watch animals
Patricia Clark
Patricia Clark 20 kun oldin
And what kind of poison was used to kill the cats. I have no problem with euthanizing them, but done in a humane way.
Kerem Yusa Karakaya
Kerem Yusa Karakaya 20 kun oldin
How can they breathe in those sacks?
Zaracha Stellaris
Zaracha Stellaris 20 kun oldin
Sacks are usually used to transport reptiles, it actually calms them
Heather Garnham
Heather Garnham 20 kun oldin
They're made from hessian, it's permiable.
Carol Weideman
Carol Weideman 20 kun oldin
I am sorry but I feel for the cats. I understand the birds need to be saved but if it was not for humans the cats would not have been there. People that abandon cats anywhere are disgusting. Plus I do not like the attitude Australians have to cats. I would say more but I know what I posted will not be liked by many, so I will leave it at that.
tan ye siang
tan ye siang 19 kun oldin
@Carol Weideman but where will you intend to bring them to? feral cat are still a pest on mainland. they killed off too many species over the years already.
Bianca Schulz
Bianca Schulz 19 kun oldin
@Carol Weideman Neutered cats can still kill. Thats the problem. The problem is them killing birds. So mamy bird species have gone exctinct due to them. You have to kill them. Its sad, but thats how it is.
Carol Weideman
Carol Weideman 19 kun oldin
@Heather Garnham Even when I talk I will say to people I am sorry but what I am going to say may upset you then tell people what I think. At times people will tell me off and hey that is their option but at times people say okay and that is that.
Carol Weideman
Carol Weideman 19 kun oldin
@53evi I do understand that cats are NOT native and do damage.. On the mainland, if you want them gone, make it a law all cats have to be sterilized and do not let anyone else import cats. I know of cities that have done that to feral cat colonies and they naturally die out in a short time. As for this island, if you can take the time to get the cats into a routine in order to poison them, you can take the time to trap them and take them off the island. The part I do not like is the poison part. This program has talked about how farmers have killed native wildlife because of their stock and have to be educated. I agree but then this program just shows me that it is okay for this tour guide and his organization to poison cats. Sorry, but to me that is wrong.
53evi 20 kun oldin
Why don't you understand the cats are NOT native animals in Australia and Tasmania? They killed a lot of native birds and other animals...It's the fault of the humans, because abandoned then...You are right they just trying to survive but the birds trying also...
TheFatOtter Gaming
TheFatOtter Gaming 20 kun oldin
1 word 4 letters Whoa
Pam Miller
Pam Miller 20 kun oldin
You killed the cats I don't like that that's not right they have every right to live like any of those other animals
Flower Filly
Flower Filly 19 kun oldin
@sungli1 Yes, but in the end they would eventually have to die. They could have done it more kindly.
sungli1 19 kun oldin
@Flower Filly of course there was another Option.... they can at least be traped and put to sleep a non- painfull way... poison is quite cruel
Flower Filly
Flower Filly 20 kun oldin
@Solcys Matrii Yeah i meant like completely docile pets. My bad.
Solcys Matrii
Solcys Matrii 20 kun oldin
@Flower Filly Feral cats actually CAN be tamed, its just not likely for them to ever be super docile or friendly, only possible to home (so you'd still have a half wild cat essentially)
Flower Filly
Flower Filly 20 kun oldin
Unfortunately there was no other option. They killed way more birds than their population. Those cats would eventually kill every bird, and then they would starve. Feral cats cant be tamed, and if they were placed in shelters they would most definitely be euthanized. If they sat in a no-kill shelter, cats that may have been able to take their spot will be euthanized at other shelters. It was the only option.
Charlotte D
Charlotte D 20 kun oldin
Cranky baby !!!
Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 20 kun oldin
My father caught rattlesnakes fir the San Antonio, Texas scientist developing anti venom in the 1930s. He taught me to handle snakes. Hubby nearly had a heart attack the first time I gently moved a rattler off a road. People deliberately run over them, they seem to think rattlers spend their time looking for people to bite!
human cattoy
human cattoy 2 kun oldin
Thats awesome. Thanks for helping the rattlers.
Laura Porter
Laura Porter 15 kun oldin
I get the same response when I remove snapping turtles and porcupines from the road. Neither can fare well when up against a truck. I do wish the snappers would not go after the swans though.
Iris Spadaro
Iris Spadaro 17 kun oldin
I hate them.
Denise Carpenter
Denise Carpenter 18 kun oldin
Thank you for doing that. You are awesome.
Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 20 kun oldin
Pythons are a huge issue in Florida...the raccoon population in the Everglades has dropped by 99%, impacting the rest of the ecosystem.
Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 20 kun oldin
Beautiful country around that cave.
James Matthew
James Matthew 20 kun oldin
To the "early people" you're a legend and adorable and also a true "fan" God bless you🖤
*•V!ntag3 Bee•*
*•V!ntag3 Bee•* 20 kun oldin
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays 20 kun oldin
If I were a vet, I think I’d just stick to the cats and dogs 🤣😂
Henk Vermeer
Henk Vermeer 13 kun oldin
@Music lyrics to eradicate means killing. wich is sad cos i like my cat
Peta Visinko
Peta Visinko 18 kun oldin
what about rabbits and guinea pigs birds and chooks
Music lyrics
Music lyrics 19 kun oldin
me to and i have a question did they kill them or did they transport them
James Matthew
James Matthew 20 kun oldin
I don't want much for myself. I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved. Wishing you a good day
Rosanna Pace
Rosanna Pace 3 kun oldin
Have a good night mares
Robin Mullane
Robin Mullane 19 kun oldin
Thank you, you also.
Phoebe Harris
Phoebe Harris 19 kun oldin
Ty so much u 2
Katina Ross
Katina Ross 19 kun oldin
Wish it were that easy but still wishing everyone the best. Peace and much love to everyone reading this. Xoxooxo
Robin Gray
Robin Gray 20 kun oldin
I wish the same to you! Hope you're having a nice day as well.
Hanitra Benala
Hanitra Benala 20 kun oldin
Love from Madagascar 🇲🇬 🥰
Elizabeth Alderman
Elizabeth Alderman 20 kun oldin
Good job Tim! And good luck to the Australian Reptile Park with all the Funnelweb spiders that are in higher numbers due to flooding. Stay safe everyone and sending prayers your way from the US
Skosulan07s kusin ree
Skosulan07s kusin ree 20 kun oldin
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
ItsJustEhli 20 kun oldin
Love Bondi vet keep it up
Ahmad Mohamed
Ahmad Mohamed 20 kun oldin
plz like this
The Unknown FireFoxxx
The Unknown FireFoxxx 20 kun oldin
I love this video ❤️
ItsJustEhli 20 kun oldin
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