Vet Helps Dog With STINKY Ears After Living With A Fungal Infection! | Full Episode | Bondi Vet

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Dr Kate Adams helps a dog that's been living a fungal infection for over a month! Owners noticed the issue after smelling his STINKY EARS! Dr Lisa Chimes is on the case, helping a puppy that's eaten bread dough which could lead to alcohol poisoning! Enjoy this full episode of Bondi Vet!
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Jeh Nah
Jeh Nah Kun oldin
God doodle people are *the worst*
Alexandra Balogh
Alexandra Balogh 2 kun oldin
If anyone watches Marybeth Rover's makeover channel, she would totally say plug the fur of the earc because it cant breath and holds water, and that causes fungal infections. I hope the vet did that and not just shaved around the ears x"D
Nicole Tsai
Nicole Tsai 3 kun oldin
Im sure the Bondi vet production team suggested Dr. Kate to not go on scolding mode to this couple.
Nicole Tsai
Nicole Tsai 3 kun oldin
Very concerning.
Nicole Tsai
Nicole Tsai 3 kun oldin
Oh no Hendricks parents, this ear problem did not become this serious in a day. Should be more than a month. Even if he likes swimming, you should keep his ears dry.
deborah lariscy
deborah lariscy 6 kun oldin
I'm in the U.S. and my dog just got treatment for yeast infection in ears. Cost me $206.00 and $122. of it was the BCT medication. I think it's very expensive . Got the drops at Vet Once & The drops affect lasts for two week treatment , with only the one treatment. Fine. My dogs infection wasn't that bad, but I am glad I got him help, but honestly, it seems way to much money. Ugh.
Thomas Sisco
Thomas Sisco 9 kun oldin
If your dog is scratching and rubbing their ears don’t wait for a month before you go to the vet. D/A pet owners.
Ann Smith
Ann Smith 10 kun oldin
You two are bad leaving that poor dog , what’s wrong with you ,you wouldn’t leave a child like that
Jeni Moore
Jeni Moore 12 kun oldin
14 days is the same thing as 2 weeks
Skeleton Queenie
Skeleton Queenie 12 kun oldin
Dumb Bondi couple? Who would’ve thought?
Ann In
Ann In 12 kun oldin
What the heck ... 1month... they waited 1 month to bring him dog had a small issue, we went to all night vet that cost several hundred instead of waiting nx day. Well at least pup is ok.
rebecca bacuka
rebecca bacuka 13 kun oldin
The difference between the first owners, so many signs he wasn't okay. And they waited so long. Then a dog who eats bread, the owner saw her dog wasn't feeling well and had no idea how dangerous it was but brought the dog to the vet straight away!!
Kenneth Rembert
Kenneth Rembert 13 kun oldin
Excellent jobs, Dr. Adams of cleaning the funky fungus out of the dog's ears and Dr. Chimes of let the dog vomit on bread dough that the dog could have alcohol poisoning. A+, Dr. Adams and Dr. Chimes
t _rm
t _rm 13 kun oldin
rocket should b trained
Galyn Groves
Galyn Groves 14 kun oldin
OK look, I’ve never had a dog until couple years ago, but even my parents and I would haven checked him out the moment anything looked different or strange
judy bates
judy bates 15 kun oldin
Sylvia Gerritsen
Sylvia Gerritsen 16 kun oldin
All you people having a go at Hendricks owners need to watch again. They said they already had him on ear drops but thought they weren’t getting the drops down properly, maybe. The vet also said putting the ‘wrong’ drops down was making the situation worse. They already to him to another vet obviously and he was misdiagnosed. They love that dog, you don’t have to go to doggy medical school to be a pet owner. I think they did the best they could with the information and knowledge they had.
beverly crusher
beverly crusher 16 kun oldin
7:42 when we had my dogs ears cleaned they sedated him and got deep in to the ear canal and was able to dig out the debris and give them a good cleaning, they also gave him a teeth cleaning and a shave that took his winter coat off for the summer, when the ear hair started to grow back, i would trim the ear hair to allow air to get get in and help keep things dry, i would also spray his ears with rubbing alcohol to help keep them clean, i didn't know this hurt him, i knew he didn't like it, i did this once a week, later on i learned that it should have ben a combination of alcohol, peroxide and water, i am surprised that the doctor didn't do some thing like this to hendrix, those ears need a deep cleaning and a good shave, inside and out side of the ear.
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 16 kun oldin
Soo happy rocket is better💕
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 16 kun oldin
That lady w rocket was soo kind and compassionate!
