Vet Helps An Italian Greyhound Who Can't Stop SCRATCHING! | Bondi Vet X PAW By Blackmores

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In this story, Dr Audrey Shen heads to see an Italian Greyhound who's had a tough start to life. Gypsy has an urgent skin condition that needs to be addressed to avoid further complications. Will Audrey find the right solution?
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Kenneth Rembert
Kenneth Rembert 13 kun oldin
Excellent job, Dr. Shen. A+
Da girls
Da girls 20 kun oldin
Why is she so small?
wysper 29 kun oldin
Make sure to moisturize your Cermit. Dry skin is nip it good for Cermit.
Denise Roe
Denise Roe 29 kun oldin
Our pug has this problem to the point of driving every one crazy. She was given Apoquel, helped so much. She is such a sweet little girl.
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz Oy oldin
with this episode,I have one thing to say. *_C e R m E t, T h A t ' S N a S t Y ! ! !!_*
billy lilly
billy lilly Oy oldin
Greyhounds. The most gorgeous, lovable goofball gentle giants of the dog world.
Brenda Roelfs
Brenda Roelfs Oy oldin
There's a possibility that the metal in her tags or collar could cause a reaction if it's not hypoallergenic.
Krystal Bel
Krystal Bel Oy oldin
Totally not sponsored or anything, it's just a coincidence I keep this bottle held in the air facing the camera and keep repeating how smooth this product is
Marissa Scaggs
Marissa Scaggs Oy oldin
@paws can someone tell me more about the nutriderm shampoo and conditioner? Like 1. Price 2. Is it safe if they'd lick the conditioner?
Elise B
Elise B Oy oldin
Why didn't the vet take a scraping of the skin layer to see what kind of bacteria it is, and only then prescribe? I'd also focus on the dog's immune system by feeding it bone broth.
Krikit Oy oldin
No discussion about diet...?
Mandy B
Mandy B Oy oldin
Full-size greyhounds can be sensitive (even allergic) to gluten and lactose. Some have cast-iron stomachs (first hound loved curry!) but our latest is on a gluten and lactose free diet. Doesn't _stop_ him farting, but he's not as bad as he was before we swapped the food! If the big guys can be intolerant to some foods, I'd definitely look into checking with an allergy specialist about two areas - food & garden. That part of the world doesn't get a particularly cold winter so it's possible that there's grass pollen or other such things constantly in the air. That can trigger allergic reactions all over the body. As someone who suffers from eczema, I'm really feeling sorry for the little one and hope she's sorted out soon! I've noticed that with me, taking an OTC antihistamine can help reduce the inflammation and itching, and if you can reduce that, you're far less likely to get secondary effects. I don't know if that's feasible for animals, but taking one on the worst days can make a huge difference to me. I've recently started getting eczema inside my ears (no idea why, they're as clean as the rest of me! I don't have anything as bad elsewhere atm. It's also not quite spring yet so no pollen is triggering it - I'll get the other symptoms before the eczema gets bad so I have time to prepare for it! Runny nose, itchy eyes... I hate spring!). It got so bad that I ended up on antibiotics for an abscess inside the skin right next to my face - that side of my face blew up in size in a couple of days! Fortunately, new cream has sorted the ears out, but I do feel for any being of any species with a constant itch because by god, I know what it feels like. I truly hope she's ok asap.
iGor Oy oldin
Informercial.... Let's see the actual results in two months and tests on other dogs.
Becky Hines
Becky Hines Oy oldin
I could watch these videos all day. ❤
Edie Koller
Edie Koller Oy oldin
Maybe she is allergic to the flea saliva. I had that with my pomeranian many years ago.
Tsubasa Tsubaki
Tsubasa Tsubaki Oy oldin
Poor Itchy Cermet
Mikaela Hayashi
Mikaela Hayashi Oy oldin
I live in America and my dog is a 10 year old poodle terrier mix and he has nothing like this, but for some reason he itches, even though he doesn’t have flees or any bugs on him.
Vikki Robinson
Vikki Robinson Oy oldin
What a horrible advert this is.
Sharon Loomis
Sharon Loomis Oy oldin
My cat had sores all over her and it was her food-- allergy to grains.
Woopwoop 123
Woopwoop 123 Oy oldin
bit weird not looking at food allergies? obviously might have done it but it should have been mentioned in the clip. lots of dogs have food allergies, especially if they are on a poor diet and skin issues is very very common when they have food allergies
K Sully
K Sully Oy oldin
Of course, as she knows outside of this infomercial, the little beauty needs to see the allergist.
