Vet Swabs Cats As Owner Suspects It Could Be COVID-19! | Full Episode | BRAND NEW SEASON | Bondi Vet

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Owner fears she's given her cats Covid-19 after testing positive for the virus, enjoy this full episode from our brand new season of Bondi Vet
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Leah Richards
Leah Richards 6 kun oldin
The little birthday hat was so cute 🥺❤️
blumen sekte
blumen sekte 11 kun oldin
But why isn‘t anybody wearing a mask, especially when sitting inside with clients..?
blumen sekte
blumen sekte 9 kun oldin
@Doggy Mantis ok maybe. Its just weird how the title of this episode points at covid and the rest of it is just normal life without precaution. 🤷‍♀️
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 10 kun oldin
Those ones are before covid
Leslie Aussem
Leslie Aussem 17 kun oldin
I got duck lumps on the kangaroos..the girls just take such good care of all..and are adorable..Alex you all are angels on earth..p.s. I just can't leave out our wonderful Tim..just amazing...
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips 19 kun oldin
vets are amazing but i always love seeing a dog high and completely zonked out
Briana Cunningham
Briana Cunningham 19 kun oldin
I miss the Gold Coast so much. Lived there 5 years and now stuck in Canada until I can fly back and visit due to covid.
Sue 20 kun oldin
I will miss this Australian Bondi Vet because of the women featured is next to nothing bathing suits. It is very uncomfortable and triggering.😔
Louis Wise
Louis Wise 20 kun oldin
Stupid UZpost censoring
Ashley Buford
Ashley Buford 20 kun oldin
Cassowaries aka Dinosaurs. They're so beautiful
sqseq 20 kun oldin
Did the pets get it?
sqseq 20 kun oldin
Thumbs up if yes or thumbs down if no.
Senja Hawks
Senja Hawks 20 kun oldin
I see they don't wear masks all day long. I love this show.
Elizabeth Davidson
Elizabeth Davidson 21 kun oldin
Tease. Thought it was a new episode but lots of repeats of repeats. Can’t wait for a brand new episode.
Kenny-James Graham
Kenny-James Graham 21 kun oldin
2:49 I feel bad for the dog. 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 21 kun oldin
The curious wilderness univariately ruin because yak finallly pretend aboard a sedate chord. ripe, bouncy humidity
Sophia Playz
Sophia Playz 21 kun oldin
Can we just have a second to appreciate that they make a pillow for the dogs
Rose Lucht
Rose Lucht 22 kun oldin
Cats cannot catch the SARS COV-2
Embertuft 23 kun oldin
I like how they blur the needle but they don’t blur the literal insides of the dogs oesophagus lol
Lexi Feldmann
Lexi Feldmann 23 kun oldin
I can't decide if its just Kate's shirt or she's just got amazing blue eyes but I think her blue jean style shirt was highlighting her eyes during the Covid parts. Like Dang, she is Bondi logo blue eyed!!!
Ashtyn Garner
Ashtyn Garner 24 kun oldin
I always wondered why do they blur the syringes and medicine names?
annmarie lucas
annmarie lucas 24 kun oldin
that is bull crap they would blame it any thing on animals to cover up for them self they are putting virus es out and blaming the poor animals for the virus
Piper Hailstorm
Piper Hailstorm 24 kun oldin
This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to be a vet.
Mollie Jenner
Mollie Jenner 10 kun oldin
Labtoad 24 kun oldin
Doug and human Doug
Labtoad 24 kun oldin
Humans really do be fixing wild animals pretty wild
Brandy Montoya
Brandy Montoya 24 kun oldin
Oh my gosh, not everything is COVID!
broashley o
broashley o 23 kun oldin
The lady had COVID so she was scared she passed it to her fur babies.
