Vet Helps Poor Puppy That Had Painful Gastroenteritis! | Bondi Vet X PAW By Blackmores

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Bondi Vet

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Audrey drops over to her clients house to see her two dogs. The little puppy has some guts issues while the older dog has anxiety, which is most likely caused by the new puppy in the house
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Sharon Kaczorowski
Sharon Kaczorowski 24 kun oldin
Our Boxer had this as a puppy. I put him in a limited ingredient food and it stopped. He’s now a healthy 8 year old who,acts like he’s still a puppy.
Candice Sacks
Candice Sacks 24 kun oldin
That puppy looks like a breed dog just because it's a pretty dog doesn't mean it's going to be a healthy dog go to a rescue shelter or even breed rescues don't encourage buying from these burritos don't shop adopt!
R. McBride
R. McBride 25 kun oldin
Basically... we're watching an advert dressed up as a Bondi episode. Meh....
Glunck 26 kun oldin
i could hear budgies in the background
Tinamarie_on_Animals_Angels_Et's 26 kun oldin
I would say if you have one nervous dog and one boisterous puppy put a baby gate up or a puppy pen so the the nervous dog can get away for a while for a break. Gorgeous dogs and lovely vets, I always watch your videos. Sending all Bondi Vets much love and blessings for the wonderful way you treat the animals.😊💗💐
S 26 kun oldin
Love this show otherwise, but this was just total product endorsement/advertisement.
Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck 26 kun oldin
When I grow up I’m gonna be a veterinarian
Geemal Yasas Wedagedara
Geemal Yasas Wedagedara 26 kun oldin
this show is nothing without Dr Lisa and Dr Chris...
Cousin derp
Cousin derp 26 kun oldin
Yes haha 😂
wheelspk fails
wheelspk fails 26 kun oldin
I cant thank you guys enough... Its been 8 days since i been diagnosed with covid and in isolation all i do is watch your videos... Ty sooo much ❤️
brun life
brun life 26 kun oldin
The best chanel loads of love
Frank Harris
Frank Harris 27 kun oldin
You do make are world a better placeee
Hunter Anderson
Hunter Anderson 27 kun oldin
I have a German Shepherd black lab English Mastiff all in one breed he has dry skin on his elbows is there any info that you can give me to fix it
Larene Sully
Larene Sully 27 kun oldin
My little Pipsqueek looks just like their little Yorkie, only mine has no tail! Just adorable!
Sage The Rage
Sage The Rage 26 kun oldin
+Larene Sully Is your little one really named Pipsqueak or are you calling him/her a pipsqueak? If s/he truly is named "Pipsqueak", that truly is an incredibly ADORABLE name. Another reason I am asking is bc I tell my pups they are pipasqueakas bc they make cute little noises - not full on noises but small, half noises. LOL 🐾
Ana Felix
Ana Felix 27 kun oldin
Hi guy's from nyc Thank you so for your hard work.welcome all new bondi vet staff I in joy watching this episode.
Caitlin&Lucie Plays
Caitlin&Lucie Plays 27 kun oldin
If I lived anywhere near there, I would definitely be going there for my cats. 🥰 Also, did anyone notice how beautiful that puppy was?
rachelbee 27 kun oldin
Its been a hard few months changing my 7 year old's food; the vet suspects she might have developed a chicken sensitivity suggested trying salmon. Ive stayed with purina pro plan but she loves the chicken/rice canned flavor best and really turns her nose up at the wet salmon food. She likes the salmon dry kibble, but doesn't always eat the canned salmon. So I'm experimenting with the flavors. Beef gives her gas and makes her poo quite sticky; chicken upsets her stomach, more goopy poo splats; the lamb flavor has chicken as a top ingredient; etc. I think a smaller dose of the canned turkey weight loss is tolerable but she doesn't always eat that either! She does eat dry pumpkin powder sprinkled over the dry kibble with a little water though. Oy. ("Firm Up" pumpkin supplement powder)
Uhh hi
Uhh hi 27 kun oldin
I feel like that was just a long add
AJ Key
AJ Key 27 kun oldin
Barbara Cholak
Barbara Cholak 27 kun oldin
BondiVet Hello from California USA. Puppy's on the mend. Mobile Veterinarian thumbs up♡ Blessings from California
ellioshie m
ellioshie m 27 kun oldin
beautiful coco. thank goodness she is better.