B Simon
B Simon Oy oldin
My dog was allergic to flea bites. Had to change her to bravecto and no more problems.
whutzat Oy oldin
She's soooooo cute!
Ela Uzel
Ela Uzel Oy oldin
im 2 hours too late😢
Ann Thomas
Ann Thomas Oy oldin
I love all the Bondi Vet episodes, it is wonderful how the human race has become so far to make sure that our fur/feather or scales babies are taken care of. NOW WHERE IS THE VET ON THE HILL episodes???
Michelle Tamayo
Michelle Tamayo Oy oldin
why there is no Vet On The Hill 😭😭😭
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays Oy oldin
I love Bondi vet. They make my day 😁
Leah Downs
Leah Downs Oy oldin
I have a chi mixed with Italian Greyhound, you would be amazed at how many people have no idea there is a smaller version of a regular Greyhound!
stephanie elliott
stephanie elliott Oy oldin
I love you guys, you guys are all awesome and the pets are soooo lucky to have all these amazing vets ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Steele Stár
Steele Stár Oy oldin
I'm early :T
Rebecca McCoy
Rebecca McCoy Oy oldin
Have they looked at her food. My friend's dog has a food allergy. She is allergic to anything in the pecan family. A member of this plant is found in a number of dog foods. A think its the chicory family.
Arwyn Parker
Arwyn Parker Oy oldin
Thinking the same thing!
loftyskies123 Oy oldin
i was just about to put that , it is the diet a lot of times . but one of our dogs was allergic to cleaning sprays she looked like bubble wrap had to spray into the cloth and not on the furniture and she had to be at least 6-10 feet away aswell .
Jenna Burns
Jenna Burns Oy oldin
Italian Greyhounds are rather prone to allergies - food, shampoo, pollen, flea bites, etc. - and they're treating what highly appears to be a normal allergic reaction - itchy red/irritated & dry skin - as if it's the biggest mystery in the world. If Gypsy had hypothyroidism, the only other easy reason for dry itchy skin, she'd look far more unhealthy & have more issues. Only other cause could be excessive bathing = removal of body oils which if the case this skin cream won't help with but likely worsen. ads
Rebecca McCoy
Rebecca McCoy Oy oldin
@Shirley Laboy we forget that animals can have food and plant allergies. Might be the grass.
Shirley Laboy
Shirley Laboy Oy oldin
I was thinking the same thing. I have a dog that constantly scratched and chewed herself raw. I changed her food and no more itching. 🙂❤🐕
Jan Sonshine
Jan Sonshine Oy oldin
Try adding a bit of good fats to her diet as well, such as olive, avocado or coconut oil, every day in addition to Dr. Audrey's helpful regimen. I mix it into my dogs kibble.
PoecileCinctus Oy oldin
As was already stated, avocados are highly toxic to dogs (and cats, too, and most other pets). Do NOT give avocado in any form to your animals. Cinnamon isn't great either, it can drastically lower blood pressure to the point of serious trouble.
Sasa Malikova
Sasa Malikova Oy oldin
Avocados are toxic for dogs
Steele Stár
Steele Stár Oy oldin
Cinnamon and blueberries
Just Sandra
Just Sandra Oy oldin
My Staffy had a similar thing, it was from grass. In the final rinse of a bath, put the plug in and use any oats tied in a stocking. Let it run all over. A porridge bath. Works brilliantly.
Just Sandra
Just Sandra Oy oldin
@Drwwli SHE. I'm not cruel to animals. I hate people doing that.
Just Sandra
Just Sandra Oy oldin
@Micky Deery Yeah it would be and she'd rub her belly on the grass to scratch it, making it worse. Porridge bath daily.
Micky Deery
Micky Deery Oy oldin
if that is the cause of it, dang that must be super annoying to deal with
Ladybug19391 Oy oldin
Could Gypsy's skin condition be from a food allergy?
JFH2020 Oy oldin
I love Italian greyhounds!
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear Oy oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼
Furbaby Fluffykins
Furbaby Fluffykins Oy oldin
Poor baby Gypsy! 😦
Catherine Maschler
Catherine Maschler Oy oldin
Keona Jackson
Keona Jackson Oy oldin
When you see two vets work together- The bond with Bondi Vet and PAWS is awesome 🥺🤧
Migdalia Leyva
Migdalia Leyva Oy oldin
Lol awwwww❤️❤️❤️
Games lol Just games
Games lol Just games Oy oldin
Amazing video
Peyton Oy oldin
Love these uploads! Makes my day 100% better!
Migdalia Leyva
Migdalia Leyva Oy oldin
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