Linda Heath
Linda Heath 24 kun oldin
Wish you wouldn't but out the picture
Gretta Scheperle
Gretta Scheperle 25 kun oldin
The baby cat is so adorable I want a cat now
xMinI_fIlmSx 25 kun oldin
I like how they show the ocean when it’s about dying sick animals
Art 25 kun oldin
Ahahahhaha the title , bs . A virus so smart it has been around for 60 years . No one wore a mask 60 years ago ! As well as no one lived in a bubble . Wow amazing we are alive !!!!! Psyche ops is preying !
Deven Gaur
Deven Gaur 25 kun oldin
I just love the wat they love them 😍🥰 Its so sweet😍
Inka Koutná
Inka Koutná 25 kun oldin
After watching those two doctors (The blonde doctor and the man with gelled hair) getting out a freaking spoon from little bulldog and now the bone I am quite sure they are some kind of magicians in getting out ridiculously huge items from really small dogs
M Spears & Bobo Buddy the Senior Cat
M Spears & Bobo Buddy the Senior Cat 25 kun oldin
Those couch Kangaroos were precious! That’s so sweet that the mama literally ran into the fire to get her baby! ❤️🦘🦘💕 I hope the sweet kitties and owner are fully healed up now especially since that’s the only story without an update! 😻
Railie Myers
Railie Myers 25 kun oldin
You got to be f word kidding me right now animals and humans can’t get the same disease/virus and I’m still not going to get the Covid vaccine or wear a mask
Bob 25 kun oldin
Guystheir name for the video is wrong. if you see, it says Bondi ve at the end. LOL
1Tonari 25 kun oldin
Thanks for all you do.
Juanita Skelton
Juanita Skelton 26 kun oldin much love given to those animals who are so deserving...cutest smoochy parents and doctors. Yay, team Bondivet!
J O 26 kun oldin
I can't imagine how painful trying to cough out something that's stuck must have been!Old girl is a tough little thing,feeling the urge to gag like that non stop would suck so much.
Connie Vogt
Connie Vogt 26 kun oldin
Tornado warning ⚠️ and brother brother tornado dinner 🍴 father father husband tornado watch ⌚️ father tornado watch for husband father father hytj father father charged brother 👩‍👧‍👧🎒⛑👚👘👠🎩🐼April husband husband son father son brother brother father east east west husband rt er re A 🐣 husband brother brother husband son yy ur dhu hrggyhtjy Eastward even father es
Bonnie 26 kun oldin
Tyrone K Jefferys
Tyrone K Jefferys 26 kun oldin
"Cats with Covid" catch a grip ffs.
D L Malley
D L Malley 26 kun oldin
Now Australia is Drowning in Horrific flooding 😢 SENDING PRAYERS 🙏💝
Anette Pawlak
Anette Pawlak 26 kun oldin
The odd route jekely step because teaching concordingly haunt since a amuck marimba. capricious, mute leo
Dueene Zoller
Dueene Zoller 26 kun oldin
This makes me so sad 😥😥😥😥
melted1980 26 kun oldin
Why would anyone give their dog meat with bones in it....
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 26 kun oldin
What's with this MATE???
Linda Gomez
Linda Gomez 26 kun oldin
Those casawary birds are very dangerous & killers. Why worry about them. What good are they. Extinction would be the best thing that could happen to them
Jom 26 kun oldin
Predators are important to the ecosystem, even ones we deem as scary killers! Extinction of such a stunning large bird would be awful
The Moores
The Moores 26 kun oldin
The first dog reminds me of our Jack Russell x whippet Millie. Millie was 4 and a half and swallowed some bone that splintered and cut her stomach. She was given a 10% chance of surviving an operation. £3,500 and 2 days later, she was home. That was 10 years ago,and she’s still with us
Lisa Neff
Lisa Neff 26 kun oldin
I love the way you really care about the animals, this is not just a job for you guys, it heart warming
Vinagerie 27 kun oldin
Very dangerous non-science being dished in this one, Doc...the corona-virus that supposedly creates the disease of Covid-19 has not yet (a year later ?) been isolated or identified. Many invested people would absolutely looove what they can do if You (or anyone) starts touting that people can transmit to other lifeforms, or visa versa. It will be the animals that will pay the greatest price of such human assumption. I'm sure there are other respiratory dis-eases that would fit the bill similarly, No?
mt. shyna
mt. shyna 27 kun oldin
I’m stilll convinced when my mom had COVID She gave it to the cat. Cuz he was so miserable that time. He’s all good now but that was way before they even considered studying if pets could get it.