Denise Roe
Denise Roe 27 kun oldin
At least Dezi ate the treat, my dog takes it then either hides it or just sets down. Sweet puppers.
Shoshana Burns School of Dance
Shoshana Burns School of Dance 27 kun oldin
“Looking very malnutritioned” 🤔
Elon David
Elon David 27 kun oldin
- Tiger9393!
- Tiger9393! 27 kun oldin
One day I wanna do what you guys do 🤗🤗🤗
- Tiger9393!
- Tiger9393! 27 kun oldin
You guys are amazing 🤩 !!!!
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 27 kun oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼
Riley Chubbs
Riley Chubbs 27 kun oldin
I love your vidoes!
Layco 1704
Layco 1704 27 kun oldin
I think labs has gas issues due to there barrel chest in general because my lab is very gassy and has always had belly issues she always burping and farting
Carol Williams
Carol Williams 27 kun oldin
I feel bad for the puppy, I’ve had gastroenteritis myself & it’s awful 😢
Jenn Worthington
Jenn Worthington 27 kun oldin
I specifically want Doctor Chris to check over my Maine Coon and domestic shorthair cross cat, Cheetah just to prove to him that, not all big kitties are cuddly. Mine is actually a coward and will hide anytime he has to meet anyone new. I've done everything that every expert has recommended to make him more 'human social' but, none of it has even remotely worked. Even having newcomers offer his favorite treats has been met with outright refusal and howls of no by my cat as he runs to find any right, covered spot in the house. Ever seen a muscular, 32 pound cat move an even to get into the space behind the cabinets? I have and it was incredibly depressing! If Doctor Chris can fix my kitty's phobia of other humans, I will give him credit as a miracle worker!
asaradhi 27 kun oldin
Jackson Galaxy can really help.
MedalKey ʕ•ع•ʔ
MedalKey ʕ•ع•ʔ 27 kun oldin
Oh my- those poor animals
Bailey bear 2017
Bailey bear 2017 27 kun oldin
I think coco might be a chocolate labrador? So cute! Well done on helping her get better! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Layco 1704
Layco 1704 27 kun oldin
Yes she definitely is I have a yellow lab and I can definitely tell she’s a chocolate lab
MrYoumitube 27 kun oldin
This episode is sponsored by PAW.
RedTopHatDev 27 kun oldin
you guys must be the pet heroes of the world, wow impressive skills!
AMATÖR ŞARKILAR 27 kun oldin
Hello from Turkey ✋
BestBuds Our Channel
BestBuds Our Channel 27 kun oldin
Too many commercial promotions.
Znarf Librando
Znarf Librando 27 kun oldin
Elizabeth Alderman
Elizabeth Alderman 27 kun oldin
Having experienced gastroenteritis firsthand, I feel so bad for the poor puppy.
Ambrea101 27 kun oldin
45 like
Belly Button
Belly Button 27 kun oldin
This is amazing :) You guys inspire me so much
Martha Hawkinson-Michau
Martha Hawkinson-Michau 27 kun oldin
That awkward moment when you are already watching an episode of Bondi Vet, and another video posts... yeah I clicked anyway. I can go back to the other video later....
purple dog
purple dog 27 kun oldin
Megan Case
Megan Case 27 kun oldin
26th like
Cameron Goucher
Cameron Goucher 27 kun oldin
I wanna bring my pup there. Seems like a good vet
Diamond Gem
Diamond Gem 27 kun oldin
Coco’s so cute I didn’t mind the sponsorship 😂😂
Cxrrupt Lighter
Cxrrupt Lighter 27 kun oldin
another fire video btw nobody cares whos first it's just a video not a reward -_-
Sundae Cookie
Sundae Cookie 27 kun oldin
People can say what they want, and before you said this. I know you didn't say that people couldn't, and nice if its not a reward. Some people like to say it
This Person
This Person 27 kun oldin
cute 🤣
Sundae Cookie
Sundae Cookie 27 kun oldin
I hope to one day become a vet
Eloise Sundgren
Eloise Sundgren 27 kun oldin
It’s so cute LOL puppies
Daisy vibes
Daisy vibes 27 kun oldin
Me:*dont cry so cute dont cry so cute dont cry so cute* And first ✌🏻❤️
Sundae Cookie
Sundae Cookie 27 kun oldin
King SALT-Z was first.
SHLOK MALANI 27 kun oldin
King SALT-Z 27 kun oldin
First hehe
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