Vet Helps A Greyhound Thats Been In A Running Accident | Full Episode | BRAND NEW SEASON | Bondi Vet

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26 kun oldin

Vet helps a rescue greyhound thats been in a running accident!
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Denise Roe
Denise Roe 2 kun oldin
Greyhounds are such sweet dogs. Pretty boy.
shanya jacobs
shanya jacobs 4 kun oldin
Sad that vets have to blur out the most simple procedures because of the rampant snowflakes out their who are afraid of LIFE ITSELF! Don’t watch these videos for HEAVENS SAKE! Cancerous cancel agendas out of control. Good job to all the vets... Watch Winnie the poo..or some kiddy videos...Thumbs down to the thumb downer
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker 6 kun oldin
i’m a Vet Tech and this is one of my favorite shows to watch. i hate that they blur out everything though 😭
Daria Gozdz
Daria Gozdz 7 kun oldin
I Love your help for the animals
Linda Norris
Linda Norris 7 kun oldin
SlateHeart 8 kun oldin
Just saying Tim naming all the Taz is not unusual.
Diana Golden
Diana Golden 9 kun oldin
Why is doc Kate being such a doof? She should understand that she has to hold it away from her body. I feel like the show scripted that and it put her in danger .seriously 🤬
Esme Marion
Esme Marion 10 kun oldin
Sheesh, UZpost must have cracked down, because I noticed recent uploads having lots of blurring. As an Amercian, sorry our companies are such wussies. I always respected this show for showing the the injuries and surgery process, but it seems UZpost doesn't agree :c
Pune Pet Park
Pune Pet Park 10 kun oldin
You guys have changed the vision of Bondi Vet by blurring out certain important areas that viewers would like to see!
Pune Pet Park
Pune Pet Park 10 kun oldin
Whatever happened to "Sash" and Chris ?
leslie barger
leslie barger 10 kun oldin
You are so cute black cat
Jean Hargis
Jean Hargis 10 kun oldin
What’s with the fuzzy picture?
Cardi Bb
Cardi Bb 12 kun oldin
Poor dogo I feel so sorry for the poor greyhound hopefully he will have no problems in the future
Breannietleo 12 kun oldin
Molly is a deli-cat-e kitty
Jennifer Gonzales
Jennifer Gonzales 12 kun oldin
what’s with the blocking out of all needles and actual injuries and treatments on the animals?
Shawna Tyson
Shawna Tyson 12 kun oldin
My cat passed away from FIV he was 5. He was chronically I'll and it just got to be too much for him. Miss him terribly.
snapperblue51 13 kun oldin
I can't believe that they now blur everything, even a cat's cut paw. We have all seen cuts! They did show the underlying abnormality, so they were not "protecting" us from that. People must have complained that the images of surgery and injuries were upsetting. Rather than suggest that those people stop watching the program, they deny the rest of us educational images like those they used to show.
Tiffany Miner
Tiffany Miner 14 kun oldin
I can understand her emotion at the test. FIV is such a terrible virus- almost every single Heath issue is somehow linked to it either helping cause it or making it hard to treat. FIV can highly increase your chances of your Kitty getting lymphoma (which is a death sentence cancer- vets can extend life, but not cure it in cats- especially with FIV since chemo and other treatment tend to not work as well for FIV kittos- it leads to a bad prognosis of how much time you have left). It is so hard on kittos especially as they age, but for now the cat seems to be ok.
Dakota Rone
Dakota Rone 14 kun oldin
Surger glider me an our mom an dad had a pair
Jaszmine Johnston
Jaszmine Johnston 15 kun oldin
I'm so confused about the endangered animal that they were trying to catch. A kole? Khole? I have no idea what that help?
flygirl 1998
flygirl 1998 11 kun oldin
A Quoll :-) Try entering Australian Quoll into Google :-)
Micah Schmidt
Micah Schmidt 16 kun oldin
I find what they choose to blur to be very odd. Are blood draws really that disturbing to watch?
