Vet Helps Police Dog Return To Active Duty After Knee Injury | Full Episode | Bondi Vet

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In this full episode of Bondi Vet, Dr Arvid helps a hero police dog's injured knee and gets him fit for active duty; Tim encounters a rare, two-headed mutant lizard and Chris's kitten Cricket turns into a moody miss...
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Bondi Vet
Bondi Vet Oy oldin
Dr Arvid did an amazing job helping Turbo with his physio! Aren't working dogs incredible, he knows more languages than most people! 😂
Ann Dolak
Ann Dolak 21 kun oldin
@J Cee Dr Scott Miller was an Australian vet who moved to England becuz his wife is British & he started a practice there wth his wife's family.She used to be his tech in Australia.Thats how he met her.
Daniel Arbon
Daniel Arbon Oy oldin
Nice czech for both Turbo and his owner :)
Codi Jo and Loreli
Codi Jo and Loreli Oy oldin
Bondi Vet, I agree but DON'T FORGET that time & time again YOU HELP OUR LOVED ONES with your incredible INTELLIGENCE & with so much LOVE & CARE (to owners as well!)... How you treat the ANIMALS away from the owners touches our hearts so much that we're watching BONDI VET from other Countries! 🤗💖🤙💝👍
J Cee
J Cee Oy oldin
What did that story have anything to do with Australian Vets?
Carrieann Cancino
Carrieann Cancino Oy oldin
Who did the video taping on this? It's not like other bondi videos where they are on the animals injured at the vet. Nothing but the video on the humans I couldn't even finish and enjoying this video.
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 6 kun oldin
I love Crickets markings, such a pretty girl with her tiny black 'mole'. That two-headed Blue Tongue is amazing! We used to find Blue Tongue Lizards all over in W.A. They are so cool. Janus is a great name for him.❤
Zig Zag
Zig Zag 12 kun oldin
ADOS here. Anyone else find the cop dog interaction and scene super awkward. I mean the dog is lethal
canadian_gamerzs lol
canadian_gamerzs lol 15 kun oldin
cricket is not the vets pet its other way around were the cats pets were oncall petting service and attention provider
Camille Carmichael
Camille Carmichael 17 kun oldin
I really don’t like cats but cricket is something else she is spoiled daddy’s girl
Ann Dolak
Ann Dolak 21 kun oldin
I wish they stop blurring surgeries & wounds etc.We ALL arent snowflakes.
Reese T
Reese T 21 kun oldin
What are they doing in America?? I didn't sign up for this.
Amber J
Amber J 22 kun oldin
I was hoping for a cricket up! 🐱🦗❤️
MeToo84 23 kun oldin
The vets have a mask, the human officer doesn't. Americaaaaaaa
Charlie 23 kun oldin
Why was the segment about Turbo the police dog in the United States? I’ve never seen them outside Australia. Edit: So now I’ve seen the segment in the UK? Is this just some special episode or are they expanding outside Bondi
Sarah Mechem
Sarah Mechem 26 kun oldin
19:29 we, uh... we sure that’s a he? (ik it’s possible, but it’s pretty rare lol)
Greyelk Williams
Greyelk Williams 28 kun oldin
The police dog just loving his vet tech is just adorable. He was totally just thinking hi friend what are you doing.
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher Oy oldin
My black and white was s0ayep around 6 months old. I had set up a room for her. I picked her and put her in bedroom with her cone of shame. I picked up came back home. She had taken the cone. I tried to put it back on. She ran all over the house I called a friend to catch her. I was trying to make her rest. That wasn't going to happen. We figured that isn't in pain. She won that argument.
Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance Oy oldin
Ok, Turbo is my favorite! Sorry that the others. I know I'm biased. Fur missiles do an amazing job every day around the world. They deserve our very best! Sadly, we had to euthanize our Solid Black German Shepherd a few months ago. We had a druggie try to break into our home around 4:30 am But when she had looked in through the window she didn't see him in the dark living room. I heard him go nuts. And walked out to see her trapped between our huge wooden front door and the storm door. And my son holding our dog back. I had no idea that this woman was the same girl who grew up next to my sister-in-law. She looked so different. Then she came back and was caught by my son in our car around 4:00am about a month later. The police trespassed her. She went to jail for another B&E in our area. And the police told the court that it wasn't the first time. So, when she got out of jail she cane back and poisoned our poor dog! It was horrible. Whatever she gave him caused kidney failure. He was just coming up on his 5 th. Birthday. Life isn't the same without him.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
What an arsehole that bitch was!!! So sorry for your loss. Your dog was trying to protect you. What a good boy he was. So sad. (Jan Griffiths).
lilanir Oy oldin
My cat did the same 🐱😥
Clarence Young
Clarence Young Oy oldin
I LOVE this channel!💖🇺🇸😎
AxelFurry Oy oldin
My question, why the sensuring of guts? It's a normal part of it all, and since you are showing parts of the surgery, it woukd be nice to see the picture clearly
Elizabeth Russon
Elizabeth Russon Oy oldin
Um...calico cats are females.
