Vet Suspects He Found A SPIDER Down A Dogs EAR! | Bondi Vet

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Vet, Dr Gerado Poli suspects he found a SPIDER down a dog's EAR on this Bondi Vet clip!
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Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 12 kun oldin
Why did you put spider if there was no spider
Jason Kinnear
Jason Kinnear 13 kun oldin
What kind / breed of dog is that? It's so cute.
Joy Anderson
Joy Anderson 15 kun oldin
Oh my! Imagine poor thing. Shaking and it probably makes it move around more inside there. Thank good for this doctor. I’m Still watching me but do you need to kill the spider somehow first? Lol Okay not a spider thank goodness!!!
Jasmine Webb
Jasmine Webb 15 kun oldin
me: I love dogs I can't wach this!!!
Nicole Elizabeth
Nicole Elizabeth 16 kun oldin
i absolutely love this channel
Mary Allen
Mary Allen 16 kun oldin
Poor 🐕 dog! It would've been better if he had looked down in her ear before sticking that big ear swab in her ear thereby pushing it further into the ear. How painful 😢.
Christina 16 kun oldin
That dog is the cutest ever😍😍😍
Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor 16 kun oldin
Hi , I love ur vids and I want to be a vet when I'm older . U help animals which makes me happy to see animals being saved by you . U do a great thing for animals and dont stop even if u get hate . Bye 😊
Carol V
Carol V 16 kun oldin
Clickbait - unsub
Robyn and Kate
Robyn and Kate 16 kun oldin
It was not a spider but it was a Close one 😖🙄😌
Robyn and Kate
Robyn and Kate 16 kun oldin
Robyn and Kate
Robyn and Kate 16 kun oldin
PJ B 16 kun oldin
Poor little Ruby.
April Balios
April Balios 17 kun oldin
but how did it move
Fathom Gathergood
Fathom Gathergood 17 kun oldin
I love that he reacted the same way anyone else would have lol I had a dog eat a burdock seed pod, it scratched all the way down. He kept trying to vomit but there wasn't much to do about it.
yes you
yes you 17 kun oldin
Poor Dog
Kris's Vintage Clothing
Kris's Vintage Clothing 17 kun oldin
A spider would be preferable to a tick in their ear though.
Sunday Kimble
Sunday Kimble 18 kun oldin
ALWAYS check both to make sure. Nothing else is harming anything else
Van plays Games
Van plays Games 18 kun oldin
How do you make a pit bull not bark at you when you pet it
Lori Touma
Lori Touma 18 kun oldin
Grass seeds... wow!!
Teresa Liu
Teresa Liu 18 kun oldin
Question if u want to own a dog whats the most responsibilities u have to take care off what are the steps
Stella 18 kun oldin
Sarah van Rooyen
Sarah van Rooyen 18 kun oldin
Poor dog
Cafaviero 18 kun oldin
This doctor is awesome! He makes all thing gain some energetic bammm! Love him
Tooby Tah
Tooby Tah 18 kun oldin
Yo I gagged with him aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! This is a fear of mine! Some bug making a home in my ear, is there a name for that....?
Wxlfc ᵎ YT
Wxlfc ᵎ YT 15 kun oldin
Yes. An unwelcomed guest;
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster 18 kun oldin
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Liquessen 17 kun oldin
Uhh... please dont preach here...
Catherine COZZANO
Catherine COZZANO 18 kun oldin
I love the total care and implication of Alex to relieve poor Ruby from his pain. Nice guy. ❤️❤️❤️
Geisha Maldonado
Geisha Maldonado 18 kun oldin
The doggy is super brave and cute good girl
Geisha Maldonado
Geisha Maldonado 18 kun oldin
Thank god it wasnt a spider
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear 18 kun oldin
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼
Linda Nolf
Linda Nolf 18 kun oldin
I hate spiders too. Great job Dr. Alex.