NeeksArt 16 kun oldin
Only thing I don't like, is the blurred injuries and blood. These are educational in a way. Education shouldn't be blurred.
No1dogMom 2016
No1dogMom 2016 16 kun oldin
What happened to Zeus?
J O 17 kun oldin
It was weird seeing a cat with soft jellies!I hope they live the best they can the rest of their life.
SiimplyLove_YT 17 kun oldin
My late dog was named Zeus...
Anubis The Lycan
Anubis The Lycan 18 kun oldin
Literally nobody: Tim the quoll: 👁👄👁
Anubis The Lycan
Anubis The Lycan 18 kun oldin
Lol, whyd they censor the cats foot that had a cut in it at the beginning but not when they showed it again? 🥴 im not squeamish, just saying this for the people who are
Imaspecofdust 18 kun oldin
I'm not a dog but owwww that looks so painful
A Rosenkranz V Liebl
A Rosenkranz V Liebl 18 kun oldin
I love this show! I really do, BUT can we talk about the blurring :( this footage is not suitable for children without the blurring. We are watching a vet show I want to see what is going on :(. Could there maybe be an option vor blurring on and blurring off? The old episodes don´t have that :(
Chinmayee MKunabev
Chinmayee MKunabev 18 kun oldin
Which was that episode where the vets dog got segue
ᴄᴀᴍᴇʀᴏɴ ᴀᴅɴᴀɴ
ᴄᴀᴍᴇʀᴏɴ ᴀᴅɴᴀɴ 18 kun oldin
Raquel Martinez
Raquel Martinez 19 kun oldin
DR. PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏 safe his legs.
Leah Backman
Leah Backman 20 kun oldin
What happened with Zues? Never finished his story.
Tyler W.
Tyler W. 20 kun oldin
It's so frustrating everything is blurred now. Its educational, UZpost should allow it. Love the show, just wish it wasn't censored.
Karnickel93 20 kun oldin
I am really thankful for uploading free episodes to distract me while in quarantine, but for crying out loud, why is every TV show censoring medical procedures? I am really interested how bodys look after injury and how the surgons perform their craft to fix them and get annoyed if even an injection or (more reasonable for the weak of heart) fracture is censored with a big mosaic. And before anybody responds with "but owners might try to imitate the procedures otherwise": Nobody who really loves their pets would try this as a layperson. I'd rather be eating less or next to nothing then try to DIY surgery for my pets and make it worse or even killing them by accident.
Mairi Voorhees
Mairi Voorhees 21 kun oldin
my greyhound shattered both bones in his hind leg during his last race. He was never treated properly. Tibia healed together wrong and Fibula never mended. But he was good enough as a stud before they got rid of him. He's going to be 9 now and is a happy go lucky puppy :)
Mairi Voorhees
Mairi Voorhees 11 kun oldin
@Mac Thompson agree 100%
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
Racing animals is cruel. It needs to be banned.
A Cote
A Cote 21 kun oldin
I love how the vet gave the park the Grey hound get hurt at credit for the splint that made Zeus more comfortable on the way to the vet.
Jose Valdez/ KamenRiderGeek
Jose Valdez/ KamenRiderGeek 21 kun oldin
10;33 it twin doctors?1
Cindy Foresman
Cindy Foresman 21 kun oldin
Vets are such amazing people!
indicakitty 21 kun oldin
Stop racing animals!!!!
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
YES. I worked in dog sled racing. Racing animals is a cruel activity and needs to stop. Im trying to raise awareness on my channel actually.
Cindy Foresman
Cindy Foresman 21 kun oldin
Poor Moose. I hope he heals quickly.
greekess7 21 kun oldin
I adopted an older cat (13 yrs) from a cat rescue and she had FIV when I adopted her. She lived out her golden years comfortable and the FIV didn't bother her in the least. She had a very great life after I adopted her. Sleeping on her cat tree in the in front of the window in the sun for years. A cat can have a great life with FIV (with management and supplements). I'm sure the kitty will live a great life.
Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 21 kun oldin
Start beem Millie
Start beem Millie 22 kun oldin
Aww this is so sad the poor cat and dog 🥺😢
aimee1177 22 kun oldin
Quit blurring stuff, geez.
Sunray 22 kun oldin
Respect for those who adopt and save animals, people with such high moral grounds
Mohammed Reza Bidiwala
Mohammed Reza Bidiwala 22 kun oldin
These Vets are extremely intelligent, they can directly sense the disease just having a look of it! Highly commendable 👍
Reddedfanatic-xD Murphy
Reddedfanatic-xD Murphy 22 kun oldin
may i ask wtf wont my budgy eat anything but plane old seed ???????
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 21 kun oldin
Maybe it’s picky? Animals can be picky too which is difficult to deal with..
Ashton Mallet
Ashton Mallet 22 kun oldin
Idk if it’s just me but when they do something to a pet for instance Zeus I think of me being in the situation and it gives me the shivers but it makes me so happy when they are in good hands and hopefully have a “barking” good life!
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
Zeus is a Racing dog. So in the UK he has an 88% chance of surviving the racing industry. Race dogs live awful lives and it needs to be banned. I worked in dog sled racing and its even worse. And its no secret horse racing is bad.
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear 22 kun oldin
Quolls are soooo cute and pretty. They would make great pets!! Maybe to get the numbers of these and similar animals up, people could breed them to sell as pets so people will keep them instead of non native animals like cats and rabbits. Then if some escape they will not do damage to the environment.
Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor 23 kun oldin
Animals seem to be their own physiotherapist it's the urge to achieve something that wasn't a problem before they're like "no big deal I'll work it out" and they do!
V Rohrbach
V Rohrbach 23 kun oldin
The shadowing on the videos is very irritating!
amaccoy 23 kun oldin
That's a big sugar glider! I always think of them as being a bit smaller
Brenda Collins
Brenda Collins 23 kun oldin
tired of the censorship dont like to see things dont watch why destroy it for everyone who wants to see it !!
Gregory K
Gregory K 23 kun oldin
Why is blood blurred?
Sootlet 23 kun oldin
so weird that theyll censor in one shot but then not censor the same thing in the next shot. idm bc it doesnt bother me but?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 23 kun oldin
The nutritious aries concretely steer because inch logically pause pro a obscene antelope. gaudy, skillful size
paper boat
paper boat 23 kun oldin
No syringes UZpost why why why its ridiculous !!
paper boat
paper boat 23 kun oldin
Why the censorship !!? of needles and wounds its part of reality Cant even see Blood in a syringe !!?
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 21 kun oldin
It can get them demonetized
Silvia Frid
Silvia Frid 23 kun oldin
Poor dog!
Silvia Frid
Silvia Frid 23 kun oldin
Dog racing is so irresponsible and awful. One wrong move and they break a leg or 2 if they are going to fast
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
Horse racing is the same way. And I worked in dog sled racing it has loads of issues too. Fields of dogs living on chains.
Allison Simpson
Allison Simpson 23 kun oldin
I'm crying for kitty
Kiki-987 23 kun oldin
Wait on Zeus I thought that his leg was broken not fractured 🤔
Angie. 23 kun oldin
is it just me or would anyone else like to see the unblurred version? Maybe they could do a blurred version but give you the option to click a link to see the unblurred version.
Timi Kopacek
Timi Kopacek 23 kun oldin
Our family had a beautiful cat who developed pillow paw. It was so debilitating for her that despite treatment she continued to have bleeding ulcers and chronic pain. Unfortunately she needed to be euthanized. It was horrible.
Lexi Feldmann
Lexi Feldmann 24 kun oldin
There needs to be a site we can watch the un-censored surgical videos. I would like to see what the cat paw looked like or Zeus's fracture. Its a Vet show UZpost.....come on.....we know there is going to be surgical stuff. We're big kids here. We an handle it UZpost!!