Nevin Shajidaniel
Nevin Shajidaniel Oy oldin
that dog running in the underwater treadmill , looks like he is training for some serious battle , in the future
kasgar ragsak
kasgar ragsak Oy oldin
Salute to all the people wearing mask, thank you for being respectful and caring for others...
Haechan Be My Bride
Haechan Be My Bride Oy oldin
"Turbo was born in Czechoslovakia" Wow, it's crazy that this dog is almost 30 years old!!! That country hasn't existed since 1992. Oh, well, what can you expect from someone from the United Colonies...
Rob Adams
Rob Adams Oy oldin
Looks likes the vet is driving an American-made jeep with the steering wheel on the left.
Justin Hill
Justin Hill Oy oldin
The police dog one? Bc that takes place in Georgia in the United States
Rob Adams
Rob Adams Oy oldin
Turbo's owner mentioned Cobb County, which is only about 50 miles from me.
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
What an unusual cute lizard, I'm glad Janice the lizard was found and taken to Tim , it would have been hard fo survive in the wild this little unique lizard needs extra TLC ! 🦎🥰
Happ5 Oy oldin
Uhhhh I thought I recognised Leatherhead, not giving away where I live
Margaret Kloppenburg
Margaret Kloppenburg Oy oldin
Thanks for the update on Cricket. Keep them coming!
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
Turbo is a live wire 🐶🐕
Rita Benavidez
Rita Benavidez Oy oldin
Dr. Chris, I really miss your video's
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
Crickets one lucky cat! 🐈💞🥰
iluminameluna Oy oldin
Tuxedoes, meaning black and white cats, tend to be most affectionate and adoring of their humans. Nothing official, mostly anecdotal, but I've only seen maybe 1 cat in all my years of having cats, that I've seen them not to be.
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards Oy oldin
My brother’s cat was in heat when she was spayed; the operation was a little bit more complicated and she was given medication afterward.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
Yeah, it's a bit more complicated because of the swelling of the uterus and ovaries. I had to wait on one of my girls to get out of heat before I had her done. She was confined to a cage for a week or so, and let out on a harness and leash while still in the house. We had tons of tomcats hanging around too. Cats (and dogs )can even be spayed while pregnant, but in the early stages. (Jan Griffiths).
Zambzz Oy oldin
most vets dont like doing it while they are in heat as it can lead to complications and only do it as a last resort.
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield Oy oldin
Aww cricket is just the best!
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield Oy oldin
Haha! The cats waiting outside! 😂😂
spook show
spook show Oy oldin
Common sense tells you that lizard can eat. He’s alive, and fine.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
One head or the other might not have been connected to the stomach. This happens a lot with these 2 headed animals. I hope he dosen't eat too much and get overweight, with both heads able to eat. Cute little thing. (Jan Griffiths).
Amber Roy
Amber Roy Oy oldin
We love a bilingual pupper! So smart❤❤
Randi Kinton
Randi Kinton Oy oldin
Dr Scottis awesome and my favorite vet on Bondi Vet.
Lexi Feldmann
Lexi Feldmann Oy oldin
We recently had a Malinois in at my daycare job. We think he might have been or is a police working dog but he was a mad s.o.b in his kennel run. Had to put up a sheet to cover his cage so he'd stop barking and lunging at the gate when anyone walked by. Gorgeous dog, but very crazy.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
Malinois take their job very seriously. They're like GSDs on crack. (Jan Griffiths).
Lenka Chaloupková
Lenka Chaloupková Oy oldin
If you swear enough it'll work 😆
chillinebony Oy oldin
This was the first time I've heard of an underwater treadmill, Turbo is such a cute/smart dog 😊
sab Oy oldin
ROFL Chris is talking about the male cats trying to get to his little girl when the cat at the window is a calico who like tortoiseshells is almost ALWAYS a FEMALE!!!!! :-D On top of that even if the calico somehow on the rare chance did turn out to be male, he'd be sterile so no worries about pregnancy.
YesitsKam Oy oldin
That pup is one dedicated officer
Paige D'Winter
Paige D'Winter Oy oldin
a Wildlife Aid x Bondi Vet crossover? Yay!
Laura Gray
Laura Gray Oy oldin
Wow part of this was filmed in georgia here in the u.s.a
Brooklyn Stormsky
Brooklyn Stormsky Oy oldin
You make my world a better place
Mar -i-sol
Mar -i-sol Oy oldin
Alice W
Alice W Oy oldin
I found it so funny when Michael started swearing.
