Tim Faulkner Finds Two Funnel Web Spiders In Friends House! | Classic Clip | Bondi Vet

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Tim Faulkner captures the DEADLIEST spider in the world and he found two of them in his friend's house!! THE FUNNEL WEB SPIDER!
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Hassan Waleed
Hassan Waleed 4 soat oldin
There is no way you can live there after that. Crazy
Josh Kim
Josh Kim 5 soat oldin
Him: Finds and catches the spider Me: Burns down the house
Daniel Byrns
Daniel Byrns 8 soat oldin
I say we blast off and nuke the entire site from orbit. Only way to be sure
IamNotaWiseGuy 14 soat oldin
Here in Philippines if we see a spider we smash it using a slipper
Heather Hawks
Heather Hawks 14 soat oldin
Screw that I'm moving out the house
Snow Forest
Snow Forest 15 soat oldin
Why does he still have kids in the room which he seems to have a hard time to control the hells wrong with him
Jude Faulkner
Jude Faulkner 19 soat oldin
Yo my last name is faulkner no way 😂!
Dan Scherbert
Dan Scherbert 19 soat oldin
Caught Sydney funnel web spider in Sydney....
spasianYT Kun oldin
the annoying this is that the parents arent protecting the kids and just letting them scurry around
D K Kun oldin
6:20 'They're super-aggressive' (pokes it with a giant slotted spoon)
wesley wild
wesley wild Kun oldin
deadly spider running around . also 2 kids with bare feet ???????????
Dood The Doodle
Dood The Doodle 2 kun oldin
just found the worlds deadliest spider crawling around my living room, think I should close the door while we go have a look outside? nah, just leave that sucker wide open
Paul 2 kun oldin
Why didn't they just burn the house down?
Patti-emmonstrex65 2 kun oldin
And the littles are running about in bare feet helping to look for the killer spiders. Crazy! Must be an Aussie thing.
hunterkiller1984 2 kun oldin
It’s Thanos
It’s Thanos 2 kun oldin
Uh yea no thx man burn the house
Scotty S
Scotty S 2 kun oldin
If I'm searching my house for a hiding spider, I've got a can of Raid in my hand. If its as big as these monsters, I've got a .22 loaded with shot shells.
Ultrove r
Ultrove r 3 kun oldin
Why do you live in australia.. why.
A A 3 kun oldin
Wait why did the woman kiss him.. I’m new here so I don’t really know.
Ivery_ Chan
Ivery_ Chan 3 kun oldin
“World’s deadliest spider” *Legit catches it with a spoon and puts it near a kid* Also why it look like a big ant-
Ivery_ Chan
Ivery_ Chan 3 kun oldin
*No fears whatsoever*
Michael 3 kun oldin
good reason to live in Siberia lol
Kalie A
Kalie A 3 kun oldin
Not me leaving my house for 2 days because I saw a daddy long leg... this is another level
tyler 3 kun oldin
The younger one is not impressed about the small show in the end. You can see it during the handshake 💀💀
Phelan Christopher
Phelan Christopher 3 kun oldin
Some good tupperware containers
Rollo Fenrir
Rollo Fenrir 3 kun oldin
Guy: i dont want them to grow up scared of spiders Also guy: continues letting loose the spider in their home and describes how deadly it is 😄
Rollo Fenrir
Rollo Fenrir 3 kun oldin
Australia the only place with insect law enforcement 😂
Rosanna Pace
Rosanna Pace 3 kun oldin
What about a black widow?
Rosanna Pace
Rosanna Pace 3 kun oldin
Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
balraj Kaur
balraj Kaur 4 kun oldin
Wtf they live in Austin there gonna find 500 billion funnel backs
Relevant Information
Relevant Information 4 kun oldin
Sticky pads. Used them for bark scorpions 🦂 in the Arizona desert🌵 . Unbeatable along the the floorboards for catching critters as they often follow the walls.
Liam Hansford
Liam Hansford 4 kun oldin
How to avoid dangerous spiders: 1. Don’t live in Australia.
Harry Watson
Harry Watson 4 kun oldin
Imadgen going to work and telling your co-worker “what have I done to day? Oh I just caught 2 of the worlds most deadly spider “ like imadgen that
Organic Grow
Organic Grow 4 kun oldin
Tim putting both hands in spider hole to spider: Pick a hand, any hand.