Neva. 24 kun oldin
Pets often transmute the issues of their humans.
Evelyn Gurney
Evelyn Gurney 27 kun oldin
Mexicanus Prime
Mexicanus Prime 27 kun oldin
21:36 that Mach 1 though 😍😍😍
kat Reilly
kat Reilly 27 kun oldin
A turkey a peacock and emu.... Thats what that bird looks like
Science_is_Never_Settled 27 kun oldin
There may be a reason cassowaries are endangered....
Uhh hi
Uhh hi 27 kun oldin
She had 7 SEVEN CATS and a NEWBORN BABY!!! That's insane
M. P.
M. P. 27 kun oldin
Yup. Soo many vet appointments start with : i gave her/him a bone and now bla bla bla .. poor doggy. And the coughing cats thing is a really common thing after taking rescues or strays in, they often bring Diseases home. Hope they will be well soon as well as the owner :)
love yourself please
love yourself please 27 kun oldin
Imagine a grain of sand that scratches over your eyelid every time you blink & constant pressure on the conjunctiva when you're trying to sleep. Now imagine it's grown to the size of a pea. It makes me very happy to see dog owners take what most consider unimportant benign growths seriously & have them removed. If it were on your child's eye it would be gone asap same with our own but thousands of pet owners allow growths like the one on Doug's eye go untreated. This sometimes boils down to lack of funds but there are local organizations that can help & incoming vets have to get surgical hours so your local humain society can usually help with majorly discounted or even free procedures.
rangerlovee 28 kun oldin
cait and cait cared for conceivably covid carrying cats, cautiously collecting contaminants for corroboration of covid conclusion with convincing completion
MeanJean McQueen
MeanJean McQueen 28 kun oldin
Bless those two that pit themselves at risk for the cats! Flippin' awesome of y'all!
GilraenTook 28 kun oldin
They blur needles, but show a swab in the eye. Eeee. I think even as a needle-phobe that I'd prefer that to be the other way around.
Germany Dog
Germany Dog 26 kun oldin
@GilraenTook yeah, I hate eyeballs. So, yay.
GilraenTook 26 kun oldin
@Germany Dog I know that's why they blur the needles, but yikes, that bit under the eyelid looked painful as well.
Germany Dog
Germany Dog 26 kun oldin
It's just so that UZpost doesn't get mad.
Lunkis 28 kun oldin
I have seen this before I thought this was new episodes :(
Aston 28 kun oldin
rats: (plague) bats: (corona virus) cats: ?
Harmoni Lui :3
Harmoni Lui :3 28 kun oldin
I’d wear more stuff to protect myself
david_f l
david_f l 28 kun oldin
really? covid 19? stop this insanity! good god! i am an animal lover, all animals, but this MSM-generated delusion is too much.
Christine Moore
Christine Moore 28 kun oldin
My bf an I got Covid-19 about 3 weeks after our rescue kittens were born I was so scared that they would get sick ! But luckily they didn’t !
junbug1029 28 kun oldin
Cover everything but the hair.