Ellie Hanlon
Ellie Hanlon 24 kun oldin
Ohh that kitty
Dorito World
Dorito World 24 kun oldin
Many moons ago my brother owned greyhounds in Australia. These dogs were champions, won many trophies and blankets. My brother raised these dogs. Was self taught on how to take care of them, inject them and feed them well balanced meals. These dogs were so loved and so well taken care of. My brother had a vet that checked them out after each race. These dogs were not just racing dogs but house pets and so loved. After they were retired from racing they knew they had a loving home. Sad that greyhounds in Florida were treated do badly 😢 but happy now that all greyhound racing has stopped completely. Just saying.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
@Mairi Voorhees I worked in dog sled racing. Like the "Iditarod". So thats my thing. If you look at my channel you will see im TRYING to do something about it. I currently have a thing im doing where Im trying to get a particular youtuber to look at the problem. I have other irons in the fire but thats my big one. Its the type of content she makes to look at shady businesses and stuff. So its no ones job but mine to get her to care about it. If I can get her to make a video about dog sled racing that would be a HUGE deal. So if you wanna help, I have links in my video descriptions. Its as easy as tweeting at the chick. Imma get through to her eventually lol. *I have major beef with animal racing
Mairi Voorhees
Mairi Voorhees 11 kun oldin
@Mac Thompson oh I know, believe me. And it's the same crap with horses. Maybe they are a little bit worse off in Asia but that doesn't matter IT NEEDS TO STOP
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
Its all the same. Racers in Australia arent better than ones in the UK or America. If you think that you don;t know how this crap works at all. Racing animals needs to be banned for all the same reasons we banned animal fighting.
Mairi Voorhees
Mairi Voorhees 21 kun oldin
not only in Florida. The Irish don't treat their dogs any better. All my dogs were ex-racers from Ireland and they all had either physical or psychological trauma.
Brianna Haley
Brianna Haley 24 kun oldin
Seeing how they treat the animals when their unresponsive and un able see whats wrong at times is great based on small symptoms they know whats wrong the animals and they recover greatly 💕
Peter Sobocki
Peter Sobocki 24 kun oldin
Lovely series but disappointed in the over zealous use of fuzzing out. This is a veterinary series so we expect to see some of the procedures. Sure filter out bloody scenes that may be upsetting to younger viewers but fuzzing out syringes... really?
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 24 kun oldin
Oh what's up with Dr Scott, will there be future episodes with him as well? I sure hope so, cause he's one of my favorites as well, even though he's in England 🇬🇧 He's still a Aussie at heart ❤
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott 24 kun oldin
Yay full episode ❤ I love it ❤ How sweet of a vet to shed tears for her cat patient. That's how all vets should be and all the Vets featured on BV are all so loving, caring and passionate, it's unbelievable. Never seen such sweet vets in my life! I know everyone thinks that a vet should take personal emotions out of their job, but I believe it's more important for the pet and their owners to see and know that the vet actually cares and will try their best to do whatever it takes for the animal. Pets are our heart, our aweet and innocent family members, we love them like we love our children ❤ And when you take your kids to tje petratician, they're always sweet, funny and caring as well. Unlike the Dr's we see as adults and I'm fine with that, but when it comes to my kids and to my pups 🐶 I want to feel confident that they'll treat my pet with care, love and respect. That's the vets we need for our pets all over the world 🌎 Just amazing ppl ❤
x luminari x
x luminari x 24 kun oldin
Why would people force animals to run for their life basically, anyways. It doesn't matter if it's a cultural thing. You don't put creatures in danger for your own entertainment.
Shirley Aiken
Shirley Aiken 24 kun oldin
I hope u have a great recovery zeus I ain't never broke a bone except a finger and it was painful hope u feel better soon
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
88% of greyhounds bred for racing in the UK don't survive.