Elder74 4 kun oldin
I feel like they called pest control and got a camera crew instead. Nobody seemed at ease with his exhibition. Lol
piggy201 4 kun oldin
Why would anyone want to live in Australia?
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming 4 kun oldin
These are the insects please kill their species from earth, keep the good ones
Lu Loud
Lu Loud 4 kun oldin
We have a pet spider
kassi warcraft
kassi warcraft 4 kun oldin
Is there anything in Australia that can't kill you?
It's me Keilidh
It's me Keilidh 4 kun oldin
Are you irish? Or Welsh?
Trung Tran
Trung Tran 4 kun oldin
And this is why I don’t live in Australia!
Spencer Hail
Spencer Hail 5 kun oldin
4:21 "the boys uh you know this weather warms up a little bit they go out in search of females and uh that's what you end up with" Looks like that spider got the wrong house to look for females XD
Spencer Hail
Spencer Hail 3 kun oldin
@Sapnap1344 Purple Diamond Sword I know right XD
Sapnap1344 Purple Diamond Sword
Sapnap1344 Purple Diamond Sword 3 kun oldin
Yea 😂😂
Debbie maddox
Debbie maddox 5 kun oldin
It's not the deadliest on earth
Jimmy JJ clips sip the tea
Jimmy JJ clips sip the tea 5 kun oldin
Plagued Plague
Plagued Plague 5 kun oldin
Just kill it
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 5 kun oldin
Think the common census is that the Brazilian wandering spider is the world's most deadliest spider.
Simonn 5 kun oldin
Spider's look: - dude... go to hell. - Hey... there's something black thing, let's climb it. - ohh shoot... Where'd you taking me?! - OMG LET ME OUT!!!
autotuned duck
autotuned duck 5 kun oldin
Lol idk what it is but I love Australian accents
hi 5 kun oldin
australians: oh, just about 38 spiders in my bathroom no big deal! *me being scared of FLIES*
JudeTunes 5 kun oldin
This is soooo scripted and cheesy lmao
Mumble 5 kun oldin
"I walked in and then, I saw it" *sicko mode starts playing*
jeff bauer
jeff bauer 5 kun oldin
You can have Australia.
Berserk 1
Berserk 1 5 kun oldin
That painting is so damn bad lmfao. I bet she thinks shes cultured hahaha.
Sabinka 5 kun oldin
Burn the whole house down, yard too. Let's just get the whole neighborhood to be safe. Let's get everyone moved, no one can take anything with them in case you have little spider babies and big spiders hanging out in your clothes. The government will give you vouchers for 1 million dollars each, go move to a part of the world where everything won't kill you if it bites you! Why the heck did I even click on this video for real?! I'm eeeked out by spiders and all creepy crawlies. My stepbrothers lived in Phoenix and played with tarantulas in their driveway with sticks but nope, I see a wolf spider and I lose it. I keep peppermint oil on all the window sils and doors from the last frost until the first one the next year. No thx spider friends. Bondi Vet is brave!
Sabina Larsson Möller
Sabina Larsson Möller 5 kun oldin
Not aggressive.. Defensive!
Mad max 666
Mad max 666 5 kun oldin
Move to Australia they said 🤣
Bat Guano
Bat Guano 6 kun oldin
OK, those spiders need to be dispatched in a microwave oven immediately. Milk the male for anti-venom, then nuke the evil bastard creature from the Pit of Hell.
DenisVD 6 kun oldin
7:10 Girl like: What the hell man?
Kaylee Hoffman
Kaylee Hoffman 6 kun oldin
What state do you spider web spiders he lives in
lynda schlaepfer
lynda schlaepfer 6 kun oldin
I’m scared of spiders
Ariana Grande Fan
Ariana Grande Fan 6 kun oldin
Was thinking of a holiday to Sydney. Because I hear very less chance of seeing a snake in the city. After seeing this. I think I may not go now. Do these spiders come to hotels as well. Thays my main worry. I'm a really scared tbh.
Manzxfus 6 kun oldin
The camera man: Can I film outside?
Oof 6 kun oldin
"Hey, Human, Look at my fangs. Cool, Aren't they?"
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash 6 kun oldin
I thought about immigration to ozzie. But I do not think so anymore.
CC DeVille
CC DeVille 6 kun oldin
6:04 - It has very little to do with the big fangs, apart from giving it the ability to bite through shoes and thick clothes. What truly makes Funnel-Webs so dangerous is the venom's enormous potency on humans, the large amount of venom they inject when they bite and their tendency to strike repeatedly.
iAmInHere 6 kun oldin
Simple awnser, burn down the house.