V Rohrbach
V Rohrbach 18 kun oldin
Why do you keep using old clips and calling them new?
Cleo Agravante
Cleo Agravante 18 kun oldin
He looks like One from Umbrella Academy.
Nic Bogata
Nic Bogata 18 kun oldin
This is why grooming is just as important as food, water qnd medical care! if you don't do your research into your dogs grooming requirements or you're simply too cheap or lazy to pay for grooming, then you should NOT OWN A DOG! Also, how are 4 burs better than a spider?! Those burs could easily have permanently demaged that pups ears and life. If they were in the ears there'a a more than likely chance there's heaps stuck in the skin under the fur.
Michelle Tamayo
Michelle Tamayo 18 kun oldin
when can I watch vet on the hill I missed it
Kate Kate
Kate Kate 18 kun oldin
Dang. Now my ears itch...
Jeff May
Jeff May 18 kun oldin
Gosh dang those lips are huge 🤭
Simp Gaming
Simp Gaming 18 kun oldin
They had us at the first half twice, ngl
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 18 kun oldin
The hair looked like a spider before I realised it wasn’t the spider
qualopec 18 kun oldin
Dudes, the dog is suffering stop talking and take it out!
Sarah van Rooyen
Sarah van Rooyen 18 kun oldin
Yep, i agree
Angelina Stein
Angelina Stein 18 kun oldin
Job well done! What breed is Ruby?
Candice Sacks
Candice Sacks 18 kun oldin
That dog needs a good bath and take him to the groomer!
S CSB 18 kun oldin
Yeah. What's up with all the gross, ungroomed doodles lately? I would not want to live with that smell. The dogs probably don't enjoy the painful mats, either.
AnimeGamerCreater 18 kun oldin
My mom had a lady bug in her ear when I was little and she had to put drops in her ear I've been scared since 🙃
Rose Alicia
Rose Alicia 19 kun oldin
I saw another story of a dog who got grass seed in their ear and it actually pierced through the ear drum. The dog also had grass seeds in their paws too. Its crazy how much further and further into the body they can go- one vet saying it could keep going until it hits bone...
Jennifer Hoffmann
Jennifer Hoffmann 19 kun oldin
You make my world a better place I can't depend on yoooouuu iiiiiiiiiiii I can't depend on you
Jean Taua
Jean Taua 19 kun oldin
My son, at the age of 7 years, woke me up in the middle of the night and told me he had an earwig in his ear. I called my mom and asked her what to do to get it out and she told me to hold a flashlight up to his ear and it would come out. So that's what I did and sure enough, that little earwig backed itself right out of his ear.
indicakitty 17 kun oldin
I hate those things. I'm glad it worked out
Anita Gomez
Anita Gomez 17 kun oldin
My worst nightmare !!! 🥺
Assatta Lewis
Assatta Lewis 19 kun oldin
Just the caption made me cringe😣
Elizabeth Alderman
Elizabeth Alderman 19 kun oldin
Oh that’s horrific! Poor little baby
Denise Kanaren
Denise Kanaren 19 kun oldin
But where is the body from the spider? There are only legs.
Jeni Varca
Jeni Varca 18 kun oldin
No it was not I spider it was lots of grass seeds no spider in the dog
Becky Hines
Becky Hines 19 kun oldin
So glad it wasn't a spider. I would have had to not watch it.
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 19 kun oldin
RIGHT at 4:18.... That’s pathetic little whimper. Oh, poor baby!
Dark Kitty
Dark Kitty 19 kun oldin
°∆° I hate this! Gonna give me nightmares!
PiRUKidding me?