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 16 kun oldin
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 16 kun oldin
Poor Hendrix and rocket
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 16 kun oldin
I wish they would bring him to a groomer
Megan Elqanoun
Megan Elqanoun 17 kun oldin
Edwin acts just like my cat coconut did. She even gave little kisses , I miss her very much 😞
glorioskey 17 kun oldin
Just to be sure he still stink I'm gonna put my nose right in his ear.
Jodie Chapman
Jodie Chapman 17 kun oldin
Omg left ur dog that long!!!
Jacquelyn Gravina
Jacquelyn Gravina 18 kun oldin
Poor baby. A month?! That’s a long time to be having an infection. The breed is high maintenance. Wonder if this is their first dog......... He’ll get there. Keep on plucking and grooming.
Sanchana Iyer
Sanchana Iyer 18 kun oldin
They don’t deserve Hendricks... one month??? Poor baby
Marion McCall
Marion McCall 18 kun oldin
We had a dog with ears like that if he ate ANY grains, even a few crumbs.
Bionic Sasquatch
Bionic Sasquatch 18 kun oldin
the first two dog owner should have taken a class on how to care for a dog bad owners
Ginger Hammond
Ginger Hammond 19 kun oldin
Wow...that dog needs to be groomed on a regular basis! The poor dog's owners are idiots...
Kathy Ritchie
Kathy Ritchie 19 kun oldin
Are so dumb that's a beautiful dog why didn't they know there was something wrong with the dog and take it to the vet sooner
R 19 kun oldin
Vet has had some work done herself
tt 20 kun oldin
I took my dog to the vet for her stinky itchy ears. The vet said it was allergies and shed be fine after the first freeze. She was so miserable. It never went away.
Martha Hanley
Martha Hanley 20 kun oldin
Dear God! I thought I was watching one of my rescue stray dogs shows! *Disgusting* and I feel nearly *neglect* . These rich people have NO shame with the pain their dog has gone through. Rolling and banging his head. They actually didn't care showing millions of people. Are they narcissists?
clara mckenzie
clara mckenzie 21 kun oldin
He should be groomed to get rid of fur length in the summer. His ears should be dried after he swims.
aimee1177 22 kun oldin
I wondered how they were going to get Edwin to take an inhaler, lol. Beautiful cat.
den jo
den jo 22 kun oldin
It has been smelly a while, but not that bad/I didn't thought it was severe/... I hate those excuses (most of the times, these are greedy persons, if you don't want to spend money, simply don't buy an animal!). Please be honest to vets and assistants, it's better for the health of the animal (and believe me, we can tell when someone is lying). Everybody makes mistakes, I'm not angry when you are honest (in fact, I'm happy that you search help for your animal), only when you lie/conceal things. If you keep waiting, you aren't saving any money / time, in contrary.
aimee1177 22 kun oldin
Wonder why she didn’t pull the ear hair? That is normally what groomers do.
Dalton Dick
Dalton Dick 22 kun oldin
I think Hendricks should be taken out of the house. Those idiots clearly are not responsible enough for a dog.
Will brown
Will brown 22 kun oldin
Is this in Australia? If it is, I might come
Ajay Helliwell
Ajay Helliwell 22 kun oldin
A month really? Ffs
megan isalive
megan isalive 23 kun oldin
Hendrix is staying away from the water as they show him soaking wet in a picture LOL
Swusie Quesie
Swusie Quesie 23 kun oldin
Poor pup! You can't keep a dog away from his ocean 😂😂🌊🌊
Christy T
Christy T 23 kun oldin
The vet’s reaction to Edwin the Ragdoll may be a sign that there was something in the cat’s fur that is causing respiratory problems. Perhaps they should do an environmental assessment, as there may be a mold or something triggering the asthma attacks.
Christy T
Christy T 23 kun oldin
Sounds like it could be pseudomonas and yeast in the ears of the dog.
Aspen Rose
Aspen Rose 23 kun oldin
I love how dogs will eat stuffing but wont accept a single pill
Ferocitty 23 kun oldin
Oh i felt so sorry fot the kitty :(
TLSOA- Art 23 kun oldin
The first owners seem literally abusive lmao. "He's staying away from the water" bruh. it's been a week and theyre already back at the beach and he has CLEARLY just been wet. wtf.
nightshade 91
nightshade 91 24 kun oldin
Thank you for helping the animals. Keep up the good work.
Donna King
Donna King 25 kun oldin
You guys need a generator.
Jennifer agrusa
Jennifer agrusa 25 kun oldin
So those idiots waited 6 weeks to take their dog in to get his ears checked. Wow complete morons
Blava 25 kun oldin
They should have put dog owners down. What an idiots!