Trellen Russey
Trellen Russey 24 kun oldin the US, feline aids and feline lukemia are both everywhere and extremely dangerous, frequently fatal, and often the animal is put to sleep because they are going to die, and it spreads so easily. Shots are given to prevent it with the usual round of cat shots. I have heard it occasionally mentioned on here, but as rare and shots to prevent are not given as normal round of cat shots. Is it really that rare there?
Trellen Russey
Trellen Russey 24 kun oldin
AND if the UK doesn't have these dangerous diseases as bad...they should REALLY be careful about cats coming into the country!
Bryan A.Cal
Bryan A.Cal 24 kun oldin
Running accident pfftt more like slave to the track behind the good looks u see here, unfortunately they put down dogs that can't make money. One in a billon safe here!
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 21 kun oldin
Actually it WAS a running accident, that dog isn’t in dog races..I think it used to be though, it’s a rescue they adopted.
rachelbee 24 kun oldin
Wait...actually blurring basic syringes during blood draws now? What is this extreme censoring?
K 24 kun oldin
no way this channel only has 200k
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 24 kun oldin
Zues is such a brave boy. Awe Danny, what a huge heart she has to show her honest tears for poor miss thing..Chaz, in time hes for this.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
Zeus is a poor boy that was unfortunate enough to be born in to an animal racing industry.
Christina 24 kun oldin
Why do they blur? It’s a medical show🤯
1tiptip 1
1tiptip 1 22 kun oldin
UZpost is getting bad about causing issues for the weirdest things. Educational or not.
Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson 24 kun oldin
Danni - big love. You're so gracious and loving with your patients x
Ginger A
Ginger A 24 kun oldin
i hate the blur
Mary Allen
Mary Allen 24 kun oldin
I'm so proud of us here in Florida USA 🇺🇸 for voting against and doing away with Greyhound dog racing. I feel so sorry for Zeus and any dog that experience that painful injury.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
@Naecoalana NO.TIMED COMPETITIVE EVENTS ALL ARE THE PROBLEM. Your opinion is garbage. Once you start rewarding people for this crap they are going to try and win. THAT IS THE ISSUE. Terrier racing is an up and coming thing. ITS THE SAME AS GREYHOUND RACING. Good they banned it before it ever became a problem. The people who excel at agility are all ANIMAL BREEDERS. The cool thing about agility isn't who is the BEST at it. The fact agility is a competition isn;t cool at all. THAT MAKES SENSE THEY WOULD BAN ALL OF IT. When the US banned animal fighting they banned ALL ANIMAL FIGHTING. Florida should have banned horse racing too. But a blanket ban on "dog racing" is better than nothing and a step in the right direction. Lure coursing and agility are only cool FOR THE DOG. Once you start TRYING to win. Its not cool anymore. If your dog isn't good. Find another. If he wins, you can then breed and sell your puppies for more money to people who ALSO want to win. It creates artificial inflation for these dogs and it doesn't nothing but stroke peoples egos. In animal sports money and free time get you very far.
Naecoalana 22 kun oldin
But you guys also voted away lure coursing and agility and all other timed dog events. Did more bad than good imo
rachelbee 24 kun oldin
Wow Florida did something right? Right on!
JustCallMe Amber
JustCallMe Amber 24 kun oldin
Wish they would unblur the videos, I want to learn !!
Gabrielle Van Niekerk
Gabrielle Van Niekerk 24 kun oldin
I am so sad
Gabrielle Van Niekerk
Gabrielle Van Niekerk 24 kun oldin
I am so 😥 😔 😟 🙁
Rachael Rogers
Rachael Rogers 24 kun oldin
Noel Fitzpatrick
chichichi998 24 kun oldin
Stop the greyhound racing. That poor dog was made to race until his bones were easily broken. Hope he recovers and has a wonderful life just as a dog.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
@Naecoalana You don't know what you are talking about. Obviously. In the UK only about 88% of greyhounds survive the racing industry. Wow sure sounds like fun. I worked in dog sled racing. People say the same thing about it you are saying about GH racing. Its not true.