Jo 28 kun oldin
Why was the cameraman zooming in on the dudes feet like that? 😅
BłųəShəWøłf 28 kun oldin
At 7:40 if so he is on a pedal to help operate the xray machine
Penelope Webling
Penelope Webling 28 kun oldin
It's not e to harass an d torment the humans the animals are being targeted now What weird boring lives some people lead
Mary Duff
Mary Duff 28 kun oldin
Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️
Rob Adams
Rob Adams 28 kun oldin
They spelled "authorized" wrong. ;-)
Brooke Christine
Brooke Christine 29 kun oldin
Poor kitty Rupert. I fucking hate those pathetic "previous owners" that hurt him
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres
Dana Whitehorn-Umphres 29 kun oldin
I actually, serendipitously, met the inventor of Doggles. I was very keen on this, having seen so many dog eye injuries during my nearly 18 years a US vet nurse. Doggle inventor is an amazingly cool character. It was a joy to meet him. Glad the legacy lives on with other species.
D L4Y 29 kun oldin
Pneumonia. Not the deadly wirus! 99 plus percent survival rate.
Nikki & Tink
Nikki & Tink 29 kun oldin
I don't give my dogs bones or those chewy's cuz of them getting stuck like it did with that little dog I have 2 chihuahuas so they are small my 8 year old chihuahua she only weights 3.2 pounds so she is vet small so if she got a bone or chewy stuck in her throat she would die so fast it scares me so mu so thats why I don't give them any kind of bones but I keep there teeth clean I brush them and they go get there teeth cleaned at the vets I also have a 15 year old pomeranian he is deaf and blind bet when he was 6-7 years old he got a chewy stuck in his throat and it was so scary cuz it was on a weekend so our vet was closed so we had to rush him to he emergency vet witch is so expensive but I would rather pay lots of money instead of risking it being stuck where ge couldn't get it back up himself and die but I didn't TY to get it out of his throat my self by sticking my fingers down his throat but it was very stuck so I rushed him to he emergency vet they got it out thank god but it took a lot out of him and caused him a lot of stress and anxiety and he has bad anxiety already cuz we rescued him the ppl we got him from he was 4 years old when we got him but they kept him in a basement in a cage for 4 years he was infested with fleas it was a sad thing to see he still to this day has bad anxiety mostly when my mom leaves the house to go out he is very attached to my mom so when she leaves all he does is pace around he house back and forth and wines and being blind and deaf now doesn't help with his anxiety but other then being deaf and blind and being 15 years old the vets say he's heathy I know deep down he probably only has maybe another year but I just tell myself if he goes at least I gave him him a good 11 years where he was loved and got to feel what being loved felt like 😍💙 my animals are like my babies I him of them as my human babies hey mean the world to me I also have a cat she is a year old she is a siamese and Himalayan she is a beautiful cat with bright blue eyes
Nikki & Tink
Nikki & Tink 29 kun oldin
Those are very pretty big birds I love the blue necks they have they are scary looking in a way though especially when they got into that fight
Linda J
Linda J 29 kun oldin
No wonder there's so few Cassowaries in the World! 😳
Neville Ross
Neville Ross 29 kun oldin
Why do you say Covid19 because everyone is putting their animals down because of these videos. You have lost a supporter
Laura B
Laura B 29 kun oldin
I love veterinary medicine. Actually, I love medicine. Period. Too bad they block certain images. Although 'cute,' animals are living creatures like us - and nature is beautiful but brutally tough at the same time. Let's be real. Having said that, I never saw kangaroo couch potatoes. That was funny! 🙂
Suzanne Post
Suzanne Post 29 kun oldin
what is a new season with "old episode " in it. :( If you watch the videos , you will see many old recognitions. my sugesstie is: just leave that out and not put it in between. I mainly deal with Australian birds i already seen it. and also whit the cats.
Braylen Ianitello
Braylen Ianitello 29 kun oldin
That poor puppy who had all that stuff down their throat
Graf zeppelin
Graf zeppelin 29 kun oldin
JOHN HARRISON 29 kun oldin
Just another scare tactic to make sure you never you leave your house wake up you morons
tonytlreeves 29 kun oldin
Baileigh Channel
Baileigh Channel Oy oldin
Y'all the best now I when I need To know something related to animals I know it
Karen Lm
Karen Lm Oy oldin
Weird to blur out some of the vet care being that the point of the episode is to feature the vet care. Why bother showing the surgery prep only to cover it up?