Tiffany Holman
Tiffany Holman 25 kun oldin
Hendricks has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen! He's so handsome! I hope his parents can get a little more proactive to take good care of him. Maybe some education about the type and concerns of the specific breed would be more beneficial, so he doesn't have to deal with problems getting worse and worse and not getting medical attention when he needs it.
Susan Stein
Susan Stein 26 kun oldin
He also needs to go to a groomer who will shave down the ears and get rid of the ear hair.
Donna Brandon
Donna Brandon 26 kun oldin
Thank you to all of the vets!!!
Emily Jacob
Emily Jacob 27 kun oldin
Do they not know that because he’s a doodle he needs his ear hair plucked? There’s massive amounts of hair in his ear canals. Have they never plucked it? Jesus Christ..
Tina Harris
Tina Harris 28 kun oldin
Instead of taking hendrix swimming use a sprinkler or a hose pipe that way you control it.
sophrosyne 28 kun oldin
Good lord, Hendrix’s owners either need to educate themselves or not have a dog. That’s just awful and irresponsible to let your dog suffer like that.
Diane Hoffman
Diane Hoffman 28 kun oldin
wow poor dog. They haven't got a clue
Terri Bowles
Terri Bowles 28 kun oldin
Hendrix's parents were neglectful. The poor guy needs a good grooming and more focused/informed care. His parents took him to the vet ONLY AFTER he kept them awake scratching. So sad.
Domi 28 kun oldin
I shouldnt have looked at that dog vommiting lol, im hella sick rn
มองดู คิดตาม
มองดู คิดตาม 28 kun oldin
therussianspiff 28 kun oldin
Idk why but I adore Bondi vet
liv 29 kun oldin
edwin is a gorgeous cat. he’s so pretty
Adam Chambers
Adam Chambers 29 kun oldin
She didnt think it was serious when it stinks and he's banging his head against the wall, morons!!!
Julianna Ramirez
Julianna Ramirez 29 kun oldin
I’ve been watching these for days now and I can’t help but notice that the cats in any of these episodes look very similar. Is it all just the same cat different actors.
rangerlovee 29 kun oldin
dough boy is gunna be that dogs nickname for the rest of his life
ColieDee Kenzo
ColieDee Kenzo 29 kun oldin
Edwin is a beautiful cat!
Christy Downs
Christy Downs 29 kun oldin
I have to say, if I had a vet clinic, I'd have backup generators so I can at least run the lights, oxygen and monitoring systems
Wyatt Knutsen
Wyatt Knutsen 29 kun oldin
Imagine having muddy dirty water in your ears, and not being able to clean them out
Emily B
Emily B 29 kun oldin
To the owners of Hendricks: grow up and pay attention. How can you be so wilfully ignorant? Ear infections really really hurt too.
DID YOU SEE THAT 29 kun oldin
Hendrick's owners wait a full month for a problem, and only come in because he is keeping them from sleeping? I tend to comment as I watch, so part two. Holy crap second lady as well, problems for a couple months before seeing the vet. Yikes! People wake the heck up! Not saying they don't love their friends but Je...sus Marimba wake up! And she's a doctor!? Now the next pup, bread dough. Again the owner says the pup is always pulling things off the counter and eating it, it sounds like for a long period, like she thinks its funny in the beginning, well if the dog is doing it that often why not raise the counter, or better yet keep the dog out and get a trainer in to break him of the habit. I really don't understand how dense people can be at times. I may have to stop watching this channel the stupidity is too frustrating.
Summer Keeling
Summer Keeling Oy oldin
In a last video
Summer Keeling
Summer Keeling Oy oldin
You saved my doggo tysm
Summer Keeling
Summer Keeling Oy oldin
Poor baby boy Hope he oke:)
BΣZYM Oy oldin
-29:09 “it is a bit of a surprise, i think, yeah its just been smelling for a white and we tought it was nothing like and infection we tought that we werent putting his drops correctly” Why didn’t she find information at the internet or went to the vet before? Wars aren’t supposed to stink,for a month and even less after adding drops.
marianne froholdt
marianne froholdt Oy oldin
Dogs and cats Get so many problems from breeding,and getting week after all the vaccines.
marianne froholdt
marianne froholdt Oy oldin
That first dog need a Good haircut,so hot for him.all that moist in the air make everything grow in There.