Naecoalana 22 kun oldin
What he was doing is a fun sport. It is not for money or anything. It is no different than agility or frisbee shows. Accidents happen.
TeeClover 24 kun oldin
My cat had FIV and lived till he was 11. It’s not an instant death sentence, you just need to be on top of any health problems.
Melissa Jarvis
Melissa Jarvis 14 kun oldin
@Tiffany Miner I want to be clear - the virus is NOT passed by casual licking of each other by cats, sharing food or water bowls, or even litter boxes, but by saliva that is introduced into deep bite wounds. Again, this was twenty years ago when we adopted our cat. And, we didn't know he was infected. (The agency we adopted from apparently didn't test for that and we and our vet thought they had.) Even, so, he wouldn't have been allowed around our precious kittens, had we even suspected he had it. They were several years old when he was diagnosed. And the vaccine was problematical and not really recommended at that time.
Tiffany Miner
Tiffany Miner 14 kun oldin
@Melissa Jarvis cats can be vaccinated so it’s relatively safe. However, fostering kittens would probably not be ideal as it does spread through saliva and other bodily fluids- and if your cat likes to share bath time with the kittens- not a good combo. Especially since there are a few weeks where the kittens are not vaccinated until they are older
Melissa Jarvis
Melissa Jarvis 22 kun oldin
Yes. And it's not as contagious as originally thought, either. My rescue cat, who must have had FIV at the time he was adopted, foster "uncled" a litter of five kittens. Three became permanent family members in the same household, while the other two went to another family member. Several years later, he was diagnosed. None of the cats that he had lived with in either household ever had it, nor caught it from him. The last two kittens from that litter lived to be 18 and 19 years old.
Gilan Nev
Gilan Nev 24 kun oldin
When vetscry for their patients heart gets broken!😢💔
꧁༒Set Apart༒꧂
꧁༒Set Apart༒꧂ 24 kun oldin
What happened with blocking out injuries now so we can't see what the vets are really dealing with? Too many 'snowflakes' who can't deal with the true scope of injuries watching? The comment of poochyena123 is right on target!
Tink smith
Tink smith 24 kun oldin
They had him one week and they’re racing him...?
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson 11 kun oldin
@Naecoalana Lure coursing is racing too. It still is more than capable of all the same pitfalls. Obviously if you look at poor Zeus.
Naecoalana 22 kun oldin
He wasn't actually racing. It is a dog sport just like agility. Look up lure coursing. The dogs absolutely love it.
Carol Weideman
Carol Weideman 24 kun oldin
I have a boxer with skin conditions that get acupuncture to help. Yes, it does and I would recommend it if suggested.
Da girls
Da girls 24 kun oldin
It’s so annoying how they blurr everything
btd0ja 24 kun oldin
Is there anywhere to see the uncensored footage?
CyborgOctopus 24 kun oldin
i'm glad the footage is blurred instead of cut. it's a good compromise.
Marie Sals
Marie Sals 24 kun oldin
Really glad you're back on film I read somebody missed the Chris o Chris left and went out and did his thing out in the world I didn't miss him. But I did miss the show itself with all the other pets that needed help this time I see subscribed and I hope this is more successful than it was before
Katmandu Dawn
Katmandu Dawn 24 kun oldin
Kate always reminds me of a cross between Lauren Bacall and Muriel Hemingway. She is stunning and so kind. I love all the Bondi people. They are a a pleasure to watch.
Twinkles 474
Twinkles 474 24 kun oldin
Omg marlie?? I have a cat who ran away a year ago who looks like that cat and is called Marlow lol. I'm it's not him tho bc I live in England xD
Kpwiggleworm 24 kun oldin
That greyhound looked so much like mine, it broke my heart...
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