PiRUKidding me? 19 kun oldin
The looks on Alex’s face when she realises he’s not joking about the spider is priceless
Amy 19 kun oldin
OMG, Ruby is such a little cutie pie!!
susan Altorfer
susan Altorfer 19 kun oldin
Omg that was scary thank the lord for there not being a spider down there
Sierra the wolf
Sierra the wolf 19 kun oldin
I love spiders
Sierra the wolf
Sierra the wolf 18 kun oldin
So yah idc
Sierra the wolf
Sierra the wolf 18 kun oldin
Either way I want to live in the forest with my wolves
Sharon 18 kun oldin
How much would you love one in your ear?
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher 19 kun oldin
Afew years ago I had sudden hear loss. My left ear had gotten better. I had a MRI to if there was something in
Summer Heimlich
Summer Heimlich 19 kun oldin
Did you finish this comment?
DFSEmpire 19 kun oldin
Gives me shivers off having a spider in my ear 😳
Lucy O'Connor
Lucy O'Connor 19 kun oldin
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres 19 kun oldin
Why does this channel re-post things as new when these videos were posted more than a year ago?
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres 17 kun oldin
@Liquessen Good point! Thanks!
Liquessen 17 kun oldin
Covid might have put restrictions on both the amount of customers and how many can be at the clinic at a time. Camera crews might be 2-3 ppl.
Jenny Lopez Calderon
Jenny Lopez Calderon 19 kun oldin
You know..this is EXACTLY why I wanna be a vet when I grow up!!!!!
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher 19 kun oldin
Tyler Allan
Tyler Allan 19 kun oldin
Bonnie Morehouse
Bonnie Morehouse 19 kun oldin
Would you rather have a spider in your ear. OR. Would you rather losse 2 fingers of your choice.
Bonnie Morehouse
Bonnie Morehouse 18 kun oldin
Sarah van Rooyen
Sarah van Rooyen 18 kun oldin
Well crap
Sharon 18 kun oldin
@Bonnie Morehouse 😳 Oh man, I'm going to miss my fingers...
Bonnie Morehouse
Bonnie Morehouse 18 kun oldin
Sharon Martin. A brown recluse from Texas. Pregnant too
Sharon 18 kun oldin
Hmmmm..... What kind of spider?
Saber Benayache
Saber Benayache 19 kun oldin
This is an old video ?!
Kat x
Kat x 19 kun oldin
One of your worst nightmares.. even for a dog. So glad you got in there today and were able to fix her up! Nice job (:
suxia lu
suxia lu 19 kun oldin
imagine if the spider gave birth inside of the dog
꧁Itz_Tillie꧂ 18 kun oldin
Sarah van Rooyen
Sarah van Rooyen 18 kun oldin
suxia lu
suxia lu 19 kun oldin
I know that it was not a spider but imagine
suxia lu
suxia lu 19 kun oldin
oh poor dog
suxia lu
suxia lu 19 kun oldin
laveht 19 kun oldin
Natasha Tuato
Natasha Tuato 19 kun oldin
Oh My God bless the Lord 🙏 for the puppy!!
Shanell Strehlow
Shanell Strehlow 19 kun oldin
I'm very glad that there wasn't a spider in there. Hearing that made my skin crawl (no pun intended). Now the little one can go back to being a fun loving puppy. Good on 'ya Dr G for helping that beautiful baby.
L Chapman
L Chapman 19 kun oldin
It looked like a spider when he first pulled it out 😳
xstitched 19 kun oldin
Why don't you look first??
Rupert Miller
Rupert Miller 19 kun oldin
Why all the repeat content? Plenty of stuff to cover at a vets office. Just leave the camera crew and a producer there for a few weeks during business hours, you'll have plenty of stories and won't need to rely on spamming your old stuff.
Piper Hailstorm
Piper Hailstorm 19 kun oldin
I think part of it has to do with COVID. But idk.
Andy Contento
Andy Contento 19 kun oldin
My dogs used to be forever getting grass seeds up their noses.
Andy Contento
Andy Contento 18 kun oldin
No Pradeepa. We always took them to the vet straight away.