Conrad 6 kun oldin
“Deadliest spider in the world” *Brazilian wandering spider would like to know your location*
Scally 6 kun oldin
Oh hell no
Cat Wrangler
Cat Wrangler 6 kun oldin
That garden would be gone and concreted
ARKING WILLOWS 6 kun oldin
Are they everywere
Lair of Centipedes
Lair of Centipedes 6 kun oldin
Nope. Lived in Australia most of my life and never saw one until I went out and looked for them in the wild.
Proud Zionist
Proud Zionist 7 kun oldin
Burn the house down, and run away. 🔥
erre berre
erre berre 7 kun oldin
She is worried, but she's walking around on her bare feet. How stupid is that ?
Belltown88 7 kun oldin
And, the reason I would never live in Australia. Otherwise, it seems like an awesome place with awesome people.
Lair of Centipedes
Lair of Centipedes 6 kun oldin
They're hardly a big deal. And honestly I suspect this video was a bit staged. You're not going to find a female funnelweb just sitting under a log; they live in distinctive webs.
peter smith
peter smith 7 kun oldin
thanks, but i will stay in england, but i still need to see a koala so cute,
Skeletor 7 kun oldin
Worrying how it’s first move was to go into a threat postured
David Banterford
David Banterford 7 kun oldin
There's a reason convicts were sent to Aussie land. What a bloody hell hole.
JJ Haole
JJ Haole 7 kun oldin
I'd be taking a loss on that house. Id burn it to the ground and then salt the earth before I moved out though.
Wind Whisper
Wind Whisper 7 kun oldin
Nope... GONE 👏👏👏 Bye ✌️
Id OFX8 7 kun oldin
Hope to god he did a full sweep of the house and a more thorough sweep of the backyard. Personally I’d burn the house, but that’s just me.
Vicebonks 8 kun oldin
Bro... there's a reason why guns exist... AND IT'S SPIDERS!!!
Δημητρης Ρουντης
Δημητρης Ρουντης 8 kun oldin
How does he know there is only one female or male
TR0X3N 8 kun oldin
T-Wrecks 8 kun oldin
Me:wants to move to Australia to catch queen ants This: ye scratch that idea
Assasin AU
Assasin AU 8 kun oldin
me in austraila at 2:00 am praying not to get bit in the middle of the night
darren smith
darren smith 8 kun oldin
Funnel webs are everywhere .
MasterCertain 8 kun oldin
When I started watching this i looked around myself to make sure there are no tarantulas luckily I live in a very far country from australia
Bubbly Soda
Bubbly Soda 8 kun oldin
The holy shoe will protect me
Mark Penhall
Mark Penhall 8 kun oldin
How can someone have children and not know how to deal with a spider? That's so fucked on so many levels. This is Australia not the Antarctic.
Prince Fuller
Prince Fuller 8 kun oldin
3:47.. to me this is unacceptable…. at least blur under the little girl! Bondi Vet, DO BETTER
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose 9 kun oldin
J Lindsey
J Lindsey 9 kun oldin
Everything in Australia seems to try to kill you... 10/10would not recommend living there
Lair of Centipedes
Lair of Centipedes 6 kun oldin
Our native wildlife poses very little threat. The overwhelming majority of animal related deaths in Australia are from dogs and domestic livestock.
TAC 12 GAMING 9 kun oldin
I want to just stomp the f***** in the floor
Joseph Abraham
Joseph Abraham 9 kun oldin
I’d burn my house down
Strixx Wixx
Strixx Wixx 9 kun oldin
I have had 2 nightmares because of this video
Mahealani Gonzaga
Mahealani Gonzaga 9 kun oldin
I hate spiders but there good
bjerr1ng 9 kun oldin
better off just set the house ablaze mate
Michael Beckett
Michael Beckett 9 kun oldin
Now youtube knows I can't resist spider videos.
MLee 49
MLee 49 9 kun oldin
God what if there was another male or even female around the house and they dont know? I would never stop looking for any spiders nor would i be able to sleep peacefulle in that house ever again.
Lynx 9 kun oldin
Ive had that spider in My Home and let me tell You My Mom IS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING SHE JUST STEPPED ON IT AND IT DIED
Matt YT
Matt YT 9 kun oldin
I've seen 3 biiiig boiiii spiders in my home. They as big as plate. and yes... I have arachnophobia. It scares me
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