Will Oy oldin
Dios mira por ellos, son angelitos, no merecen sufrir😔
Will Oy oldin
Pobrecito ,perrito tan hermoso!! Dios le bendinga,🙏
Aurora Blue
Aurora Blue Oy oldin
'Let there be light, and a breathing patient.' I have a very grumpy cat, but I`ve always had a soft spot for them. That was a nerve wracking segment.
Bryan Goos
Bryan Goos Oy oldin
'Emily and Dave think his ears are supposed to be darker' Emily and Dave don't have braincells. Don't be like Emily and Dave.
Dixie Rae
Dixie Rae 9 kun oldin
There is absolutely no excuse for claiming ignorance for any type of problem with your dog. You can Google any symptom and find pictures with an exact description of what the problem is and in many cases there are home remedies that work very well if caught early. The problem is as well if you have a dog with a coat like that unless you are prepared to brush him twice-daily it's very easy for them to have any type of skin disorder and not recognize it because you can't see their skin. Swimming in the ocean is filled with parasites and all sorts of nasties. The best saying a fur parent can do is to keep those dogs coat cut short. The dog is much more comfortable and happy especially in a hot climate. I have a Labrador and I check his skin daily for any breakouts or possible injuries buy running my hands through his hair and giving him a nice massage he thinks it's great and I'm sure all is well. I can't imagine spotting anything under a coat like that. I hate to beat people up because I am far from perfect and the last person to judge but people somehow ask for it when they allow something like this to be videotaped. My boy has had yeast infections in his ears and they don't all of a sudden start itching horribly like that overnight. This dog has been suffering for a very long time. Oh my goodness I did go on didn't I. I swear the longer this pandemic goes on the longer my comments get. LOL
MizzzKitty 13 kun oldin
Exactly what I was thinking too! and an here in the comment to see if anyone else thought that same an second, forth and fifth comments in! Sure enough... Also them saying "oh it's been like that for a while" = omfg! Bad puppy parents. At least they are there finaalllllllly getting it sorted out!
Katie Smith
Katie Smith Oy oldin
The dog at the start had a really bad yeast infection where the ears are full with wax that's been infected. And with this breed, it needs to have ears plucked as well as that's so overgrown and that will help stop it occurring again.
Katt Rodrigues
Katt Rodrigues Oy oldin
im sorry idgaf what anyone says, people who cant use common sense shouldnt have animals or children. How the hell could you not even think "hmm maybe i should go to the vet sooner rather then later" Wtf hello?????
M.G. N
M.G. N Oy oldin
Waited a MONTH to take their dog to the vet!! Can you imagine that bimbo having a baby?
ingrid loran
ingrid loran Oy oldin
who lets their dog go for a full month with an ear infection???? Irresponsible pet owners!!!!!
Teeka Hibbert
Teeka Hibbert Oy oldin
This is 1week ago where y'all mask at?
GoRogue CauseMayhem
GoRogue CauseMayhem Oy oldin
How incompetent do you have to be as a dog owner to not understand that if your dog's ears smell that bad and he's constantly scratching that he has an infection and you should get him to the vet? I'm genuinely dumbfounded
zaphbeeblebrox Oy oldin
Was that Danni singing at the end?
kanervatie Oy oldin
I still haven't met/seen a woman that can fit neurotoxins in her face and look good. Prove me wrong.
TheFrigid Oy oldin
Why do you think you’re that important with your opinion? Just get over it
Sticky Kitty
Sticky Kitty Oy oldin
I like this show But I’m suspecting a lot of these vets have had cosmetic surgery Nothing wrong with that Just an observation
Renee Smith
Renee Smith Oy oldin
Omg when that lady heard her dog had yeast in his ears she immediately said “vegemite lol”
SoupHands Oy oldin
Props to the camera crew, having the fortitude to watch and not pet or scritch all the friends that are put in front of them
MsRainbow Brite
MsRainbow Brite Oy oldin
The owners waited a month before they took him in? If my dog moves even slightly wrong, i know to take him to the vet. Some people are just so stupid
Jennifer Pinto
Jennifer Pinto Oy oldin
Geeez how do you wait a month when your dog’s ears are bugging 😕
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 Oy oldin
Lallie Hayes
Lallie Hayes Oy oldin
Most pets don't normally smell bad. If they do, there's probably something that needs investigating.
Ariana Jasmine Smith
Ariana Jasmine Smith Oy oldin
i wonder if a big cat like a tiger or lion could get asthma cause that would be so hard to have an inhaler on them
I'm No one
I'm No one Oy oldin
These owners don't deserve hendrick, I'm sure they neglected him and that dog needs serious grooming. Keeping long hairs on a dogs also increases chance of fungal infection...
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