Pradeepa Srinivasan
Pradeepa Srinivasan 18 kun oldin
Do you get them out tho?- or did they die
Faith Midnight
Faith Midnight 19 kun oldin
He smooched someone else's pooch. 😜
Cristian Tanase
Cristian Tanase 19 kun oldin
_Demons_Child_ 19 kun oldin
i like this but uhm 0-0 its a repost XD I watched the other one too
Samuel Randell
Samuel Randell 19 kun oldin
I can’t believe I’m the 1,001st viewer!
Joyce Kaminski
Joyce Kaminski 19 kun oldin
I love the way Gerardo gives Ruby a sweet😘
Richard Norris
Richard Norris 19 kun oldin
Never been more jealous of a cavapoo in my life 😂
Amalie Henriksen flaten
Amalie Henriksen flaten 19 kun oldin
Omg nooo a speider 😨😥😢
Matthew Fubar
Matthew Fubar 19 kun oldin
This was just posted the other day🤦‍♂️
Barbara Cholak
Barbara Cholak 19 kun oldin
Boni Vet That's so creepy crawly, 🕷 EEEEE... Reliel, that it was not a spider . California Blessings
Paige Bernard
Paige Bernard 19 kun oldin
Fruitpunchmouth 19 kun oldin
nooooooo noooooooo this is why i put balls of cotton in my ears when i go to bed.
Blass 19 kun oldin
@wait until 2024 nup
wait until 2024
wait until 2024 19 kun oldin
@Blass did you ignore my other much more important comment
Blass 19 kun oldin
@wait until 2024 If you have the sides out, you should have enough hair, otherwise I wouldn't bother
wait until 2024
wait until 2024 19 kun oldin
@Blass also not everyone has hair that is that long bruh
wait until 2024
wait until 2024 19 kun oldin
@Blass you act like hair magically stays right over your ears for the entirety of the night
FlzzyFennec 19 kun oldin
Poor boy
Mars Star
Mars Star 19 kun oldin
I absolutely hate spiders. To have one in your ear! 🤢 Thank goodness it wasn't one.
Edward Hester
Edward Hester 19 kun oldin
Dana Reano
Dana Reano 19 kun oldin
Fourth comment
Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson 19 kun oldin
Helena Rose
Helena Rose 19 kun oldin
this is a re-post of a part of another vid :/
xX Enderstar Xx
xX Enderstar Xx 19 kun oldin
Jup I suspected that too. But it’s only the spider part and not a whole episode
Helena Rose
Helena Rose 19 kun oldin
@Meghan Morris yeah I was interested but a little cautious because of the similarities, and now just disappointed :c
Meghan Morris
Meghan Morris 19 kun oldin
Yeah, everyone thinking it's a spider but it turned out it was like grass seeds.
kacper 19 kun oldin
The videos are so entertaining and educational I wanna be a vet
kacper 18 kun oldin
@me simping for anime characters no way I dont mind blood and stuff tbh
Time of The End
Time of The End 18 kun oldin
Start studying biology and chemistry real hard plus physics a little too otherwise you wouldn't be able to be a vet
Time of The End
Time of The End 18 kun oldin
@Lesslie bts everywhere I go
me simping for anime characters no way
me simping for anime characters no way 19 kun oldin
@Lesslie I feel u
Lesslie 19 kun oldin
@me simping for anime characters no way I don't think I'll be able to give shots either since I caused my cat to bite me since I was more worried about not hurting him than doing it as quick as possible
Steel Light 892
Steel Light 892 19 kun oldin
Second comment
Dana Reano
Dana Reano 19 kun oldin
Wow that spider
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson 19 kun oldin
Poor dog, must be painful
Debbie George
Debbie George 19 kun oldin
Agata Rosie
Agata Rosie 19 kun oldin
I Wanna go to bondi vet once I'm a bit older
Meghan Saunders
Meghan Saunders 19 kun oldin
AJ Key
AJ Key 19 kun oldin
You wont say hi to me bondi Bet
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