Rocksongs Sarah
Rocksongs Sarah Oy oldin
This is so lovely how the nurse is looking to cricket ❤️
Koben Playz
Koben Playz Oy oldin
is it just me or is half the "new" content just older content re-edited and shuffled around into new videos
Vika Ashton - 3DArtist
Vika Ashton - 3DArtist Oy oldin
men I'm feeling sh** the dog understand more languages then me KEKW
Heather Roberson
Heather Roberson Oy oldin
Dr. Arvid is in my state! I had just thought that the two counties mentioned was too much of a coincidence, so I googled his name. He’s about an hour and a half away from me in Atlanta, GA.
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
Koala hugs toy u from Australia 🐨🐨
Mythicalcatjay Oy oldin
Turbo's been everywhere from the news to Bondi Vet! What a good boy!
tik tok lover
tik tok lover Oy oldin
You should do a vid just about the reptiles in the vets
Nycot Oy oldin
That lizard was bootiful, hope he's still doing ok
AnetteCB Oy oldin
Wildlife Aid! Be sure to check out their amazing channel!
Abigail Yerkey
Abigail Yerkey Oy oldin
Love the show I am goin to be a vet when I grow up
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
Great, greatness to admire to
Susanne Corneliussen
Susanne Corneliussen Oy oldin
A friend told me once that a cat aren't living in your house - it's you living in the cats house 😂😂😂🤔 So Dr Chris - who's gonna be the boss!?? 😂
tigerwoman44 Oy oldin
Disgusting thinking males can only be polica dogs
A Violet
A Violet Oy oldin
Lucy? I love her!!!
Katie Bug
Katie Bug Oy oldin
I got a lot of ads on this one
Kylie Phillips
Kylie Phillips Oy oldin
Chris darling the tortiseshell cat outside is not male but female ur a vet u should know that 99% of tortiseshells are female duh!
Kylie Phillips
Kylie Phillips Oy oldin
Scotts friend is obsurd cyssing every 5 minutes darling don't cuss its immatre when ur in a professional vet clinic moron
Macaela Tice-Loma
Macaela Tice-Loma Oy oldin
how would you feel if your regular tools broke down and needed repair, doing a life saving operation on a animal, and suddenly your backups dont work? i would swear too... the important thing is that the operation worked good and the animal is fine!!
Aly Oy oldin
Omg even the dog is a polyglot and im not lmao
Roisin Tansey
Roisin Tansey Oy oldin
can people please write (spoiler) or (no spoiler)
Nikita Oy oldin
I know turbo loves to work but I wish that no dog or other animal were put to work in dangerous situations. I know they do very important jobs in many cases and I’m not trying to say they don’t or diminish the heroism of these amazing animals I just wish they didn’t have to be placed in danger because of humans in most cases and having hunting dogs that are meant to hold massive animals (lions, bigger dogs etc) at bay. However like my dislike of war I don’t know what other options to suggest to make the situation better.
Gitte Nielsen
Gitte Nielsen Oy oldin
Turbo is up and running on all 4 cylinders again.
Foul Lily
Foul Lily Oy oldin
wish it wasnt blurred T^T
Jan Vafa
Jan Vafa Oy oldin
Uh note to Bondi Vet... if you are going to picture a male cat looking for a girlfriend... don’t use a calico to portray the male! Chris you should have caught this! Calico (tri color) cats are nearly always female (x chromosome) and if by a very off chance you have a male calico 99.9% of the time they are sterile... if the cat shown was a fertile male he is worth mega bucks!
Jill Dunn
Jill Dunn Oy oldin
why blurr it out its natural stuff just let it show
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider Oy oldin
I enjoy the reptile park guys enthusiasm
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill Oy oldin
Cricket IS the boss of Chris's house! Lol!
Allyce Povick
Allyce Povick Oy oldin
Any show ending with Dr Dani is the best. I wish that song were longer.
Rachany Sipayboun
Rachany Sipayboun Oy oldin
Leslie Aussem
Leslie Aussem Oy oldin
Just wonderful Dr Chris!!! Cricket is your baby..and what a character...doll baby! Everyone was amazing..and that fox! wow! I cannot wait to get home and watch all eve...i love this ..stay to all..
Katrina L. Pate
Katrina L. Pate Oy oldin
If this is a teaching video, why do they keep blurring out the surgeries?
judy francis
judy francis Oy oldin
I HATE that!😠
Starr Meadows
Starr Meadows Oy oldin
What age will Turbo be retiring?
The DOG understands 5 languages?!?! That’s impressive
clarityjane31 Oy oldin
Kimberley Hall
Kimberley Hall Oy oldin
I really hope that double headed bluey lived...that's amazing!