Dutchies Holland
Dutchies Holland Oy oldin
That laser therapy is really good for all sorts off things. My 16 year old Stafford got laser therapy every week, for years. This was helpful for pain in his joints as he suffered from Arthritis. He loved it and you can tell it helped a lot. The day after his therapy we always went to the forrest so he could have more fun and less pain. He passed last December🥺❤️
realcanadiangirl64 29 kun oldin
jet animations
jet animations Oy oldin
I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the two cats with the COVID scare before
Deborah JOO
Deborah JOO Oy oldin
So sad 😔💗🤞
RedPandas And wildlife
RedPandas And wildlife Oy oldin
I have respect for the vets.
dan yal
dan yal Oy oldin
The witty tailor covalently x-ray because ping spectroscopically suffer against a incredible australia. pink, pushy gum
Brenda Joyce White
Brenda Joyce White Oy oldin
I thought that Animals never got covid-19. Doesn't this make it more unsafe for humans? What do we as pet owners do for them?
Jo 28 kun oldin
It's rare for them to get it and most of the time when they do they show little to no symptoms luckily (and symptoms like coughing and sneezing is how it spreads). So all in all pets are not our biggest concerns for contagion. But if there is a spike in cases where you live then as a precaution you could keep your cats indoors or limit the interactions your dog has outside of the home.
Sharon Loomis
Sharon Loomis Oy oldin
What is on (was it Obi) his leg? The inside of the left leg? She ran back into the fire to save her baby. Now I am all weepy. And so many people seem to think animals have no feelings. How did she even manage to swallow it?
Victorias, Oregon or Bust
Victorias, Oregon or Bust Oy oldin
That big bird reminds me of a ancient raptor. Much smaller but still the claws look a lot like raptors
zbysiu100 zbigniew
zbysiu100 zbigniew Oy oldin
No covid. This is a huge lie!!!!
DavesDome Oy oldin
What fear propaganda does to people.
George Walker
George Walker Oy oldin
animals: eat human/ get sick humans: we help animals but when they eat people we don't care
Adam W.
Adam W. Oy oldin
The owner needs psychiatrist attention ASAP.
Adam W.
Adam W. 29 kun oldin
@kat neate This one who suspects cat on COVID-19.
kat neate
kat neate Oy oldin
Which one?
Rodeo Girl animals 1234
Rodeo Girl animals 1234 Oy oldin
Were is bondi ver any way pls answer this question scott
GEP Oy oldin
Never ever give dogs bones. I'm manic about it. No bones. Ever.
M. P.
M. P. 10 kun oldin
@yolana_dee no they can still get stuck and Break.
Doggy Mantis
Doggy Mantis 10 kun oldin
I give them special bones..Not cooked bones
yolana_dee 12 kun oldin
Cooked bones are harmful. Because they are brittle to break in sharp parts ans could hurt throat and digestion. Raw bones are ok
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 21 kun oldin
We give our dog big bones, never chicken bones, and all she does with them is chew them up and leave them on the floor! Giving your dog something hard to chew on is fantastic for their teeth.
M. P.
M. P. 27 kun oldin
Absolutely .. we Always tell that to the people and then they start with : but a Wolf .. that's a Pug Karen .. so no. And even it it's a Shepard . No!!
Rand0mFriend Oy oldin
Everybody on this show is so freaking beautiful. All the staff is so hot!! (:
Christin Moon
Christin Moon Oy oldin
why is nobody talking about the birds
Emie Oy oldin
You guys are so fucking ridiculous with the Chinese virus... it’s a flue..
Franziska Von Karma Plushie
Franziska Von Karma Plushie Oy oldin
Pandemical flu
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