Mary Soto
Mary Soto Oy oldin
Nice to see the compassion and excitement in their attitudes with what goes on.
Lab She-Ra
Lab She-Ra Oy oldin
Would be better to wait after her heat was over before spayed.
B Simon
B Simon Oy oldin
I Miss nurse Emma
lil Oy oldin
AAHH A CROSSOVER. I love Wildlife Aid as well 💕 they do amazing work for animals.
J Cee
J Cee Oy oldin
The Dr Chris and Cricket story is so old that she's got to be middle aged by now. Why do you keep recycling old stories and in this video add a story that has nothing to do with Australia at all? At least the vet in England is Aussie born. The turbo part was cringy with the vet talking to the camera, what did this have anything to do with Austraila?
J Cee
J Cee Oy oldin
@Zany Moonites That still doesn't explain why they are featuring an American vet in an Australian show?
Zany Moonites
Zany Moonites Oy oldin
Methinks you haven't been paying attention. Someone new bought the Bondi TV franchise several years ago and the old team hasn't been together for a number of years. As you probably know, there are new vets as regulars, including Dr. Arvid in the US. My guess as to why you see an old Dr. Chris or Dr. Lisa segments was that so many viewers raised hell, they keep re-running oldies to placate them-- I suspect "them" is mostly US viewer who btw, are seeing the show several years after they were made.
Jane Hall
Jane Hall Oy oldin
The "male" outside cricket's door is calico, it would be a rare male.
Douglas Griffiths
Douglas Griffiths 29 kun oldin
Even other females can be attracted by one on heat. If that calico was a male, most likely he's a Kleinfelter's male (2 x chromosomes instead of 1, plus the y chromosome). (Jan Griffiths).
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres Oy oldin
5 months is not a, "surprise!" season. He's not that stoopid. The fracture reduction isn't the issue.
judy francis
judy francis Oy oldin
In the U.S., cats and dogs aren't normally spayed during their heat, as the reproductive system is more perfuse at that time.
Jennifer kates
Jennifer kates Oy oldin
The people that had her 1st let her have puppies but she will not anymore.
Rose Oy oldin
we were wondering what has happened to the big grey and white cat Chris had, that was saved from being dumped in the drink (last year?). Still have it? gave away,? still have, died young-hopefully not! Was a nice big white and grey cat.
B Simon
B Simon Oy oldin
The cat passed away
Jennifer kates
Jennifer kates Oy oldin
Yes i just got my dog fixed
Edie Koller
Edie Koller Oy oldin
Well the old adage..."Two heads are better than one"
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres Oy oldin
Ok. So, Czechoslovakia doesn't exist any longer. Slovakia is a different country from Czech Republic. Which is it? Geography much?
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres Oy oldin
@AmazonMoss Thank you!
AmazonMoss Oy oldin
I thought the exact same thing 🤦‍♀️
Abby Cackowski-Schnell
Abby Cackowski-Schnell Oy oldin
Another channel I want him breeds their many snakes for others to buy some of the babies for pets, and one had two heads, but died in about a week, even though it could eat and everything.
κєιgο τακαмι
κєιgο τακαмι 24 kun oldin
@Joanne Murdock well theres a channel called snake discovery that had a two headed snake and it lived pretty long so yeah ik abt that one
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock Oy oldin
Oh sad go hear that I wonder why he died, where was this?
Melissa Didericksen
Melissa Didericksen Oy oldin
hahaha lol cat
Becky Young
Becky Young Oy oldin
A updates on Genis the 2-headed lizard? Still doing well?
Codi Jo and Loreli
Codi Jo and Loreli Oy oldin
I LOVE your picture... So beautiful!!
Linda Nolf
Linda Nolf Oy oldin
Dr. Dani, Every time I hear you sing I get goosebumps.
Twitch. Oy oldin
There's a reason police dogs are referred to as Officer x or Officer y. They're officers just as much as humans! ❤
Nic Bogata
Nic Bogata Oy oldin
Nawww Dr chris has the ultimate con going on. Acts like he "cares" about animals yet is the face of OPTIMUM! One of the most harmful dog food brands going around, nithing by by products and fillers with almost ZERO nutritional value. This sellout has put countless dogs lives at risk for a buck.
Avianna Perez
Avianna Perez Oy oldin
Is this during COVID the police man dose not have a mask on
Gamming with Minty
Gamming with Minty Oy oldin
the cat looks alot like my cat snowball but she is 2 years old and we live in the usa
Becky Hines
Becky Hines Oy oldin
Cricket has gotten big! Good luck Chris! 😂
Vickie McKie
Vickie McKie Oy oldin
The cat outside Chris's door is a calico. So, female.
Vickie McKie
Vickie McKie Oy oldin
And Chris's smile is so gorgeous.
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